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  1. True, that’ll often make for a super loyal girlfriend that won’t leave you. The problem is if you feel like you’re too far above them, the guy will start feeling antsy and bored
  2. What do you think about the stage green glorification of sex work, escorting, onlyfans etc
  3. Andy Cutler's book recommends hair test. He knows that the actual mercury reading isn't relevant, but he developed a system of determining if you have mercury poisoning via various rules determined by how the other minerals turn out, as mercury disregulates mineral transportation. He doesn't recommend the provoked urine test because the high amounts they give can often mess with you and transport metals into your organs because it's not following the proper protocol. The book also says, if you've never had amalgams, you don't even need a test. Just take ALA, and if you get any reaction (good or bad), it's a sign of mercury poisoning to some degree because it means there's something there that the ALA is binding to
  4. I think it’s because the US is so states based and diverse. So a super green state like Oregon will be progressive as fuck
  5. @Leo Gura do you intend to attain a more stabilised enlightenment/dropping away of the ego, seperate from peak experiences?
  6. Just went through this study, that shows conclusively that high mercury levels are associated with lower performance on cognitive tests (4-5%). It seems as if moderate fish consumption increases performance as the Omega 3 effects outweigh the mercury, but for higher consumption the mercury outweighs the Omega 3. Note the study distinguishes between normal fish consumption and large fish (tuna etc), and >3 times a month for large fish was considered strongly correlated to mercury levels. I used to eat tuna like every day for years. I've actually ordered Andy Cutler's chelation book. Would recommend giving the study a read @Leo Gura if you haven't come across it already.
  7. These videos show how much the logical and rational mind can be fucked with. You can see while D is a super rationally oriented person, his mushroom experiences have really opened him to questioning materialism. Obviously just stratching the surface, but interesting nonetheless
  8. Whole subreddit is basically unexplainable and maybe paranormal shit happen to people. Some of it may be made up or delusions, but it's still interesting to read the stories. Curious as to your guys thoughts
  9. The problem is if they started evacuating everyone ahead of time, you're basically communicating to the Afghan people and army that you know it's going to fall to the Taliban soon, and admitting that the ANA was a farce. That would have caused problems in itself and Biden probably would have been criticised for abounding the ANA and breaking down morale. There was no easy way of doing it
  10. Man that sounds awesome. Get all the moral cred for advocating for social justice sitting in your room, whilst signing an exclusivity contract with Jeff Bezos owned Twitch then shitting on him all day. Then when people call you out on not doing anything with your 7 figure annual income off corporate ad revenue to advocate for your causes, you can just say I need to live in society, as if the choice is no house or a $3m house. Check out his Instagram, he’s extremely Orange lol with some green.
  11. How’s he friends with them just because debated them? Lol Hasan probably is. He just wants to be a rich and famous e-celeb and trendy socialist happened to be his lane to get there
  12. Never had a part time job during uni?
  13. If you wanna know what level of approaching is possible, check out this guy who approaches non-stop in massively populated Japan Literally 300-400 approaches in one day....
  14. Sums up blue, to orange to tier 2 nicely