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  1. Irritation, ?
    Irritation, ?
    @Ingit To me irritation = 
    "things should be a certain way, but they aren't"  
    So I would agree it has to do with acceptance of your present moment at all time, acceptance of reality as it is. 
    But also even deeper:
    Acceptance of the feelings of irritation you get. Be careful to not judge yourself in your process, just observe and let go.

  2. Depressed
    No, this is false. Look carefully at the present moment. It has no suffering in it.
    Suffering is ALL mind. Stop fucking around, stop playing mind games, and observe how your mind is creating suffering. You ARE doing it! Notice this. Your mind is subtly interpreting and projecting negative meaning onto the present moment. You must look carefully to spot yourself doing this. From now on, every time you feel bad, you ask yourself "How am I creating this feeling? What must I believe to feel this way? What must I think to feel this way?"
    I can tell you exactly what happened to you. You got lucky and caught a solid glimpse of the Ox because my video blindsided your ego. It hit you out of blue, thus bypassing many egoic defense mechanisms. But your mind did not have a solid enough foundation to permanently hold this insight. The ego figured out a way to reassert itself and now it has doubled its defense mechanisms. It will not allow another easy, lucky break. Now you're gonna have to work for it.
    My guess is you are depressed because you want that enlightenment back and yet you don't know how go get it back. You thought catching a glimpse of the Ox was gonna solve all your problems and make life peachy without any serious spiritual work. And now you are starting to see that was just a fantasy. This is why you're depressed.
    But the truth is, you just got lucky. It was never really gonna hold because you have not done almost any work decontructing that big fat ego. You cannot be enlightened and maintain all of your habitual daily egoic manipulations, beliefs, attitudes, etc. All of that needs to be broken down piece by piece. You need to undo yourself and your life. The way you carry yourself every minute of every day IS ego! All of your emtional reactions and thought patterns must be purified through patient observation and contemplation.
    Stop thinking of enlightenment as a magic pill. You must also become deeply conscious of your daily actions, thoughts, and emotions. Enlightnement is only likely to stick if your entire mind is deconstructed. So cheer up and begin that procees.
    Cheer up because you were even so lucky as to get a 10 day glimpse. That takes most people YEARS of work. You got it for free.
    Yes, finding God and then losing God is very frustrating. But also totally normal and common in this work. Awaking up is not like flipping a light switch, it's more like a kid playing with a light switch, flickering it on and off many many times.

  3. The Healing Power Of Forgiveness
    The Healing Power Of Forgiveness
    The Healing Power of Forgiveness

    @Sarah Marie, @egoeimai, @Loreena

    This week I've been primarily focused on healing my past and I came up with this really neat technique using forgiveness!   It has been working really well to help me move forward with my life!  I feel such a sense of freedom and liberation!  Many of you on the forum that have been following my posts, and may know me a little more personally, would know that I worked in adult entertainment and was sexually and verbally abused during that time by various people.  When I left the industry- I was drugged, and had a mental break down, and a near death experience.... I was placed in the hospital twice because of this and later received repetitive hypnosis and life coaching sessions to heal from my experiences.  If it wasn't for the hypnosis and life coaching, I probably would not be in any kind of functional state to interact with other people or cope with society.   I've taken my healing several steps further, and have completely let go of the situation, with no regrets!!!  I feel completely free form my past now and can now look at it from a new perspective!  I am so thankful for the changes I've accomplished so far, and I want to inspire others to further their healing and personal development.    Much LOVE, PEACE, and Violet light to you my friends!

    My forgiveness technique that worked for me:    What forgiveness techniques have you used that has worked for you?

    Step 1:  Forgive the person - whether it be yourself or someone else (do this internally).  - keep it simple and just forgive the individual without trying to think about "HOW" you are going to heal from this. 

    My Real Life Example:  Dad I forgive you for verbally abusing me and calling me stupid.  (Yes this really happened to me, and with a lot of self reflection I realized it was one of the contributing factors of why I went into adult entertainment)

    Step 2 :  Express Gratitude to the individual.  This is done internally. (Yes I'm perfectly serious with this! This is not a typo).  Give thanks to this person/ or even a particular situation for what they taught you and how you have grown from the experience to become a better person.  

    My Real Life Example:  Dad thank you so much for teaching me that I deserve way more love and respect.  Thank you for showing me how I shouldn't be treated by a significant other or anyone else.  My sexuality and self worth is priceless. 

    *If you break things down into smaller pieces it will make it easier to let go and forgive. 

    My Story:  My dad was verbally abusive and called me stupid.  He was an alcoholic and treated my mom and I like crap.  He threw things when he was drunk and punched holes in the wall.  I went looking for fatherly figures in relationships and because the only thing I knew was abuse from male figures, I continually attracted abusive relationships and friendships.

    * Now taking My Story and breaking it up into smaller pieces for forgiveness and gratitude purposes.

    - My dad was verbally abusive and called me stupid.

    - He treated my mom and I like crap.

    - He threw things at me and punched holes in the wall.

    - My dad caused me to look for male companionship incorrectly.

    *Now I used the forgiveness technique and applied it to the smaller pieces.

    -My dad was verbally abusive and called me stupid
    step 1: Dad I forgive you for being verbally abusive and calling me stupid
    step 2: Dad thank you for showing me that I deserve love and to be treated better.  Thanks for showing me that I shouldn't believe what people always tell me.  I am intelligent and smart.      * optional...but you can take this a step further...and it really help with facilitating healing a lot faster..... And I got good grades in school.  I may not have been smart in the ways you wanted me to be, such as in math or physics or chemistry.  But I was smart, and I am proud of my accomplishments and who I am.   I was an excellent writer, I excelled in art.  I loved health and human anatomy.  I've done a lot of wonderful things in this world.  I have been called wise for my age by various people.    Thank you for giving me this experience because now I am a successful hypnotist and holistic healer.  Because of my experiences I have more compassion for my clients and can better relate to them!  THANK YOU!!

    -He treated my mom and I like crap.
    step 1: Dad I forgive you for treating my mom and I like crap.
    step 2:  Dad thank you for showing me that when I'm in a relationship or when I'm married that I should never under and circumstances be treated this way. Thank you for showing me that I really deserve to be loved and treated with respect.  Thank you for showing me that I can make smarter choices when choosing a romantic partner.   *optional- thank you because of this experience with you, I have taken it upon myself to do extensive research on how to have healthy relationships with other people. I have used this knowledge on myself and to help other people on the actualized.org forum and in my hypnosis practice to help promote healthy relationships.

