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  1. I personally take 250mg of Ala with 200mg of Dmsa. Never take Ala alone. Follow the protocols and read the books I've provided. All your questions are answered by reading. Yes it requires effort on your end.
  2. Did you even read the freaking books bro...I swear it is not this complex. We have many threads here about chelation... I shouldn't be doing all the work for you.... https://cc1lib.vip/book/3578940/ff96b9 https://cc1lib.vip/book/2479169/38fb18 https://cc1lib.vip/book/5066234/ce9408 Thank me later.. You probably won't even read them lol.
  3. I Isolate DMT and synthesize 5meO from both Mexamine, as well as N-Acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine - as the 'starting material'. I use N,N-dmt topped off with a pinch of 5-meO, in the "Puffco Peak electronic rig".
  4. @Leo Gura Like a chemical it is merely a precursor!
  5. Have you ever gone through the Jnana's? I feel like you guys neglect the concentrative aspect book based teachings have to offer? No, it is not God-Realization but It has it's Pro's..
  6. Be very careful not to fight against basic survival nature. It's great to recognize its pro's as well as it's cons - and how they affect your psyche. You aren't quitting a substance, remember that. I do perform Bramacharya(today is day 7). My wakefulness is insane. It took me awhile to get very good without having cravings occur. I do also ejaculate in intervals. I find semen retention to be just neurotic for the most part.
  7. Typically I'll go through the jnanas before going out. I find reading after entering the jnanas, then performing kriya gives me insane confidence. I find dmt as a suitable replacement. I know that isn't for everyone. Simply what I tend to find to help. I rarely use alcohol. It has been over 2 years(until yesterday and the day prior) 🍸.
  8. Sorry hahaha. The sounds ares consciousness directly into your ears..
  9. I'm going to check it when I wake up tmr since I'm off work then. I'm not straight at the moment. I have it and your comment bookmarked(took a screenshot as well), so I should remember! Listen to this: this makes my mind go insane. It's worse sober. Like a dmt trip:
  10. I synthesized ketenine. The enotimer. Not just the r-isomer. Plug it, snort it. Then k hoke my friend!! You mean ketamine*
  11. I love your genetic freak video. I took a break from here because I just don't fit in. I am a genetic freak. Spiritually that is. Every night I lucid dream and have profound mathematical formulas my conscious psyche cannot comprehend - appear to me. If not that, I can see paranormal events others cannot see but can witness. I use alcohol to place a threshold on such a thing. I don't like how you make it seem so great. A gift is only great to those who have a sufficiency in such areas. It's just normal for me. I also was born with perfect pitch. I can play any instrument by ear and wowed all my professors in collage. It's insane. People cannot hear nor feel music!! Especially you. I listen to the music you post and it is absolutely garbage(sorry). With perfect pitch I can feel and hear the gravitational pull of sound. It occurs In a colorful geometric way. It's impossible to explain... I cry every morning if beethoven is played during the morning. How do I cope with this? ..
  12. Wrote everything except 2 songs(one of which was thriller). Beat boxed and turned the beat-boxing into a song using sound engineering Understanding music on an entirely knew level. Memorized the entire beat in his head and used insights(neti neti method to find the insights that "lock on". The 1st video are his mix tracks, 2nd is the same as the 3rd video only shorter.