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  1. Meant to say that no description (no one, nothing, whatever, here not, here yes! lol) can really say what the 'current' ego story is about since it is not there either. Of course 'we' can always imagine and add anything to create a perfectly convincing ego story. Why not? Can 'this whatever' be anything other than? Another funny insight that unlocked all those fancy recognition doors that never required any key in the first place was the trickiness of direct experience. Took a while to figure out which direct experience is more direct, true and closer than close than the very directness of this everyday mundane direct experience...perhaps of another direct experience? hehe. Had to be extra careful not to step outside of this directness. Stepping out of the experience itself was a whole another beast to overcome As a result of this (so to speak), everything looks more 'vibrant' 'closer' 'dynamic', yet paradoxically more peaceful and still. Almost as if for any distance to be experienced now it first has to be imagined/projected. But before it used to be the opposite. Something has definitely changed, but everything is still the same as it ever was. Go figure...even though nothing is to be figured out. BTW, even "I am the way, the truth and the life" now makes perfect sense as "all this is", "who knows"?!?
  2. The funniest recognition was that ego doesn't exist right now to begin with other than as an idea, thought or even a memory that literally no one can even accurately describe or get a hold of
  3. Stay away from the mirage of silly dream stories that don't even occur within you. They are just unnecessarily worthless baggage that will slow you down on your journey. What is true only comes from within, never from others since You not being a subject can't even tell if there are others from life itself that You are.