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  1. @Leo Gura I have agreed with you on almost everything you say but this idea seems off.... UV light is responsible for all life on the planet, so creating an artificial block is messing with a billion years of evolution and nature thinking we know better..... Not only for the planet but also human health - there is plenty of research about how the sun and UV light is VITAL for health...
  2. I have no idea what any of this means - this just confuses me, and is unclear ---- Ralstons book are crystal clear and easy to follow
  3. Me too! lol - If Ralston gets tired of the "teaching gig" he could have a career in stand up comedy
  4. Here is the link: in case you want to check it out http://omswami.com/book/ancient-science-mantras
  5. They are pretty interesting - most of Sadgurus content is really good and informative I was looking at the Om Swami book on Mantras - it looks really intriguing - have you seen/read it?
  6. - its more of a meta point to realize you dont need anything external to reach enlightenment or truth ---- very similar to Jed McKenna's work
  7. A new video from the Peter Ralston - he is so free, expressive and fluid with his body - he really embodies the Zen Body being stuff he teaches.
  8. Have you seen this guy before? ---- Although Leo say death is just a fiction
  9. 13:00 “Anything I imagine and create becomes true that’s what reality is” 13:44 “whatever you say is real, becomes real for you” How are there limits on the physical body, if i create everything? - is that because i created the rules that dictate my human form like gravity and matter and solidy etc? Why can’t I regrow a limb for example – Is this the ultimate “law of attraction” stuff – where if I put my mind to it I can achieve it? 21:00 – “there is no evil everything is love, everything is exactly as it should be” Is this like what Katie Byron talks about in the work? How there is only a story and nothing else. And if you erase the story there nothing left but what is… Even Jed McKenna talked about this in his books – how he could not imagine something as wrong….. I think he used the example in the third book when talking to the lady who was staying with him
  10. Leo just updated his book list with some great ones on politics --- its only like 35 bucks to get it ---- I can believe where I would be without the info of books on that list!!
  11. Great video topic idea! I've been studying the new politics ones on your book list because you mentioned in the reviews that we needed to start reading these to understand what you are going to be saying...... Super excited - you always help me integrate the knowledge i read from your book list with the videos.....
  12. Hi @Leo Gura just wanted to say thanks for the survival video - you absolutely crushed it! I have read all the Ralston books on your list and this just helped me integrate it even more! Looking forward to Part 2... ps - those new book list updates are great - i am half done the new book on the history of politics and loving it - i now understand what they hell is going on
  13. https://www.evanbrand.com/blog/269-dr-jack-kruse-on-5g-emf-and-moving-south
  14. Hey man if you live in San Fran you might be having a reaction to the 5g wireless in the area (it is the worst area to live for health) - please look up the mental and emotional effects of cellular radiation and wifi and artificial light exposure to ruin mental function.... its real.... here is a stage yellow doctor who talk about this.....