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  1. I’m just worried because I think I’d actually prefer Trump to win the primary cause he can’t beat Biden
  2. Some hints? We have nowhere to go to find this “high quality porn”. Is it stuff you just can’t find on Pornhub etc? Does it need to be downloaded/bought? Lol
  3. It’s interesting that many conservatives are looking to Islamic societies for social values now
  4. They were literally simping for Russell Brand’s rant on Bill Maher the other day where he was arguing how Fox is no worse than MSNBC etc . So dumb
  5. How do you reconcile that we should be moving up the spiral, however things seems to be getting worse and more nihilistic? As dogmatic as traditional religion is, it probably makes people happier than Tik Tok and porn.
  6. It’s very bad for you, but it’s also fun as fuck. That’s why people do it, no point denying that it makes socialising 10000 times better.
  7. So what actually happens after death? Will “you” remember the human life? Choose what kind of next life to live?
  8. That’s true that there’s actionable advice out there. But the hardcore action required to change a serious incel isn’t seen as acceptable in the mainstream. But also, pickup isn’t really scalable as imagine how insane it would be if all guys were doing mass approaches on the street.
  9. Do you think the health issues play a role there or you have just spiritually evolved beyond it to some degree?
  10. If you’re truly secure in yourself why would you feel the need to lie about winning golf games etc like Trump
  11. @Leo Gura Do you think cold approach, especially daygame is dead these days? It just seems so socially unacceptable and viewed as automatically a creep for approaching someone. Strangers just feel less open to being friendly these days.
  12. It seems contradictory to talk about how unethical Andrew Tate is, and how he’s a big problem etc if solipsism were true. There’s no inflicting sufffering on others if it’s true?
  13. I basically thought of Solipsism when I was a kid before I even knew it was a philosophy at all. I just thought it seemed kinda logical that my consciousness was the only one that existed. Scared the hell out of me though.
  14. This is very true. Ironically Once you live together you fuck way less, because attraction goes down so much.