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  1. I consider myself a fairly empathetic person, and it can be a burden sometimes. Like you have to stop yourself from getting super sad or feeling sympathy to the point where it hurts for other people who have misfortune.
  2. I agree 100% that nothing Obama did compared to the Iraq invasion, which was primarily a Republican led neoconservative effort. But why did 58% of Senate Democrats vote for the invasion. Maybe some drones and foreign interventions are necessary for world order. I’ve somewhat moderated my view from full blown non-interventionism. I’m agnostic on how much the US should do overseas. But the truth lies somewhere in between invasions like Iraq and isolationism.
  3. I agree. The Rs are 100% worse than Ds on policy, but doesn’t give Ds a free pass when they do bad stuff.
  4. @Leo Gura Obama did 10x more drone strikes than Bush. Biden also voted for the Iraq war. Why can’t we call out both sides?
  5. Looking down regular middle class people for looking to save and invest wisely certainly isn't wise. The world needs more financially literate people, most young people I see are terrible with money (saving and investing) because they're stuck in consumerism and materialism. You have to be so fucking rich to eventually retire off wealth if you don't invest any of it and hold it all as cash
  6. He’s technically not a baby boomer, he’s part of the silent generation
  7. Green is usually against retributive justice, unless it comes to right wingers
  8. Yikes that’s kinda insane if even he isn’t that great. He’s done it non stop for like 20 years...
  9. The guys from Charisma on Command run a great podcast and just name dropped @Leo Gura at 1:26:50 when metaphysics came up. Imo it’s a fairly stage yellow show, especially Charlie (who has also talked about Ramana Maharishi). Perhaps Leo would be a good guest
  10. @The Lucid Dreamer Agreed, he exhibits a large degree of nuance and open mindedness. Not to mention he’s very charismatic (duh)
  11. Whilst he should have been convicted, this might work out well for the Democrats. If Trump runs as a third party he'll split the right vote, which would be great
  12. @Strangeloop Have you fantasised and obsessed about fucking attractive girls that you come by? If not, I’d say you’re gay, or maybe even asexual? The desire to screw women is strong, my sense is you’d know if you had it
  13. That question could apply to every trait. “Why doesn’t every girl have big boobs then”, “why isn’t every a genius” etc. people exist relative to a spectrum of what is advantageous for survival. I’d agree that it’s not actually extroversion or introversion itself that makes someone more or less attractive. You can be a super grounded confident introvert, or you could be a goofy extrovert that no one takes seriously. However, in practice extroverts get laid more because it lends itself over putting yourself in optimal situations more. IMO, if you’re truly a natural introvert, don’t try and become “the life of the party” guy if it’s not actually you. Just work on being super confident when you are in social situations
  14. I think it’s to do with skill the worker has as well. A highly skilled worker is obviously going to be paid more than someone making coffees , because the skill is more scarce. Pretty basic supply and demand. And by Marxist logic, capital owners exploit the workers as much as they can basically. A skilled engineer employee has an incentive to still be paid as little as possible by the capital owners, so there’s a reason they would remain better paid.
  15. I watched this whole thing, complete shitshow. it wasn’t really a socialism vs capitalism debate. It was more a debate about the nuances of what standard you should hold your personal actions in the real world in relation to your socialist ideals. Interestingly, even Vaush doesn’t believe it’s wrong as a socialist to employ workers or be a landlord
  16. You're right, I meant nominal rate not real rate. Where I am now, term deposit rates are 0.55% whilst inflation rate is about 1%, so it's a negative real return...
  17. Ironically only those that have very high incomes have the luxury of not needing to worry about where to put their savings, instead of investing it. If it makes little difference to you whether your life savings are earning 2% in the bank of compounding at 8%, you're doing extremely well...
  18. My sense is that scorning and moralising regular people who want to grow their retirement savings by taking part in the market isn’t going to solve any systemic issues. There should be a more progressive tax system to curb wealth inequality for example. It strikes me as akin to scorning regular people for driving cars because of climate change, when the issue is a systemic one. Where I live, it’s literally mandatory by the government that’s 10% of your income is invested in a retirement fund that invests in equities etc. it can’t be accessed till they’re 65. It works great, because it sort of forces people to massively grow their nest egg from the moment they start working.
  19. Yeah even putting your money in the bank is exploitation you can argue. Anything other than leaving physical cash under your mattress evil right? It reminds me of when conservatives say shit like “Ha, Bernie Sanders says he cares about climate change but uses a plane, checkmate”. Most people need to make use of he system they’re in
  20. Just put your money in index funds. Don’t try and outperform the market, as even most professional fund managers don’t outperform the S&P500. Set and forget and let it grow 8-10% per year
  21. Investment at the end of the day is a part of the circular flow of income. Whatever you earn, unless you’re poor you’re not going to spend it all. So it can stay as cash, losing value over time, or be invested back into the economy providing returns on the money you earn from actual work.
  22. To be fair, even far leftists like Michael Brooks were getting sick of cancel culture