    -He threw things and me and punched holes in the wall.
    step 1:  Dad I forgive you for throwing things and me and punching holes in the wall.
    step 2: Dad thank you for showing me that there are much healthier ways to deal with anger. I've learned to be quick to listen, slow to speak and to anger.  optional- Anger is a fleeting emotion.  Nothing is ever good or bad in life, except what we give it.  I've learned to control my emotions.  Love is the answer and the most powerful emotion in the universe.  I will work everyday to express love and gratitude to others.   *taking it even further- and looking at it from the other person's perspective and why they were hurt  I understand your pain and why you were angry and how you were treated at work and how upset you were at moving to California and being away from the majority of our extended family.  I forgive you and I understand.  And I have learned that family is important.  I understand that your father treated you like crap too, and this is all you know and understand.  I forgive you and I forgive my grand father.  I understand that my grandfather had no mother and was not shown love from a female figure thus creating this line of abuse.  I forgive you grandfather, I forgive you and I love you and I understand!

    - My dad caused me to look for male companionship incorrectly.
    step 1: If it is a situation you can forgive the people involved and or you can skip over to what you learned from it in step 2.
    step 2:  I learned from this situation that I need to love myself before I love anyone else.  I took the liberty to read books about what a healthy relationship is between a father and a child.  I learned that abuse is never acceptable and that I attract relationships based off of how I feel which can be determined by past experiences.  If I change the way I feel about myself and my experiences I can change the type of people I attract into my life, whether it be friendships or relationships.  I've learned that boundaries are a healthy form of self love and are guidelines to show others how you deserve to be treated.

    *I took these steps and reflected on all the people in my life.  I went through every last boyfriend and romantic partner, to people that bullied and made fun of me in school.....and even to every last guy that hurt me physically and sexually in adult entertainment....no matter how hurtful or graphic it was!!!!    This is really important and especially important for people that are sexually abused because it can prevent you from having fulfilling sexual romantic relationships.  If you are into energy and healing you will literally feel a blockage in you "sacral chakra" - the chakra that is closely related to your sexual organs and glands.  You may even have sexual pain!   Such as I did!  If and when you release these fears, and forgive yourself and others, and reflect on what you have learned from your experiences, you will find that satisfaction and relief to move on in your life!! 

    I had a lot of personal shame and guilt from my adult entertainment experiences.  Even though there were some positive experiences from working in adult entertainment I repressed them because I thought it was wrong to feel this way!!  I used this technique and this is what I learned.... I learned to be comfortable naked and with my body.  I learned how to be attractive for myself and the opposite sex. It built my confidence and my self esteem.  There were a lot of men that came from broken relationships and were sad, angry and confused.  I learned to listen to them and show them compassion.  I literally played sex therapist and was a huge contributing factor of why I chose my career to help others!     I did this last night, and I literally kid you not!! I felt a release in my sacral chakra.  I felt a warming sensation down there from the balancing of my emotions and forgiveness. I noticed a healthy shift in my sexuality.

    @Sarah Marie  I went to see a shaman and had an akashic record done and I found out I had a history of sexual abuse and adult entertainment in multiple past lives. I decided to also forgive and let go of all of my karmic past lives, even though I don't remember any of it.  Yes I really did  forgave my past lives too!  And now I learned my lesson in this life time!  I am an infinite being and I can move on to a higher vibration of love and enlightenment.

      Yes! You can use this on past lives, if you believe in those sorts of things.  You can even use this on beliefs or feelings or situations, even if you don't even know where they came from.  Just forgive yourself and state what you learned from this situation.


  4. The Healing Power Of Forgiveness
    The Healing Power Of Forgiveness
    I also wanted to share this book that talks about forgiveness:  You Can Heal Your Life   by Louise Hay

    RIP- Louise Hay, She just recently passed away a few days before creating this post.


    pg 8   All Dis-ease Comes from a State of Unforgiveness

    Whenever we are ill, we need to search our hearts to see who is we need to forgive.

    The Course in Miracles says that "all dis-ease" comes from a state of forgiveness,"  and that "whenever we are ill, we need to look around to see who is that we need to forgive".

    I would to that concept that the very person you find it hardest to forgive is the one YOU NEED TO LET GO OF THE MOST.  Forgiveness means giving up, letting go.  It has nothing to do with condoning behavior.  It's just letting the whole thing go.  We do not have to know HOW to forgive. All we need to do is be WILLING to forgive.  The Universe will take care of the HOWS.

    We understand our own pain so well, How hard it is for most of us to understand that THEY, whoever they are we need most to forgive, were also in pain.  We need to understand that they were doing the best they could with the understanding, awareness, and knowledge they had at that time.

    When people come to me with a problem, I don't care what it is -- poor health, lack of money, unfulfilling relationships, or stifled creativity -- there is only one thing I ever work on, and that is LOVING THE SELF:

    I find that when we really love and accept and APPROVE OF OURSELVES EXACTLY AS WE ARE, then everything in life works.  It's as if little miracles are everywhere.  Our health improves, we attract more money, our relationships become much more fulfilling, and we begin to express ourselves in creatively fulfilling ways.  All this seems to happen without our even trying.

    Loving and approving of yourself, creating a space of safety, trusting and deserving and accepting, will create organization in your mind, create more loving relationships in your life, attract a new job and a new and better place to live, and even enable your body weight to normalize.  People who love themselves and their bodies neither abuse themselves nor others.

    Self-approval and self-acceptance in the now are the main keys to positive changes in every area of our lives.

    Loving the self, to me, begins with never ever criticizing ourselves for anything.  Criticism locks us into the very pattern we are trying to change.  Understanding and being gentle with ourselves helps us to move out of it.  Remember, you have been criticizing yourself for many years, and it hasn't worked.  Try approving of yourself and see what happens.

    In the infinity of life where I am,
    all is perfect, whole and complete,
    I believe in the power far greater than I am,
    that flows through me every moment of every day.
    I open myself to the wisdom within,
    knowing that there is only One Intelligence in this Universe.
    Out of this One Intelligence comes all the answers,
    all the solutions, all the healings, all the new creations,
    I trust this Power and Intelligence,
    Knowing that whatever I need to know is revealed to me,
    and that whatever I need to know is revealed to me,
    and that whatever I need comes to me
    in the right time, space and sequence.
    All is well in my world.

