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  1. There is always one thing in your life that will have no expiration date(For me it is Sadhanas: Jnana's). For me all intentions like making music, drawing, daily protocols, working out, coding, etc., all had expiration dates. Why? because one back-slid on constant action. The emotion that is attached to those intentions simply is not present. We like to act on the intentions which along-side them are emotional frequencies. Why? Because the reaching of the end will produce a bigger reward. A daily habit is a conscious compulsion/Impulsion. To generate a habit we must have an emotional vibration that coincides with the arising of the intention. All day we do some action. We endlessly are seeking for a reward. Everything you do is reward related in many forms. Instant and delayed are the more prominent and prevalent forms which are cognizable to the psyche. Purposeful actions is the key. Let the links provided help thee control thyself! https://darkbooks.org ; https://www.sacred-texts.com/index.htm ; https://www.100thmonkeypress.com/index.htm ; http://www.thelemapedia.org/index.php/Main_Page ; https://www.tarrdaniel.com/documents/Thelemagick/publication/english/Liber_III.html ; https://www.tarrdaniel.com/documents/Thelemagick/publication/english/Liber_III.html
  2. I was describing a scenario where the boss "Sits-you-down", and gives you a warning for trying to do your business at theirs.
  3. That is only one perspective, a negative one at that. A more positive view is that once should use what I suggested as a way to posit more forms of action. Requisite variety is only attainable if you seek an 'END'.
  4. I have Treatment resistant Major depressive disorder along side ADHD. I do not treat the depression as all forms of treatment are futile. When I do my sadhanas the same experience is present as well. My thoughts attack me and I feel worthless. I take at night Gaba-amino-butyric-acids, Melatonin, and Zinc Picolinate. The latter keeps me in a bodily blissed out state. I hold the intention to get up. I put in two earplugs, do nadi sodhana, talabya kriya, ujjayi breath, kehcari mudra and yoni mudra using diaphragmatic breathing - stilling the chest. I lie in Aleister Crowley's "Corpse Pose" for 30 minutes. Stilling body, stills the mind. Mental seclusion proceeds physical seclusion, same as for stillness. I Then apprehend among the 40 meditation subjects(I prefer the kasinas). Concentration comes prior to Sadhanas(Meditation). After 1 hour and 45 minutes I attain to Nirodha Samapatti. Before all that it is brutal and non-ill will bust be present. I stutter while speaking due to meditative attainments, Never had parents approval, was isolated in high-school and my friends played a game of politics when it came to hanging out. Did not go to 8th grade dance, prom, ball, etc. I was the occultist who used psychedelics but rumors said I did every drug in the book so women feared me. I had 1 best friend who chilled with me even if I did not have weed(no longer use weed). He moved to Israel at end of 10th grade but came from Israel in 8th grade,. We still speak all the time(text and voice). If I do zero sadhanas prior to dmt then I get ass-raped inside and out. At the start of the trip monkey mind blends into the trip and I get the perspectives of other people judging me on past experiences. Like today I smoked dmt and the perspective of my forum messages arose. I had a urge to delete my posts because others see me and it as weird, creepy, and repulsive. Also, how my parents are nervous about me becayse I am 22 and attractive but have no girlfriend. I sit in my room and read, do sadhanas, make music. I am a recluse living in the world lol. It always makes me feel terrible about how I am alone and can't socialize like the normie sheep do. I speak like osho and have the "Osho-eyes". I stand out everywhere I go. very mindful in all actions. Today during the second break-through I said "no no no, its fine fuck it fuck it okay I'm a weirdo creep". I then went so Meta I saw that it was my own minds perspective.. I was guestimating and intuiting others perspective of my "Image" and placing it on their visualized character. I