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  1. Really you have to discern the type and quality of the carbohydrates. Apples are made almost entirely of carbohydrates. So is apple candy. Carrots are made almost entirely of carbohydrates. So is carrot cake. Your diet should be centered around unrefined and complex carbohydrates with moderate amounts of protein and fat: - Whole grains. (gluten free) Oats, quinoa, buckwheat, corn, rice, Teff, amaranth ... avoid refined and processed white bread. If you have a bad reaction to gluten then cut it from your diet, you might be celiac or have non-celiac gluten sensitivity. The only grains that have gluten are wheat, barley, and rye. Whole grains are overwhelmingly healthy and, for starters, decrease our risk for all-cause morality by 20%. They're loaded with plant-based sources of many B-vitamins and are easily digestible. - Legumes - Fruits (human outcome data shows with consistency that fruit is overwhelmingly healthy for us and reduces risk for many chronically ailments, don't worry too much about glycemic load unless you're eating a surplus of dried fruits, like dates) - Leafy and non-leafy vegetables Try to minimize your intake of added sugars, too. If you need a sweetener, use date sugar or blackstrap molasses. @Someone here
  2. This is one of those rare occurrences when I find myself siding with the individual who gets arrested.
  3. This is one of my personal favorites (and no, this isn't satire)
  4. He expresses nuance and acknowledges that this is the best model we have of at the current moment. The essay in question also touches on the origin of consciousness and suggests that consciousness is the make up of reality and exists prior to all phenomena. Absolute consciousness is God, and God is all there was before the matter coalesced. And yes - I have watched Leo's videos. And I don't subscribe to his "imaginary brain" ideas. Quite frankly, a lot of his content is very intellectually heavy but doesn't have much to say in embodying non-duality. Like, how is mentally-masturbating to solipsism going to do you any good in your day-to-day lives? Short answer - it doesn't. It's a waste of time and mental energy. It doesn't help you become a more authentically embodied being.
  5. Me too. The graphics were great but the story was terrible. Not to mention the map size was way too big. Everyone was arguing about whether there was an admin or not. The moderators often abuse their power to increase their in-game currency. The tutorial lasts 18 years, and even afterwards you aren't given any tasks / objectives. You only get one life, and once you die you're stuck at the game-over screen forever. The soundtrack was good until the 80s update.
  6. Here's a quote from Martin W. Ball: "After immensely long periods of time, matter from the singularity expanded and created space and time. It cooled and formed stable structures, which coalesced into stars and gasses, which eventually formed planets and solar system. Then, on only one planet that we know of, the same basic ingredients that are found elsewhere in the universe spontaneously started to self organize into living systems and biological entities. We have no definitive idea on why this happened, the environmental conditions were just right. Over millions of years, we finally have self conscious and aware beings that are able to reflect on both themselves and the universe they find themselves."
  7. I agree with you 100%. The psychiatric system is fucking inhumane. Check out Daniel Mackler on YouTube. He's an ex-therapist who exposes the bullshit he encountered while working in the mental health industry.
  8. When he laughs, his whole body moves.
  9. Dude. Absolutely. I've not met many people who've shared the same experiences I've had with early childhood. But the best way I can articulate it is is almost as if my early childhood (age 0-5) was a psychedelic dream that you gradually forget as you get older. Funnily enough, it was through smoking DMT that my memories from this era of my life were reignited. Imagination was reality. If I imagined something, then it would materialize before me. I would go into my own mind and play these types of games ... it was almost as if I visited an "astral plain," or something like that. I saw reality as it was, but my imagination was so intense that the room around me was subject to influence from it. Another thing that brings back memories is the breath-hold portion of the WHM, which feels a bit like DMT.
  10. I agree with @mrPixel, it is a valuable tool for interactions with others. I use it on the regular to gauge where the person I'm talking to is at developmentally.
  11. Martin W. Ball, PhD. He was an adjunct professor at the university of Ashland, Oregon teaching religious studies. His entheological paradigm framework is turquoise in it's values and interpretation of reality. Highly recommend checking him out. Note: the signature of my profile is an excerpt from one of his poems entitled "my love."
  12. AI. I've been using various chat GPT prompts to deepen my learning and it's been amazing. Try asking it for that specifically and it will tailor it to you. There's a definite reason why Kahn Academy is embracing AI. I'm pretty sure if you can get an open AI software app on your phone you can talk to it and it responds in a tts voice, which will be practice articulating your points. Albert Einstein once said something along the lines of if you can't explain something simply, then you don't understand it deeply.
  13. Just finished listening to this, it's amazing. Here's a few of my favorite excerpts "A huge part of psychological health is realizing that when I die, life doesn't end. My life in this form ends, but life continues. I get to be here, part of this whole game of life for a little while, and like what a fucking miracle that there's experience as opposed to no experience. There could just be nothing. As soon as I realized like, I got to see a tree, I got to see a sunset, I got to see color, I got to hear sound, as opposed to just nothingness … the mindset of "what's in it for me I need more" is a fucking mental illness. The realization that existence exists and I'm apart of it for a little while is awakeness, and then I would totally choose to incarnate just to have experience at all, even a little bit of it as opposed to nothing. " "Before, when I reflected on last year, what do I do this year, what to do this coming year on January 1st, etc., whatever it is, I'm always reflecting in light of thinking I can do it over differently next year. When people are on their deathbed, that doesn't happen. There's a deeper type of reflection. I've been on so many death beds with people, Daniel's parents were awesome to take him to assisted living homes and could have that experience. He's never met old people who spent their time wishing they had fixed themselves more and their "if I could do it over again" wasn't a narcissistic focus. That just never happened. What was really meaningful was always the ways they express love to people and the ways they offered things. It will outlast them and the ways that they appreciated life. "