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  1. @Cody_Atzori Doing a retreat at home is mentally very demanding and most likely doomed to fail hence it is too easy to just fall back in your old habits. What can also serve as a kind of retreat is going into nature by yourself and camp there for a couple days, which is quiet inexpensive.
  2. @Solvinden What is your Job and what kind of work are you doing?
  3. @Quaker Alot of their advice in spirituality is legit, however they draw it from the most mainstream sources out there. You could also listen to Eckhart Tolle and get at least as much out of it as an rsd video.
  4. Sounds interesting, I wonder if in a couple of years my country (germany) would be ready for a different approach to politics after the last votes it seems more and more that the conservative establishment is running out of steam and its ideological foundation becomes more untenable in the Post-modern Era. Problem is just most of the voters here are dust old and vote conservatives out of habit. People above 70 years have twice the voting power as those under 30. I wonder how it would be possible to reach an older demographic when, they have already made up their minds decades ago.
  5. @ElvisN Your not enligthened my dude, you most likely just experience that you are not you, but actually concioussnes/nothingness/infinity etc.. A more apropriate label for this is Samadhi.
  6. @Aeris Seems like they aren't interesting for you at the moment. I have it sometimes that I watch only 10 mins of a new video and get bored because I am not interested in the topic, however weeks or months later it becomes relevant for me and I can watch 2 hrs trough easyly.
  7. 1. Judge people as little as I can 2.Taking LSD 3 perusing higher education instead of an Job 4. Getting rid of bad habits while installing good ones. WIP 5. Comiting to radical open mindedness and the persiute of truth. (probably the most important thing )
  8. @CreamCat Thanks man I needed this!
  9. @outlandish Thanks for the in depth reply, this was very helpful.
  10. What are the advantages of each substance and is one surperious to the other in regards to inner exploration?
  11. listen to this podcast episode, after that consider your options again.
  12. @TheAvatarState It's pretty sad that someone as smart and educated as JP got caught up in this nonsenseical culture war. The content he put out in the recent year is mediocre at best, compared to his lectures from back in the day. Dealing with politics, drama and the protection of "the west" (who knows what it is supposed to be ) seems just like an giant waste of time. It would be nice to see him step back for a while and focus on issues that are more in reach of his expertise like psychology, religious symbolism and science.
  13. @OrpheusNovum Hes no devil he's mentally unstable, and should get some help.