  5. Video Notes - 65 Core Principles Of Living The Good Life
    Video Notes - 65 Core Principles Of Living The Good Life
    Hi everyone
    I thought this video was very well done and plan to integrate these points into my life. Below I've copied the list as well as some bullet points regarding each list item for your convenience, in case you want to print these or put them in your commonplace book. 
    (((((EDIT: I just realized that the forum won't let me keep the format of my OneNote entry so I've attached a Word document as well as adjusting the format here on this post)))))
    65 Core Principles Of Living The Good Life
    1. No ideology and no dogma of any kind
    - Most teaching is filled with ideology and dogma - be wary of this
    - Very easy to fall into some kind of ideology
    - Work on undoing the ideologies you were imparted with
    - You are after freedom of your mind. Ideology is anchoring
    - Very ideological people can't change themselves
    2. Big picture thinking is greater than technical knowledge
    - Don't get lost in details, keep the big picture in mind
    - People who are extremely focused on the details have dysfunctional lives
    3. Direct experience is king
    - Experience is the only thing that is real and exists
    - Everything else is imaginary
    - Ground yourself in present, direct experience
    4. Self-experimentation
    - Everyone is different so you have to figure out what works for you
    - Get good at troubleshooting
    5. Radical open-mindedness
    - We enter this world not knowing anything
    - We need to fully explore every nook of reality
    - The ego mind prefers to be closed-minded
    - Doesn’t mean you believe a bunch of ridiculous things but you are open to experiencing them and don't judge them prematurely
    - You may need to deeply explore topics until they make sense
    6. You do not judge things which you have not experience personally
    - Don’t think you understand something that you haven't experienced
    - e.g. judging someone without knowing their story or background
    - Recognise when your mind is about to judge something
    7. Question everything
    - There is nothing too sacred to question
    - Question and be mindful of underlying assumptions
    - Look for assumptions being made
    - Keep in mind that the burden of truth is on you, not on the other person
    8. Care about philosophical and metaphysical matters
    - These are more abstract but they do have practical applications
    - There is more to life than the transactional/pragmatic business of everyday life
    9. Genuine intent at Truth at whatever cost
    - You've got to pay whatever cost it takes
    - Without this you will keep falling into falsehood and delusion
    - Worldly pleasures are pursued through falsehood
    10. Genuine intent to understand every point of view
    - Average person stays in their POV and judges other POVs
    - Learn to jump into other people's POV
    - The world IS the collection of people's POV
    11. Integral thinking
    - Every POV or perspective contains a kernel of truth, even the most atrocious POVs
    - Combine all POVs, don't limit life to just your POV
    - Discover what the kernel of truth is in every perspective. What is the other person passionate about in their POV
    - Every point of view, even your own, is partial
    12. Everything basically boils down to inner-game
    - All problems and all suffering is self-created and self-inflicted
    - We live in a reality of consciousness not material
    - Be aware of the limits of your current paradigm
    - To solve everything, master your mind
    13. Life-long learning and self-education
    - Take ownership of your education
    - Learn about life proactively
    - You have no information about the world when you are born
    - 200 books over the next 5 years
    - Books, online workshops, courses, in-person workshops
    - Don't be cheap
    - Develop a system for taking notes
    14. Observation
    - The key to learning anything
    - The power of observation is enormous
    - The antidote to being lost inside your own mind
    - Observe everything to learn about yourself and the world
    - Pure direct experience
    15. Plan to meditate for one hour every day
    - A cornerstone habit, you must install it
    - It will take you a while to start enjoying it
    - A form of observation
    - You can't buy spiritual advancement, you have to do the work
    16. Ego is the root of all evil or suffering
    - The sense of you
    - The story of how you were born and had all these problems and how you are sitting there as a material creature
    17. Self-deception
    - The biggest thing you need to be worried about in life
    - You deceive others less than you deceive yourself
    - Get good at seeing your own self-deceptions
    - All your problems stem from self-deception
    18. Self-bias
    - Need to see how ego distorts perceptions for its survival
    - Conflicts of interests and self-bias
    - Everything is biased by your needs
    - All of this is preventing your form accessing the truth
    19. All fear all judgement all evil all anger all suffering are delusion
    - Truth removes these and lets you enjoy life
    20. Do not demonize anyone
    - All demonization is delusion
    21. Reality is perfect
    - Can only appreciate this when you have good inner game and consciousness
    - Your level of being bothered by external things is a good measure of your growth
    - How am I creating the imperfection from the perfection that is already there
    22. The purpose of life is to raise your consciousness
    23. The purpose of life is to raise your capacity to love
    24. The purpose of life is to take in the beauty of life
    - Of everything including mundane things and the ugly things
    - Don’t just go through the motions of life
    - It's hard to see the beauty in things that are affecting your survival
    25. The purpose of life is to feel alive everyday
    - Be less robotic and mechanical
    - These four help you orient yourself
    26. Build your metaphysical connection to reality
    - Pursue/be spiritual
    - You are existence itself
    27. Counter intuitiveness
    - Often you have to do the opposite of what you thing will work initially, especially if you are inexperienced
    - Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. Most people get mediocre results in life
    28. Non-duality is the ultimate truth
    - All boundaries, categories and distinctions are relative and ultimately collapse
    - Nothing will hold if you follow it all the way
    - The mind constructs all these distinctions and they are all false
    29. Absolute truth exist but it cannot be thought, believed, imagined, spoken, written proven or argued
    - Absolute truth is unlimited
    - Proof is limited
    - Truth is broader than proof
    - Can get there through spiritual practice, stop wasting time thinking about it, just stop it.
    30. Reality is not material
    - Reality is a giant mind
    - Things that appear physical are all one mind. Imaginings within a mind-scape
    - Psychedelics help with this
    31. Life is a dream
    - There is no external world beyond this dream
    - Can awaken from the dream, and disidentify with your attachments to the dream
    32. Reality is infinite and god is a real thing
    - The word god points to infinity
    33. You are god
    - You created yourself, the entire universe, and everything, and you are everything
    - Realising this will help you take responsibility for your life
    34. God is the devil
    - God and devil collapse into a unity
    - Stop being bothered by evil, it is a part of infinity, and there is intelligence behind it
    - You need to understand the illusion of reality/maya
    - The dream is hypnotic and self-deceptive
    - This is not something to ignore it is something to embrace
    35. All identity is relative and fluid
    - There is no absolute identity in reality
    - Your identity has been changing all the time
    - Same for collective identity - countries, companies, political parties
    - You can change what you identify with
    - Identify with the absolute and death is no longer a problem
    36. 99.999% are deluded and asleep
    - Don’t get lost in the delusions of other people
    - You won't get a bunch of confirmation from others on this work
    37. Society is still in the dark ages
    - The 21st century is not some kind of advanced society
    - We are still very dysfunctional as a species
    - Don’t get seduced by the façade erected by society, we know very little
    - Society won't just give you answers about how to live a good life
    38. Development and awakening
    - You want to awaken from the dream but you also need to master living in the dream
    - Two core avenues of growth in your life
    - To seriously awaken you need to also be developed to be in a position in life to seriously pursue awakening
    39. Figure out who you are and what do you want out of life
    - Hone in on your purpose
    - As much clarity as possible, will take a lot of time
    - Will help you make decisions
    - A good life does not happen randomly
    40. Authenticity
    - Strive every day to be more authentic
    - You get happiness and fulfilment from being authentic
    - Inauthenticity is a survival strategy
    - Strip away your fears, worries, and social conditioning
    - Your relationships need to be authentic but you have to discover who you are and what you want
    41. You need to develop a life purpose
    - A sense of what you're doing in your life
    - Merging your career with what you want out of life
    42. Take 100% responsibility for your life
    - Don’t blame anyone, observe yourself blaming people and stop
    - Assume the burden of solving the problems that come your way
    - Allows you to stop being a victim, gives you self esteem
    43. Be a leader
    - Lead yourself, be proactive, take risks
    - Lead others around you
    44. Be a creator
    - There is so much stuff you can create
    - Create things you enjoy
    - Provide massive value to mankind
    - People who lack life purpose are sucked into the life purpose of another person
    45. Reason and rationality cannot be trusted
    - Truth is transrational
    - Every criminal, con artist, dictator etc. work through reason. The mind backwards rationalises what it does, self-deception to justify egoic agenda.
    - Any time you hear appeals to reason, be suspicious. Same as any person trying to be extra moral
    46. Embrace paradox confusion and not knowing
    - The person who thinks he has everything figured out perfectly is deluded. Models are finite, reality is infinite.
    - Truth is larger than proof
    47. Emotional mastery
    - Observe and figure out how they work
    - This does not mean being hyper-rational and suppressing emotions or outbursts of negative emotions
    - You experience emotions deeper and are more conscious of what they are
    - Emotions drive reasoning and are more powerful than reason for your motivations
    48. Integrate the masculine and the feminine
    - Go deep into your masculinity but don't create a shadow of the feminine. Dive deep into feminine as well and integrate it.
    - Doesn't mean you need to be 50/50, be what you feel life but don't polarise yourself extremely
    49. Non-manipulation
    - Ego manipulates everything
    - The less manipulative you are as a person the better your life will be
    50. Everything is relative
    - Anything except the absolute is known in relation to something else
    - All conventional experience you have is relative
    - All truth claims are relative
    - All morality is relative
    - Science is relative to the human mind. Change the mind and science flies out the window
    - Changing context changes your outlook
    51. Context over facts
    - Facts are dependent on context and are relative
    52. Pull from hundreds of diverse sources
    - Diversify your portfolio of knowledge
    - In order to avoid getting trapped in a paradigm and get locked in it
    - By learning a lot of things you learn about the traps as well
    - Can't take Leo as your only source either
    53. Satisfy your base needs so that you stopped craving
    - Use Maslow's hierarchy of needs
    - Handle the needs stuff so you're not craving it
    54. Master your basic survival and livelihood
    - Figure out how to survive in the real world
    - Learn how to hunt before you dive into enlightenment
    - Learn how business and money work
    - May need to forget about enlightenment for now and learn to make a living
    - Learn the skills needed to survive
    - Become independent and self-sufficient
    - This will break the cycle of fear and let you do the higher stuff
    - Try to get this sorted by 30
    55. Mastery
    - Need to be a master in at least one thing
    - Stop dabbling
    - Doesn't mean you don't have hobbies
    - Enjoyment in work comes from mastery
    - Takes 5-10 years to become a master
    - Millennials don't pursue mastery
    - Start by mastering one thing that you enjoy
    - The older you get the harder it is to master things
    56. Beware of distractions
    - Distraction is the ego's favourite tool
    - Watch the distraction video
    57. Systems thinking
    - See systems at work everywhere
    - There is an ecological connection between everything
    - Problems are not black and white, everything is interconnected
    - Feedback loops
    58. Be a good citizen and be conscious of your ecological footprint
    - You are an ant in a colony and have an impact on the colony
    - Think about what you are contributing to
    - Be conscious about how your actions impact the world
    - e.g. eating meat, buying stuff made in sweatshops, polluting etc
    59. Be strategic
    - Think 5-10 years down the road and plan how you will get there
    - Go through multiple stepping stones to reach goals
    60. Happiness is only possible with enlightenment
    61. No material possession will ever make you happy
    - This is like a law of physics
    - Includes relationships, family, knowledge, travel
    - Accept it and work towards enlightenment
    62. Be happy all by yourself
    - Train yourself to be happy sitting doing nothing
    - Doesn’t mean you shouldn't socialise and have fun with friends
    - Most titillation is distraction
    63. Keep your life simple and spartan
    - Be mindful of filling up free time with distractions and social obligations
    - Have several hours every day to work on spirituality
    - Focus on the inner game
    64. Without practice, exercises and techniques there will be no results
    - Theory is important but alone it will produce 1% of results
    - Go beyond theory and do the work
    - Psychedelics, meditation, meditative yoga, journaling, contemplation, visualisation, solo retreats are powerful
    65. Do not turn Actualized.org into an ideology
    - Don’t violate principle 1
    - Don't turn it into another religion
    Be intelligent about how you implement the above, be strategic.
    65 principles.docx