then attach strong emotions and beLIEve that assumption as truth and reinforce it with how others respond to me(micro-expressions). Dmt showed me how that each Abstract notion, though and idea is simply a certain vibrational essence I am identifying and solidifying. It then showed me how to Identify and absorb with the fundamental Vibrational essence of Absolute Infinite Consciousness(strong prana like energy but not prana. All is vibration). Once I did exactly that all thoughts of others cease to exist. My thought of this or that only exists when awareness attaches itself to that=identification/unification with finite vibrations(Instead of with the Absolute Vibration). Feeling worthless is an emotional feeling/knowing/Vibration that occurs within you. It is only real and true in that instance. You are worthless as ass-fuck. You are so beautiful that I would give my life for you. Both examples are true only during their occurrence/instance. You are not worthless when you experience Absolute LOVE. You are using strong emotional vibrations(since vibration is so fundamental=A hermetic first principle, we take is as being solid and real) to reinforce a thought-patterns of no benefit, to make sense of your current situation in relation to the MAJORITY. You are making distinctions and relations the wrong way, unconsciously, and it feels good because it makes sense to you. Monkey Mind vanishes when deep states of concentration are present. You need to read source material and not these bullshit second-hand and third-hand zen texts about shutting off the mind. Fuck that. Use MIND. MIND IS THE ALL!!! #synthetic5MeODMT #NN-DMT Enter and live in a state of ketosis if your body allows it. Do 15+ Rounds of chelation therapy, Comprehensive Blood-lab panel, Find supplements causing fatigue(My sublingual b12 methyl cobalamin caused this for me haha I like to try many different b12 an this one destroyed me), try to get off bullshit anti-depressant as they are anti-psychedelic(i would never ever recommend any as they are worse than adhd medications, body wise); eat natural sugars or sugar alcohols, remove neuro-toxins, remove silver and metal fillings and get resin; get suppliments with only ONE active ingredient; Blublox light glasses to limit blue light intake at night, sleep-lab : MLST; Thyroid check and pituitary gland blood-lab panel(comprehensive); Hide electronics which emit C02; No nicotine at night(if you use it); ect... SELF-STUDY AND USE ONE-NOTE TO KEEP A COMPREHENSIVE FIRST-PHILOSOHY/PRINCIPLES(Read all Aristotle's works from various translations as well as Randolph quirk's work's) COMMONPLACE BOOK. AND DOWNLOAD ALL LAB RESULTS. BE ORGANIZED AND OBSESSIVE, NOT FRANTIC OR NEUROTIC! Go on https://flixtor.vip/ and watch something funny lol. #GODSPEED!!!
  5. Then my computer will get all sticky from the water-based lube reside on my left hand
  6. Only productive to and for egoic survival purposes.
  7. 【YouCan Orbit (+) Puffco Peak Pro】=⬇️ #1.) PUFFCO PEAK PRO: <https://www.puffco.com/products> #2.) YOUCAN ORBIT - comes with Terp pearls to increase heat distribution and 2 amazing tools better than puffo peaks electronic dab rig tools: <https://www.yocanvaporizer.com/products/yocan-orbit-vaporizer-pen> . . . 🌟List your favorite 'PREPARATIONS AND METHODS OF ADMINISTRATION':⤵️
  8. https://www.puffco.com/products/ https://www.reddit.com/r/waxpen/ Electronic rig Ceramic Plate Atomizer https://wiki.dmt-nexus.me/ YOCAN Orbit Review
  9. You are beyond non-dual. Non-duality is not a context. Do you simply think we are doing all this work to get some outside look? The work is to show you all your relative human bullshit exists inside the infinite. You are Absolutely Silent my friend. Perhaps your problem is with recognition and integration?
  10. Gotta LOVE Accumulation and conditionality. You are infinitely being manipulated by your own mind not by others.
  11. 'Conscious Marketing' Is a better term to be used. It is not rocket science. Is manipulation a path where 'Truth' IS the 'Destination'? Or, is manipulation a path which leads to an Off-road terrain? I can not do the thinking for you.
  12. Ask yourself, Is manipulation in alignment with Absolute Truth Seeking?