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  1. Refer to basic chemistry , bio-chemistry and finally biology .
  2. @cetus56 @ajasatya @Lowerplanedweller I recognize blue stage concept of god , you are probably from a abrahamic religion . God is one , and to be one is to be total . 100% = 1/1 = 1
  3. Greed and competition are rooted in survival . Once the survival needs are met we can evolve . You talk about compassions and shit but if we were on a lost island and there was only enough food to sustain one life it would end up in a fight for life . Anyways , survival happens because of love of life . So for humans to transcend we need to satisfy our basic needs and that's why the world is stuck in stage orange .
  4. Really makes you think how religion was made by conscious people because they knew it was the greater good for the masses . Without his beliefs , he would be in pain .
  5. I want to try weed in a spiritual way . The goal here is not to get enlightened on weed or have a mystical experience . The idea is to use it in a way to heal my self from psychological wounds , from fear , from repressed stuff , to deal with my shadow , to fully love and accept my self . So i want to explore combining weed with yoga and meditation of course but also do some shadow work while high . Anyone ever tried this ? What would you suggest i do to use weed in a self actualization way ?
  6. WoW this is getting more and more religious , are you guys starting to preach ?
  7. Probably already asked question but , how old is she ? does she have a family ? what's her specie amongst spirits ? does she know other spirits ? does she live mostly on earth or she can go in outer space / other planets ? what does she nourish herself of ?
  8. Can i give my cat DMT ? ( no troll )
  9. Well actually the masked arab is full of shit and what he says does not prove anything , just like apostate prophet .
  10. @Leo Gura Have you ever tried DMT while under the effect of modafinil or armodafinil ?
  11. Does not love makes full sense in the dualistic world where there is hate and suffering in contrast ? Is there even love in non duality ? How to be loved ? Does love have to be actualized into pleasure ? Why religion teaches god's love but also hell ?