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  1. Stop looking at females entirely. Including clothed depictions and real women. Only look at them when they talk to you or when you're making love to them. It's the softcore stuff that makes you want to look at the hardcore stuff.
  2. It literally doesn't matter if you eat sushi off a new girl each day in your 20s or swim in the sewer. Pride is a mind virus that only hurts you. That being said I would still recommend you try to become better than everyone else for fun.
  3. It's the same as falling out of love with a tv series after it ends. Do other stuff.
  4. You're already recording it with your memory. That's the best recording you're ever going to get. Videos or audios will not be satisfying. They might even make you sad when you look at them because you want the 3D experience. Find techniques for sharpening your memory.
  5. The best way to lie is by telling the truth in such a way that it sounds better than it actually is. Instead of saying you're unemployed you can say that you're not a wage slave. For example.
  6. Love is another word for focus. The more you focus on something the more you love it. So you can choose what you love. Choose wisely.
  7. "Hey T. If you've been watching my content then you should know that you ARE the club. But we can still meet there if you're stage orange or above."
  8. This world is as haunted as it gets. I was in Germany on a school trip a long time ago. There were two guys speaking german to each other. And then one of them said my name and cussed me out in my own language. I even heard them say "lets kill him" I heard their footsteps behind me and then they were suddenly gone. This is just one of many things that happened to me.
  9. There's an agenda for people to eat meat as far as I can tell. Children eat fruit shaped candy made from pork fat instead of actual fruit. They are made to be so sweet that actual fruit seems boring in comparison. Only the devil would invent something like this.
  10. I appreciate it. It's technically rape. The worst rape is when someone is playing loud annoying music.
  11. If one thing interacts with another thing that's basically sex. When a woman talks her sound waves are going through your thingy. If that's not sex I don't know what is.
  12. It's not a social construct but it is fluid. If a man eats estrogenic foods such as eggs, milk and meat of female animals then he will become more like a woman.
  13. Try not looking at anything but also not thinking about anything. Just focus on the sensations. It will seem weird at first but after you're done you will notice that women seem less important. It's quite a mental shift that happens.
  14. It's wrong if you look at it from nature's perspective but nature is not the highest thing. Love is higher than nature. People can love strange things. I sometimes love ugly rainy days.
  15. Approaches should never be something you force yourself to do. You have to reach a point where you're so healthy, energized and happy with yourself that you automatically approach girls without even thinking about it.