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  1. Second part points it out plus it was written in the lease too which was made by a real estate agent. They break something almost every month. I have bought new washer-dryer, hot water geyser, new toilets in washrooms, dishwasher in just one year and one more year is left for lease to finish. Furnace was broken too but I got it fixed for a like 500.
  2. @Truth Addict thanks man, I need alot of it at the moment.
  3. @Truth Addict would try this game tonight. Thanks for replying. @Leo Gura so true. Spirituality cannot help with the survival needs, I have to get my shit together. Thanks for replying.
  4. So I am a partially disabled individual with a brain injury. I had a decent settlement with my insurance company that I used to get a house with 50% down payment and the rest on mortgage. My only source of income is from disability and is just enough to meet my expenses; I live with my family. Lately my tenants been breaking appliances Ona regular basis a d I have buy new ones. Thus all my savings are gone and my line of credit maxed out. Yesterday they called and said that the stove is now broken and I don't have any more money to buy a new one.I meditate daily and do some self inquiry which helps alot, but thisshit is just giving me intense anxiety and depression. Can't control the cycle of negative thoughts(tenants suing, how would I pay mortgage, etc etc). How does one remain calm in such a situation? Thanks
  5. Lol...hehe How is it possible to come back from physical death?
  6. @Bodhidharma would certainly check out that section of the book.thanks @tedens thanks for the reply
  7. I have been meditating and self inquiring quite a bit(4 hours a day) for the past few weeks. Two days ago, I had the weirdest self inquiry session while I kept on going into the moment where everything got blank and I realized that all my emotions, fear, anxiety are not real, my family, friends, etc everything is made up by me. It was so peaceful since there was nothing to worry about, nothing to fear for, I was in the moment with no past and future The sad thing is that it lasted for maybe a few minutes and I can't seem to recall all of it.the same day when I meditated before sleeping, my whole was shaking alot(non stop), I thought I was having a seizure or something. Since this morning I have noticed a full, persistent pain and feeling of something constantly moving in my forehead, I also feel like there is something inside my head moving time to time. My eyes are also very glassy and pupils dilated a. I don't feel my emotions fully and feel alienated from everything. I have been in bed whole day today and skipped my meditation and self inquiry sessions. Should I continue my practices from tomorrow even if all the symptoms doesnt go away? It's just that I don't want to break the momentum for too long. Thanks