  6. How can I fix my obsessive compulsive disorder?
    How can I fix my obsessive compulsive disorder?
    Most mental illness, and all mental illness that isn't related to the physical structure of the brain, is created through egoic association and egoic tendencies. It's likely through personal development you've combined the raising of your vibration with meditation that has led to a partial surrendering of control.
    When the ego surrenders it's control completely, the need to decide what happens, that's when mental illness falls away. Mental illness unrelated to physical abnormalities is simply the ego doing what the ego does, repeating neurotic behavior.
    Simply put, you need to enter Dharmamega Samadhi to completely dissolve mental illness. When you rest at the point right before egoic thought arises, that perfect stillness, then you have essentially prevented the ego from even having the opportunity to create mental illness. 
    I previously had 4 major mental illnesses, one of which being OCD. My illnesses also lessened in intensity as I progressed spiritually, but it never ended until I reached Dharmamega Samadhi. You can also regress out of Dharmamega, even out of Samadhi completely, and if you do the illness will arise again. But the more you rest in a particular Samadhi, the easier it becomes to maintain it, and to get back to it if you regress out of it.
    Really the first goal is to enter Nirvikalpa Samadhi during do nothing meditation, you can start with meditation on the breath, but it will take longer. Dedicate a few weekends, with several hours a day each to do nothing meditation, and it's likely you'll enter Nirvikalpa Samadhi.
    From there, the goal is to maintain Nirvikalpa off of the cushion. You'll do that by dedicating more weekends to just resting in Nirvikalpa, because remember, states of Samadhi become easier to maintain the more you rest in them. If you remain dedicated like this, only for a few weekends most likely, you will be able to maintain Sahaja Samadhi, which is just Nirvikalpa experienced during your day to day life. This will happen naturally.
    Once you're in Sahaja Samadhi, you are only one step away from Dharmamega Samadhi. There is only one major difference between the two. In Sahaja, you still have the desire to control the ego, the last resistance that ego still has. You simply have to completely surrender from here, accept what is, completely. That means don't fight anymore, stop trying to get somewhere. Find that point, that space, that lies right before every thought. When you've reached that point, ego has surrendered control, and you're now in Dharmamega Samadhi. 
    Reaching Dharmamega doesn't have to take years. Following those exact instructions, only using your weekends for extended sitting, you can reach Dharmamega, the releasing of egoic mental illness, in just a few months. It's important to note that you will still need to meditate for 30 minutes to 1 hour daily to maintain your progress during the weekdays. This applies even after reaching Dharmamega, just think of it as spiritual maintenance.
    Also, the higher your vibration, the easier this will all come to you. So simultaneously work on increasing your vibration while also doing your meditation for the best results. If you have any questions just message me, but try not to overcomplicate things or you'll just make it harder on yourself.

