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  1. @Leo Gura I feel like woke has actually diverged in a lot of ways to hippie culture. Hippies like RFK are anti vax wheras woke people are staunchly pro vax
  2. If that’s true then why’d they give the Sinai back to Egypt in 1979 in exchange for a peace deal? Regarding the Westbank while there are elements that definitely want the land, they didn’t come into possession of that land until Jordan attacked them in 1967 so they took it from them (Israel warned Jordan not to join the war and we won’t attack them).
  3. The current government hasn’t been particularly interested in peace. But also, a two state solution was offered in 2000 and rejected by the Palestinians with no counteroffer and Israel got the second intifada instead. Then they withdraw from Gaza in 2005 and get nothing but rockets from an Islamist group. Of course that’s gonna shift Israel to the right.
  4. Hamas want to end Israel. What makes you think they’d stop fighting if they were given a state? You’re putting too much stock in a couple of public statements. Although I agree Likud doesn’t want a two state solution either and they never have. No one is blameless here.
  5. @Leo Gura as long as Hamas are in power, peace will never happen? Should they not be removed?
  6. What if Russia would already be in the Baltics or Poland by now, if it weren’t for NATO expansion? The causality could be just as easily reversed
  7. US/NATO/UN intervention might be the only way. Get Israel to uproot the settlements and basically force a two state solution
  8. @Leo Gura It would be useful to know what percentage of the Palestinian population wants a two state solution and what percentage want to wipe out Israel.
  9. Israeli occupation not allowing a Palestinian state with a military etc helps fuel terrorism. However now can they be trusted with the rights of a full state? Becomes a vicious catch 22 that I don’t know how gets solved
  10. We finally got out of the war on terror era, and now right back there we are
  11. The debate between Cenk and the Jewish guy was quite good
  12. I have seen far leftists/Palestinians on Twitter supporting the attacks, justifying anyone within Israel as fair game as they’re all settlers in their mind
  13. Chomsky also recently said in an interview on a British program that Russia is fighting the war more humanely than US in Iraq etc. Iraq was 100% bullshit, but cmon…
  14. @Leo Gura Have you heard of the Zimbabwe school case in the 90s? That one is pretty wild
  15. @Leo Gura what incentive do these departments have to convert it up in the first place?