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  1. Didn't count but way more than usual. More smiles. People's voice tone and choice of words seem a lot more respectful. And people do me favors without me asking for it. I was called "sir" today lol. An even stranger theory is that by eating female animals those female particles inside you might actively try to sabotage your efforts to "take advantage" of females.
  2. I feel calmer, lighter and cleaner as if my body got rid of baggage that wasn't supposed to be there. My body seems easier to move. It doesn't take as much willpower to move my body now. And my lungs feel like they can hold more air. Today is my fourth day of being a vegan. Made this wonderful chili recipe yesterday. Highly recommend it. That's the vegan aura. Or because I Write Like This
  3. I notice that when I reduce my animal consumption people treat me better. As if they trust me more. Humans might be able to sense predators for safety reasons. Female humans might be very suspicious of you if you are eating female animals such as pigs, cows and chickens. You're basically a female eater trying to gain the trust of females lol. I personally find women who are vegan more trustworthy than meat eaters despite having been a meat eater myself my entire life.
  4. Not sure if it's a real memory but I remember being a baby and being amazed that I'm alive and I wanted to tell everyone something important but I wasn't able to communicate. What if babies cry because they know something profound that brings them to tears. Reincarnation being real for example. I specifically remember that I wanted to mess this entire world up by sharing certain information.
  5. It might help to be weird on purpose because the harder you try not to be weird the more you will appear like you are hiding something which is creepy.
  6. Be alone more without indulging in views, likes, comments and text messages. This puts you in a happy lonely bubble that rejection cannot penetrate.
  7. Incel culture is a consequence of straightness being demonized. I feel literally like it's a crime to be straight. Talking to a girl feels like a crime.
  8. Jealousy in this context is the assumption that you can't be with the person that you want to be with, and the assumption that you can't be happy without this person. These assumptions have to be recognized as factually false.
  9. I like brunettes more because I think it's hot that they have the same hair color as me. It's as if they are my sisters.
  10. The outside is a reflection of the inside so it's not shallow to care about it. Two options. Stuff her with healthy foods and fresh air so her appearance improves or find someone better.
  11. Yes. It's important to admit this because being ashamed of your straightness is not a fun place to be in. I've been dealing with fears of people finding out that I'm on a dating site. That's how strong this shame can be.
  12. I'm open to the possibility that it wasn't made by humans. Perhaps we're being ruled by machine elves.
  13. A good man is a problem solvaholic. He deliberately searches for problems so he can solve them. Out of tampons? Don't worry honey I'll make one with some sheep wool.
  14. I matched with a hot one last week surprisingly but she didn't have the balls to start a conversation.
  15. The last thing unattractive wage slaves want is you chatting up a girl in front of them while they are working. Throwing you out of the shop is the only pleasure they get to have. That's why you have to approach girls outdoors. The oxygen and lack of music makes women more receptive to being approached. I was in a grocery store and there was music playing with this lyric ''I don't need nobody else. Ready to love myself'' Pure brainwashing.