  7. I am enlightened. Sincere seekers: ask me anything
    I am enlightened. Sincere seekers: ask me anything
    I have general recommendations here and here and in my book. Here are instructions on self-inquiry, suggestions for seekers to get psychoanalytic therapy, and instructions on what I call metaphorization here and here. More stuff on my website generally.

  8. Mind Attacks After Initial Seeing
    Mind Attacks After Initial Seeing
    This is intended as a guide and a sharing of experiences after the initial "seeing". 
    A little bit of an explanation: 
    After initial seeing of the reality of no self, mind will begin to come back with a vengeance for a while, probing into the most intimate corners of your being, as if to ask if you are sure that you want to pursue this.
    First attack is usually: 
    "what you saw was either not real or you didn't see it at all or you've imagined it" etc. This is where people usually get lost. For some, they go back to believing their minds. They lost touch with their inner intelligence because they are so caught up in fears and lack of self trust. They stop seeing the help that is being given to them in order to transcend, lose insights and intuition, only to come back to them weeks or months or years later - usually due to life frustrations that keeps pushing them to continue. 
    Solution: deepen your seeing. Keep inquiring who is the one that doesn't believe, Keep going back into "observer mode". Don't believe anything you mind is telling you. IT IS NOT REAL! 
    Once you have deepened your seeing, You will receive some kind of help through synchronicity, new openings, new forms of seeing the reality and understanding it.
    Second series of attacks involve your deepest programming and insecurities. Situations will present themselves to trigger what you cling to as a person. It will seem VERY real and frightening. This is where a guide is very important. Someone that can keep you steady and focused so that you don't give up. Different dynamics in the job area, family area, interpersonal relationships are beginning to manifest and everyone around you will try to pull you back into who they need you to be. 
    I call such attacks HELL. They have a feeling about them that is so definitive, like a surgeon that cuts off parts of yourself. BTW, they will only cut parts of who you are not, of your own illusory construction. 
    How to deal with such attacks. Usually during the first attacks of this type, you completely "lose it". You lose the seeing, the observer, the guide, the God and everything seems to go into a full panic mode. Body reacts in a myriad of ways - pains, aches, shaking, vomiting, trouble breathing, sharp knives, cold, hot, etc. Mind is going completely bonkers. If you can get in touch with the one that sees that and just let it happen, if you stop pushing it away, if you can fully feel the body's reactions, it will pass. 
    Use any or all of these "affirmations" :
    this has come and it will go this is only tearing apart things which I am not I am seeing all of this, it is not me I cannot be killed let go It is also very possible that you also lose the confidence and the trust in your guide at this time, because of the association of mind: "it is because of this person that I am into this mess". You need to prepare for this one in advance. Build trust and look into this, BEFORE. A good guru or guide will warn you about this and put in place techniques to reach out to him in those moments. I have a list of videos and one or two people to help me when/if this still arises. The help consists in the reassurance that all that's needed is to stay as the Self and watch all this. 
    There's also a strong pull to just go back to sleep during this phase, as you see your self-made construction dissolve. It can manifest as suicidal thoughts, refusal to continue the looking, negating the guide, going back into certain pattern of behavior, throwing away all the books, deleting the videos, etc etc. Those, are also thoughts and you need to look at them as such. Keep going in. 
    As an ending to this initial post, I want to say that if you read this and you know what I'm talking about, hopefully it will help you stay on the right track and reassure you. 
    Every Enlightened Master has passed through this narrow space in order to transcend. For each of us, the experience seems different but it has the same roots and flavors. Keep in mind that TRUTH NEVER ATTACKS YOU, and if it does, it only attacks parts of who you are not! 

  9. Can sports be linked to spirituality?
    Can sports be linked to spirituality?
    Many spiritual teachers talk about the bodily aspects of enlightenment.
    As far as I understand it there are a couple of different aspects to it:
    strong determination: Having a strong determination to make your body do "hard things", that can't be achieved by your self but only by your body, after you surrendered the self. An example would be the Mount Hiei Monks. They run 30 to 80km for 100 consecutive days. expressing spontaneity: Tuning into the just-happeningness of motion to find, that a self is not nesscesairy for movement of the body to happen. Shinzen talks about this: Martial arts: many martial arts like aikido and kendo are grounded on a non-dual metaphysics. Also Peter Ralston's Cheng Hsin (eastern) yoga: using the body for spiritual purification I hope this is good fuel for your research.

  10. How To Handle Insights During Meditation ?
    How To Handle Insights During Meditation ?
    @Shan Your so close here.  Wanna have the insight to end all insights? There is no one meditating. There is no one having insights. There is only consciousness which all meditation and insights happen within. Bottom line: go directly to the source of of all. The next time you have a deep meaningful insight in meditation- that is consciousness. Assign everything to consciousness.

  11. How To Release Anger In A Healthy Way?
    How To Release Anger In A Healthy Way?
    Anger, jealousy, envy, greed, competitiveness...all our problems are very small, but our ego magnifies them, makes them as big as it can.
    The ego cannot do otherwise; its anger has also to be great. By its great anger, and great misery, and great greed, and great ambition it becomes great.
    We have been taught to compare, we have been conditioned to compare, always compare. Somebody else has a better house, somebody else has a more beautiful body, somebody else has more money, somebody else has a more charismatic personality. Compare, go on comparing yourself with everybody else you pass by, and great jealousy will be the outcome; it is the by-product of the conditioning for comparison.
    Otherwise, if you drop comparing, jealousy disappears. Then you simply know you are you, and you are nobody else, and there is no need. It is good that you don’t compare yourself with trees, otherwise you will start feeling very jealous: why are you not green? And why has existence been so hard on you – and no flowers? It is better that you don’t compare with birds, with rivers, with mountains; otherwise you will suffer. You only compare with human beings, because you have been conditioned to compare only with human beings; you don’t compare with peacocks and with parrots. Otherwise, your jealousy would be more and more: you would be so burdened by jealousy that you would not be able to live at all.
    Comparison is a very foolish attitude, because each person is unique and incomparable. Once this understanding settles in you, jealousy disappears. Each is unique and incomparable. You are just yourself: nobody has ever been like you, and nobody will ever be like you. And you need not be like anybody else, either.
    Existence creates only originals; it does not believe in carbon copies.

