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  1. @lostmedstudent take a week off and go on a holiday where you can collect yourself. Best would be to go alone and avoid all unnecessary distraction like Netflix, YouTube, internet. Optimally you get a shack were there is no way to distract yourself whatsoever with entertainment, so you can't flee from yourself or your situation. But don't shut yourself off completely hike a bit or schedule a day or two to do something enjoyable like skying or going in a museum. Give yourself some room to breathe.
  2. @Cykaaaa Same for me, I heared alot of people say that krya can be super intense and has some hard effects on the psyche, but I dismissed it all because I thought it's just a bit of breathing and visualization. This stuff actually works even if it has some side effects.
  3. @skywords Materialism is actually right. Climate change is a hoax. Jordan Peterson his spot on in his political analysis. Spiral Dynamics is balloney. All psychedelic trips are delusional hallucinations. Enlightenment is just in your head. Love is just chemicals in your Brain. Nihilism.
  4. @Spiral Wizard Insomnia, back pain, fear of death and an general unwillingness to continue the practice. I started krya a year ago but quit because it was too intense. Now I do Kundalini Yoga with a bit of krya once per week in yoga class. Works alot better for an beginner like me.
  5. If you are new to consciousness work, you should start by doing some meditation. Kriya especially when practiced to its full extend is very overwhelming for your system. Make sure you're grounded enough before doing it.
  6. Stan Grof is also an top notch Ressource for anyone interested in altered states. His life's work (the way of the Psychonaute)can now be purchased in an condensed volume.
  7. @Ameshairos Love conquers all. Ideas are ultimately just for play. Die before you die. God speaks trough art and beauty. Amor Fati. (Love your destiny) Keep an sense of humour. Lie as little as possible. The greatest Truths can not be spoken. Passion trumps Happynes And the most importantly keep an open mind.
  8. @bonesurfer Do you have some other concrete vocations, interests or hobbies? Sounds like an carrer Change would be adequate for you maybe it is time for you to get on the drawing board again and redevelop your life purpose.
  9. @Adam M How dare you call SpongeBob garbage. @Ampresus Watching Entertainment you enjoy is not too bad, just make sure it's quality over quantity. Especially Series these days are not worth the time, they migth tell a good story but if each episode is 1 hr long with an cliffhanger each episode you are being manipulated into watching too much. Nowadays I rather take the time to watch a good movie, which is far more enjoyable than binge watching a series that might take 3 more years to get to an close And for YouTube videos, it ain't to bad if you don't devolve to mutch into an screen junkie, don't underestimate the power of the Algorithm tough.
  10. @Spiral M. E. D. I. T. A. T. I. O. N. Seriously there is nothing better you can do for yourself!
  11. I guess it will be a mixture of both. However the General premise of this Thread ist balloney. In the end Cultures, Tribes and individuals will make Up their own minds and reproduce how ist fit for them. In a 1000 years we will have many more mixed people, but all white Morrmon Communitys will also be a thing even of Yellowstone Rips the entire USA apppart.
  12. @Leeeon If you want to learn about this I recommend you study the work of Tom Campbell. Especially his masterwork my big TOE. He is a physicist that spend the last 40 years investigating non ordinary states trough meditation, lucid dreaming and astral projection.