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  1. @Thought Art Hmm interesting , I already heard about the benefits of moving water but from a new age/spiritual perspective. Im considering buying a filter anyways but im skeptical about how well it will do its intended job.
  2. Has anybody experience with water filters ? If yes , would you recommend them or should I just buy more spring water .
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/longevity/top/?t=all
  4. @BlackMaze yes , I am so tired of not achieving what I plan to do . I’m tricking my brain ´s dopamin circuits . I will let of nicotine gums of course and use regular gums. Also nicotine is kind of a nootropic and it is harmless .
  5. Inner child work ( look into Teal Swan ) , shadow work , therapy , introspection . Some people will suggest to change your state of conciousness but I personnaly would not take psychedelics if Im not sure Im healed , I hate bad trips ... Leo's forgivness video is also great if can remember a specific event/person hurting you .
  6. @CultivateLove If you are into astrology . What happened is that last december we moved from age of pisces to age of aquarius , this change happens every x centuries . And basicly the age of aquarius is supposed to have a lot of stage green in it in terms of values . I cant tell you in depth im not a pro you should look for yourself astrology is a funny rabbithole .
  7. I thought about using nicotine gums to reinforce a desired habit by only chewing nicotine gums during doing that habit I want to build . ( I dont smoke ) Building habits is difficult for me and I lack discipline , can I trick my brain into liking an activity trough nicotine ?
  8. @Tuan I honestly can get into dentistry school , I can even study during my summer vacations . But fuck I want to make money lol .
  9. @SirVladimir @Tuan @Rajneeshpuram So , took some time off and I realized that I do not have much options on the table anyways. So lets stop crying and im just going to take this oppurtinity . But , It would be nice to have an online passive income next to college , just so I dont have to wait 7 years before enjoying life , Im looking into that possibility .
  10. ANY comments will help please im on the verge of a mental breakdown dont ignore me
  11. maybe this should be moved to the Self actualization section .
  12. My whole life i convinced myself that I wanted to get into dentistry school . So I graduated high school and got into pre dentistry school , its an exam and only the top 100 are allowed to pass . I failed my first try due to depression and got one extra try . So now im on my second try , I worked myself to death , and guess what ? I got tested positiv for COVID , so UNI won't allow me to pass the exam because of the pandemic . Students who can't pass the exam due to covid laws can have an extra year . So Im heading for my THIRD year trying to get into dentistry school and im so burnt out that I dont even know if this is my life purpose . I was a "smart" kid so I chose a job that gives a good amount money and some freedom . Honestly I dont have a passion for teeth lets be honest , I like the healthcare side of it but what I truly like is the lifestyle this job provides . Because from a young age I had a fear of wage slavery and working for someone else . Expectations from my family also influenced me , my family always describe me as the smart kid of the family and everyone expects me to succeed and have a prestigious job . Most of my family didn't even finish highschool , but still managed to lift themselves to a good life . Im 21 and I dont know if i should spend one more year of my life trying to get into dentistry school , the work that you have to put in to pass is immense that it deprives you from doing anything enjoyable next to college ( friends , love , going out , workout , side passion , hobbies , self improvement , spirituality ect ...) . This year studying on zoom , my days went like this : wake up , open laptop , lectures , study , sleep . Every fucking day I feel like im an a prison I didn't leave my house for months expect for jogging . Met nobody , made no memory , I wasted one year of my life .... Im 21 and I can't digest that Im falling at life , last week I did nothing but stay at home watching time pass by , because I have no exams to pass anyways ! If you gave me a good passive income , would I choose to stay in school ? No , but what would I do of my days ? I do not know ... Im 21 and I feel like my years got robbed . Should I thrive one more year trying to get this prestigious career , maybe i will fail and be 22 with another wasted year , or should I move on and try to develop an online income ? When will I start to live life ? I want your opinions guys , dont tell me to buy the life purpose course please .