  12. How To Release Anger In A Healthy Way?
    How To Release Anger In A Healthy Way?
    The psychology of anger is that you wanted something, and somebody prevented you from getting it. Somebody came as a block, as an obstacle. Your whole energy was going to get something and somebody blocked the energy. You could not get what you wanted.
    Now this frustrated energy becomes anger...anger against the person who has destroyed the possibility of fulfilling your desire.
    In life, remember one thing: never desire anything so intensely as if it is a question of life and death. Be a little playful.
    I am not saying, don’t desire – because that will become a repression in you. I am saying, desire but let your desire be playful. If you can get it, good. If you cannot get it, perhaps it was not the right time; we will see next time. Learn something of the art of the player.
    We become so identified with the desire, then when it is blocked or prevented our own energy becomes fire; it burns you. And in that state of almost insanity you can do anything, for which you are going to repent. It can create a series of events that your whole life may get entangled with. Because of this, for thousands of years, they have been saying, “Become desireless.” Now that is asking something inhuman. Even the people who have said, “Become desireless” have also given you a motive, a desire: if you become desireless you will attain to the ultimate freedom of moksha, nirvana. That too is a desire.
    You can repress desire for some bigger desire, and you may even forget that you are still the same person. You have only changed the target.
    Don’t take anything seriously...not even yourself. And then you will see anger simply has not happened. There is no possibility of anger. And anger is certainly one of the great leakages of your spiritual energy. If you can manage to be playful about your desires, and still be the same whether you succeed or you fail.
    Just start thinking about yourself at ease...nothing special; not that you are meant to be victorious, not that you have to succeed always in every situation. This is a big world and we are small people.
    Once this settles in your being then everything is acceptable. Anger disappears, and the disappearance will bring you a new surprise, because when anger disappears it leaves behind it tremendous energy of compassion, of love, of friendship.

  13. How To Release Anger In A Healthy Way?
    How To Release Anger In A Healthy Way?
    When you are angry with someone and you throw your anger on him, you are creating a chain reaction. Now he too will be angry. This may continue for lives and you will go on being enemies. How can you end it? There is only one possibility. You can end it only in meditation, nowhere else, because in meditation you are not angry with someone: you are simply angry.
    This difference is basic. You are not angry with someone. You are simply angry and the anger is released into the cosmos. You are not hateful towards anyone. If hate comes, you are simply hateful and the hate is thrown out. In meditation, emotions are not addressed. They are unaddressed. They move into the cosmos, and the cosmos purifies everything.
    It is just like a dirty river falling into the ocean: the ocean will purify it. Whenever your anger, your hate, your sexuality, moves into the cosmos, into the ocean - it purifies it. If a dirty river falls into another river, then the other river also becomes dirty. When you are angry with someone, you are throwing your dirt at him. Then he will also throw his at you and this will become a mutual dirtying process.
    In meditation you are throwing yourself into the cosmos to be purified. All the energy that you throw is purified in the cosmos. The cosmos is so vast and so great an ocean, you cannot make it dirty. In meditation we are not related with persons. In meditation we are related directly to the cosmos.

  14. How To Release Anger In A Healthy Way?
    How To Release Anger In A Healthy Way?
    Annetta dear, there's no right way. Just release it. Just live with it. And just be around..dont try to escape from yourself. This is the healthy way.
    Leo have said that when you try to distract from it,escape from it,its when neurotic behaviours take place. But living with the negatuve emotion,IS THE WAY to free yourself from all of these. Trying to get rid of it,causes much more struggle. That is what depression is. There is no enemy. There is noone that can put you in an unpleasant situation If you dont let this affect you the way it affects u. So when u make peace with the anger,then the anger gooooes away dear! Relax. Breathe. Good luck with your meditation.

  15. How To Release Anger In A Healthy Way?
    How To Release Anger In A Healthy Way?
    That's fine, buy some unbreakable dishes. 
    There is no need to throw anger on anybody. You can go to your bathroom, you can go on a long walk – it means that something is inside that needs fast activity so that it is released. Just do a little jogging and you will feel it is released, or take a pillow and beat the pillow, fight with the pillow, and bite the pillow until your hands and teeth are relaxed. Within a five-minute catharsis you will feel unburdened, and once you know this you will never throw it on anybody, because that is absolutely foolish.
    The first thing in transformation then is to express anger, but not on anybody, because if you express it on somebody you cannot express it totally. You may like to kill, but it is not possible; you may like to bite, but it is not possible. But that can be done to a pillow. A pillow means ‘already enlightened’; the pillow is enlightened, a buddha. The pillow will not react, and the pillow will not go to any court, and the pillow will not bring any enmity against you, and the pillow will not do anything. The pillow will be happy, and the pillow will laugh at you.

