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  1. The fact that America isn't going to hit 60% vaccination is insane. The level of misinformation in alternative media and the polarisation has gotten out of control
  2. I knew a guy ink pickup who banged 50 in a year supposedly. He was also amazingly attractive, so either the exception or exaggerated
  3. Yeah the dirty secret that populists on both sides miss, is that American democracy actually works pretty well, and the representatives usually reflect the values of the overall population.
  4. Caleb Maupin is a tankie who plays cover for authoritarian regimes just because it’s anti-West. Trash ideology
  5. Good example of green reacting to oranges self help
  6. Lol, so introverts suck at getting laid and getting enlightened! Can't catch a break here
  7. I think worry about raising taxes to a decent progressive tax system rather than focusing on eliminating billionares at this point, one step at a time. Ideally, billionares probably shouldn't exist, because there's not good reason for one person that have that much wealth. On the other hand, a 100% tax would almost certainly not be good for the economy right now
  8. Political quote rather than spiritual, but damn this one hit “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.” ― John Kenneth Galbraith
  9. 😂😂 If anyone’s going to hate a lockdown, it’ll be PUAs
  10. Owen seems to have some stupid takes on the Covid-19 lockdowns and does vague allusions to conspiracy. Your mind on populism I guess. There does seem to be a reactionary bend to some self help/new age teachers
  11. Literally lol. apparently he’s wanted for murder in Belize?
  12. I think you’re right when it comes to jerking off. It’s fine and most people are okay with it. The insane nofap never ejaculate stuff is stupid. But if you’re to watch porn for a decent period of time and not feel shit after, you’re lucky. Myself and a lot of other people feel like trash and have depleted dopamine after a porn session
  13. I’d recommend starting with some of those Vox YouTube explainer videos. It took me years to really piece a decent timeline of events from the late 1800s to today. You can’t really have a strong opinion on the issue if you don’t know the history. key events to learn would be -the beginning of Zionism in the 1800s -Balfour declaration -1947 partition plan, subsequent 1948 war, and the nakba -1967 war (key) -peace deal with Egypt -Oslo Accords and Camp David -2005 withdrawal from Gaza -2014 Gaza/Israel war
  14. If you don’t sell, which is a taxable event, you can’t spend the money anyway. I think capital gains tax should be higher given that’s how billionaires earn their money rather than salary.