  16. 2017 in review, or why I no longer need actualized.org
    2017 in review, or why I no longer need actualized.org
    5-MeO will help someone move from the unexperienced questioning of Yellow to the experienced understanding of Turquoise.
    Absolute Truth goes beyond all philosophy, all description, and all conversation - and 5-MeO shows you that real quick. 
    But the more important thing about 5-MeO was the disappointment I felt from realizing that it does jack shit for helping you get to the next level of life. That is, its most useful aspect was the feeling of 'okay, so I've gone to the ends of the Kosmos within and I still have all this bullshit to take care of -- let's stop fucking around with drugs and lets do something with our lives.' 
    I kept denying the fact that no normal person understands the importance of 5-MeO because, to them, its just another kid taking drugs except now that kid has a huge spiritual ego who thinks it makes him a superhuman god and all he has to show for it is repeating the phrase "you don't understand -- it's infinite, you're infinite, we're infinite! It's all a Cosmic game!'
    And look, I get that they're largely unawakened and don't understand the history of psychedelics in personal development, but they do have a point - if you're useless before 5-MeO, you're still useless after 5-MeO unless you take total responsibility 
    Another way to put it is that, I realized that the difference between Turquoise and Coral is the difference between talking Truth (using one's voice as a way to inspire people at higher levels who already get it anyway) vs embodying Truth (using one's life to inspire people at all levels). As Frank Zane might put it, making one's outside as beautiful as one's inside and vice versa.
    Again, 5-MeO will get someone to want to talk Truth -- but the only people who will understand what you're saying already understand what you are saying. 
    Embodying Truth physically will inspire Truth in people at all levels. 
    How many people on this forum need several years of study before they even begin to understand Eckhart Tolle? Mooji? Ramana Maharshi? It's not that what these guys are saying is wrong per se, but why is it that it takes so many people so many years to get it? They use the wrong medium, as talk is useless when it comes to Truth. 
    How many people on this forum need several seconds to understand Bruce Lee? Ido Portal? Rickson Gracie? Laird Hamilton? For these guys living their life is itself a form of True Art - an expression of Truth meant to inspire others. Anyone who watches 5 seconds of these guys feels inspired in the same way that it might take the so-called spiritual masters 5 hours (if you buy their $600 DVD set). Thats the difference. 
    The fact that first question you ask after reading the above list is the role of 5-meo, and not the role of any of the other things I did shows me you are asking the wrong damn questions. 
    Ask about the role of discipline.
    Ask about the role of accountability.
    Ask about the role of quitting my addictions.
    Ask about the role of finding a reality check mirror.
    Ask about the importance of death as a physical practice. 
    Psychedelics, NDEs, Holotropic Breathing - those forms of death are for babies.
    If 5-MeO got me to where I'm at, then I would stop everything I'm doing, start selling 5-MeO and become the richest man to have ever lived in all times.
    The MINDBODYSOUL will unlock its true potential only when pushed to its fucking limit in a real life situation that requires complex action for a simple solution, from one's own volition. It makes perfect sense from an evolutionary perspective, as animals only have to put in as much energy as necessary.
    Of course you don't know enlightenment or ultimate power because you of course don't need it. you don't need enlightenment to sit around answering forum questions. you don't need enlightenment to make videos. you don't need enlightenment to fill out forms at a desk all day. So why the fuck unlock that power? 
    What makes Ralston different from other teachers is not his ability to pontificate about nothing, but the fact that he participated in bloodsport of his own volition.
    I'm talking about pushing yourself to the type of death that no one can question, from all angles, from one's own volition.
    Most people can easily question psychedelic death. Most people can question holotropic breathe death. And most NDEs come as a result of an accident or someone making a mistake.
    No one can question a rear-naked choke. No one can question drowning in a 50-ft wave. No one can question climbing Mt. Everest Shirtless - you chose that shit.
    I am one of the few people who've tried both forms of death approach and I can tell you that there is a huge difference that goes beyond all philosophy, all argument, and all discussion - just fucking do it and you will see.
    But as long as one sits there searching for an answer by isolating oneself or sitting around staring at a wall or imbibing yet another psychedelic, there's really no reason for the body to unlock itself. 
    I will know you got unstuck the moment you start showing your self outside, moving, interacting, doing, and not just talking in your videos. I will know you got unstuck the moment we see you physically tackling your fears and getting yourself into the shape of a warrior. I will know you got unstuck the moment you stop treating physical play like just another thing and you start emphasizing it as one of the ultimate foundations of human development. 
    Until then, you shall remain stuck. Worse, your life purpose will be capped off at level turquoise, which sucks because the world really doesn't need yet another turquoise mouth-yapper. And I say that in the most loving way because I feel genuinely helped by you and now I genuinely want to help you. There's literally no one else who is going to tell you that because no one else is aware enough and cares enough. 
    So, for Everyone reading this, here's the shit that I did with my life that is way more important than 5-meo ever will be:
    Quitting the PMO cycle Quitting Sugar Quitting all drugs, all alcohol, all junk entertainment Exploring new exercise regimens, culminating in the following schedule Monday - Powerlifting  Tuesday - Jiu Jitsu Wednesday - Acroyoga Thursday - Capoeira  Friday - Calisthenics & Sprints Saturday - Hiking Committing to wake up before 9 AM every morning like an adult Writing quality works. Not just journaling. Not just sketching ideas. Not just writing stream-of-conscisouness articles.  Making something that might become a perennial hit every time you sit down to write. Notice that my upvotes per post on this forum is the highest out of anyone with more than 100 posts - even Leo himself. That's not a coincidence. Quality writing is quality thinking - the process of editing for good and bad sentences is itself editing for good and bad ideas.  Put it this way, I wouldn't tackle a difficult mathematics problem without writing down the variables on paper. So, why would contemplating a life problem be any different? Life's problems have far more variables than mathematics problems. Write down your best ideas on the nature of love, the nature of life, the nature of consciousness. Edit them so that no one can touch your arguments when it comes to communication - then you will see that no one can touch you when it comes to dominating life.  Reading quality material, not random listicles Cultivating quality relationships, excising any and all people who hold me back from higher potential. Making sure my top 5 people will leave legacies - anyone that you know will not leave a legacy must be excised, no exceptions if you don't have 5 people like this in your life, find them. Your lack of people to trust is not a sign that you're an enlightened genius, but a sign that you're a boring asshole. Only you can stop you from being an asshole. So stop letting yourself be so lonely - start being the type of person who provides so much value, others come along. For real, the isolation I see around here is unacceptable bullshit. Wake up and provide value. Period. Getting a reality-check mirror - someone interested in self-actualization at my same level who could help me iron out self-derived principles Refusing to date anyone who does not meet the Trinity rule  If I see myself as badass as Neo, then I will only date someone as badass as Trinity. If I am not as badass as Neo, then I will make sure I am so that I am ready for my trinity.  Taking 100% responsibility for my life Writing down a vision for what could go right in my life as well as a vision for the chaos and misery that will ensue if I don't take action. Do this stuff before taking 5-MeO and you will be ready to take 5-MeO. Do this stuff after 5-MeO and you will unlock the most amazing life imaginable. 
    5-MeO is an excuse to say you've gone as far as possible with psychedelics so you can move on with your life. Because if that couldn't save you, then life really is all about taking ownership. But it will be the direct proof of this fact that will help you. 
    So, to be clear, I highly highly recommend people take 5-MeO. Just don't think it will ever replace the other stuff.

  17. Vanity and Spiral Dynamics
    Vanity and Spiral Dynamics
    @MadisonAlyssa Well... sit down and contemplate why you are so attached to vanity and appearance.
    When contemplating this stuff, you must probe beneath the stories and excuses like, "My Dad caused this", or "It was because of my childhood" and get to the root of why you are still attached to it. Attachments like this are always rooted in your survival needs.
    So what do you fear will happen to you if you let go of vanity and appearance?
    What would happen if you became ugly and everyone thought you were a cheap nasty whore?
    How would that hurt your ego/survival? Why are you giving people that power over you?
    What is vanity/appearance REALLY giving you? Love? Happiness? Success? Self-esteem?
    Hint: it's giving you something positive, otherwise you wouldn't keep doing it.
    What if your self-esteem was completely independent of your appearance? What would be bad about that? What if you were ugly and yet you still loved yourself just as much as when you were pretty?
    Sit down and really contemplate all that in a brutally honesty manner.
    Also, get very specific and clear about what you mean by "vanity" and "appearance", as these are very vague notions.

  18. Why is suffering bad?
    Why is suffering bad?
    @Scholar Suffering is very easy to contemplate because it is so palpable in your direct experience.
    DO NOT think about what suffering is. OBSERVE what suffering is in your direct experience!
    You suffer every day. The next time you suffer, OBSERVE it, and contemplate what you are observing.
    Avoid speculating or philosophizing about suffering. You don't need to speculate about it, it's RIGHT THERE every day in your life!
    P.S. Not only is it there, you are creating it! Another good question to contemplate is: Why did I create this suffering? Again, avoid speculation. Stick as closely to direct experience as possible.

  19. Why is suffering bad?
    Why is suffering bad?
    Go immerse yourself in the ice cold water and notice how much you don't like it and how much you want to avoid it.
    It's just cold, the sensation of cold on your skin is fundamentally empty of any evaluation, like or dislike. It's you that makes it terrible.
    Sensation of cold = pain.
    Your aversion towards the cold (pain) and the urge to get back to the warm (pleasure) = suffering.

  20. In "true Self," Behind The Walls Of Appearance, Are All The Answers. Look For Solutions Inside.
    In "true Self," Behind The Walls Of Appearance, Are All The Answers. Look For Solutions Inside.
    Who created my dream last night? It wasn't me, because me as a character in the dream knew nothing of the events about to take place...
    If my mind created the dream it was definitely my subconscious mind.
    Could it not be that the same entity- the subconscious (or collective subconscious)  is creating our reality (collective dream) right now?
    Perhaps the subconscious (The creator, God) then is not an aware entity - because it is operating below awareness. Therefore this leaves that it is operating like a program,  and perhaps we are the programmers as the light of awareness. 

  21. Affirmations
    Affirmations Are Useless
    Before I talk about affirmation I want to speak about I think is most important/beneficial.
    First, realizing oneness. This is a process most effectively done by giving up the ego and sitting in stillness, being mindful, self-inquiry. Concentration practices, devotional prayer, selfless service etc. may also help or lay groundwork for letting go. Affirmations could also fit in there as a concentration practice: 'I am one', 'I am love' etc.
    I also find that feeling 'as if' I am everyone and everything and feeling going into the oneness is expanding my consciousness.
    Second is emotional purification. This comes naturally when you open up your consciousness, your shit simply starts to bubble up into your awareness, all you have to do is let go of blocking it and you will feel and cry it out. Perhaps deep insights may also almost cut away tensions.  What also helps is practicing love (also goes for realizing #1), actively looking for tensions/blocks in the body, going back to childhood (this guided meditation I find really cool https://vimeo.com/187391631), talking with other people openly and just looking within and being honest and open to yourself. Of course many things can work, dancing, psychedelics, sex etc. Same goes for #1. Do and explore what you feel attracted to and excited about.
    Being a positive balanced persona. This absolutely comes naturally from #1 and #2 in a very effective manner so this is a secondary optional practice, but perhaps very helpful still. Techniques include consistently choosing positive constructive actions, thoughts and words.
    Affirmations are very relevant now, as every thought you have really affects your mind. You can observe this very clearly on cannabis, but it should be clearly noticeable without it as well, I also found the trick is that you use things that you deep down know and thus also belief on some level, indeed 'I AM FUNNY' could be one (you've had funny moments, you can have them again, you were naturally funny as a kid, perhaps you forgot it now, but YOU ARE!), same goes for 'I AM AWESOME' (you are life expressing itself, can't get more awesome than that), or 'I AM BELOVED' (you are by God and also by anyone with a clear mind).
    Say them continuously, repeat it end on end with chosen conviction and I think you will start to feel it's truth and excitement within minutes, or perhaps within hours or maybe it even takes longer depending how much resistance you still carry around.
    It all works, really well, just take the actions consistently, do not give up and find the others. Peace. <3

  22. Affirmations
    Affirmations Are Useless
    Ross I may be able to solve this for you  
    i had the same problem pretty much after implementing this video I was able to fix it, remember visualisation/affirmation needs to be fun, that's when you know it's gonna be effective.
    Watch this video he explains why it's probably not working for you

  23. For Everyone Who Meditates An Hour A Day...
    For Everyone Who Meditates An Hour A Day...
    In a talk about energy circulation Matt Kahn commented on how anything done too often, even meditation, can lead to stagnation in our lives.
    Just food for thought. Watch until 1:26ish.

  24. Depression: Stuff that helped me
    Depression: Stuff that helped me
    Hi guys!  I am a guy who has suffered from depression since adolescence.
    I remember it would come from lack of acceptance from the opposite sex mostly.
    Then as I got older from lack of meaning in my work.
    I would beat myself up for not being better and even for getting depressed and not being grateful.  
    I would manipulate myself alot to be the kind of guy girls wanted to be with.
    I have and still struggle at times with self acceptance.
    After 3 ayahuasca trips and a 5 meo trip I can honestly say I don't see myself ever getting into a long period of depression ever again.
    I wanted to share some things that might help.
    The obvious stuff you already know:  diet, exercise, meditation, reading, sunlight, any and all personal development, social activities, trying to make decent friends, etc.
    Also:  Ayahuasca is really healing.  Medicine for the soul.
    Now a few things I think are key:
    Be honest.  Try and find someone that will listen and accept you in your state.  One of the things that I would do is not try to be depressed with people, or to stay alone to not “bring them down”   That is not really healthy.  Yes lots of people can't deal with your depression and will invalidate you or reject you, or try and distract you.  But certain people can be amazing.  They will listen to you, hug you, let you cry.  Basically accept you as you are and not need you to change.
    That is what you need.  Just one person like that can make all the difference.
    Let yourself be depressed!  Soak yourself in it and don't try to fight it and make an enemy out of it.  Give your depression its freedom. You are lacking in love, both external and internal.  Let yourself be depressed while you do things that are loving towards yourself, whatever they may be.
    Once I developed enough consciousness over my depression in my last heartbreak (there have been many)  I would even hear a commentary from my mind that would say “Man, poor dude.  I hope this guy feels better soon”  
    Be that accepting compassionate person for yourself.
    Touch.  Get a massage, or any body work, ask for a hug.  Physical loving contact is incredible at bringing out the trauma, the hurt, and healing it.  
    Try not blame and take things personally.  It's the hardest thing to do.  We blame ourselves and others.  We make things really personal and feel a huge weight of the world on our shoulders.
    There's a larger process going on, and for some reason your depression is playing a part in it.  There are many, many mechanisms at work, nobody really knows what's ultimately going on with life.
    You did what you had to do, suffered what you had to suffer.  Now it's time to let go of the suffering little by little.
    Good luck!  Hope this helps someone.

  25. A paragraph from The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho..
    A paragraph from The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho..
    Highly recommend this book for all people... no matter which path you walk, or what your intentions might be.