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  1. Experience is itself (experience)......it would primarily only matter if you iterate based on your negative experiences. If you're getting rejected, "you're doing something wrong". May be: your appearance, your verbal game, youre not the girls type etc. (For some more Harsh Truth....) Also, just the fact that you are experiencing such emotions/feelings + created a thread asking strangers about it === You have serious room for growth. Good news - Your reality/experiences can be SIGNIFICANTLY better, Bad news - You have a sh*t ton of work/growth to do. Good luck cuz
  2. My 2 cents A bitter pill - "There could be a majority consensus that woman look "their best"......with their youth...late teens & early 20s"; However, this is not to exploited and exaggerated that women all of a sudden drop like a rock in beauty as they age (although definitely possible depending on your lifestyle & self-care routines) but I'd say the beauty transforms. So rather than your man getting "the hots" from you being "physically sexy", it may instead arise from your (at that point/in your later years) developed feminine energy or your ability to express your intimacy or sexuality (men will always love good blowj-.....lol) Reality is impermanent (check out Leo's video on the matter), but tl;dr - everything changes and nothing stays the same, so don't get too attached to any particular form. Whether he cheats or not is significantly more determined by his character & development than his "biological disposition" lmao; that line of reasoning is something like a redpill YouTuber would use to justify their misogynistic and selfish desires (aka: Fresh & Fit podcast) LMAOOOOOO at "Soon, I'll be a fully aged woman with an elderly body" with " We're in our early twenties"; unless you completely void your health and aesthetics/beauty, you will have YEARRRS before being anything close to some old brittle hag. @Spritual Warrior wrote some good points above but something I'd like to emphasize: "Things change as you grow older, priorities change, and looks are not as important", ~~ in other words, another way to view the matter, your bf wouldn't be as full of testosterone & cvm leading him to be "more domesticated & tame" rather than trying to smash every piece of booty he can find; which would correlate and align with what I said in my first point
  3. I'd like to emphasize that you (reading this) could further appreciate the "path" that Leo has laid out with all of his episodes/content. (Probably for some of you as well) But I can blatantly, and EASILY see all the: mechanisms, self-delusions, blindspots, pitfalls & mental traps, etc. etc. and this level of TRUE understanding is comically/tragically lacking in our current society; in other words, its very easy to take "True Understanding" (Truth) for granted lol - One example: Around the 51:00 mark, Andrew is asked "What are your weaknesses" and to greatly paraphrase, he goes on & on about: "his accomplishments", "he has never failed at anything he set for" etc. but completely misses "the point" that is transcending the ego self into more selflessness causes (Aka: Integral Leadership, GUIDING the "weak" instead of mocking them, etc.") It's amazing how commonly "super successful" people miss these spiritual points. This is what happens when you get stuck in Stage Orange lol, you start redlining then wonder why the engine has smoke and is misfiring
  4. I've said this on another thread before but Ill say it again: I have been with XX women and have NEVER approached. You originally say why Thousands? I say: Why approach at all? .....
  5. "what do you guys think how the female brain works on this one?" She may be immature She may be insecure She may have very deep feelings for you and is afraid to "mess it up" She may have been cheating on her partner etc. WAY too many unknown variables (her age, her personality, the emotional setting how you met, etc.); TL;DR - You are looking too much into (consequently, should raise your development/quality of problems you worry about) && "Keep Moving Forward" ~ Meet The Robinsons
  6. *perhaps include more substance to the post?? other wise baiting a poll-like thread lol* Yes......but to add more content.... - The "approach" can vary substantially but almost always implicit (she throws an alley-oop, all you have to do is dunk it) but Sometimes explicit (i.e. 2 days ago in the gym, I had a girl come and straight ask me if I was single/for my number). Masculine (energy)- Wants to Approach Feminine (energy)- Wants to be Approached Guys that want women to approach them are more aligned with femininity
  7. If your looks check out (to any decent degree) AND you haven't gotten ANYTHING in 100 attempts, (as I just said in another post), reflect into your: "Status", Charisma, "Offerings" (of experiences/emotions). Everyone has different results but (imo) to go 0 for 100 means you must be doing something VERY wrong or completely uncalibrated for your environment
  8. "My count" is in the double-digits and I've never had been "rejected" (or maybe I only shoot shots that would go in?....meh) Point is OP: Seems like you are slipping into a "beta/incel"-like mindset; imo, if you are being rejected consecutively with no sign of interest, you are doing something very wrong/your being is still missing something. This is extremely hard to diagnose through text on a forum but I would immediately recommend for you to reflect on: Your STATE (during your interactions), Your Charisma/Leadership (what are you offering to her and how is your delivery), and your physical appearance (obvious) Good luck bud
  9. *basks in validation of my pet theories* >:D jk (kinda, mostly) Wish the best for you
  10. I see. Ima philosophize & extrapolate this in my free time. Hm, "The Game". Person A: "I am valuable!" Person B: "Why?" Person A: "Because I said I am!" Person C: "Of course you are girl! Can I please take you out?! :D" Person B: .....strange.
  11. I actually thought something similar last night (and even shed tears over it) "Death". It is "extremely normal" (pretty much expected) to cry over the loss of a close one. Right? Yes, the inverse is the case for strangers; Example case: Every single person ("stranger", acquaintance , etc.) that you met and will NEVER see again...may as well be dead to you.
  12. "he's a bitch waiting to be fucked" LOL (but seriously, +1 to much of what you said) I picked that up INSTANTLY after clicking to a random timestamp . "The type of guy to hold his face after getting slapped" vibes
  13. +1 I'd like to add/emphasize (ESPECIALLY the case during trips) the duality of "knowing" and "logging insights/journaling"; You don't need to write down something you already know...in other words, essentially the more you write down, the more you are implicitly declaring "I need to learn/know/integrate this" I'd say Journaling/Logging insights is primarily for: 1. To share with others 2. To remind yourself to learn or study from 3. (the rarest) truly for its OWN sake
  14. "And then to eliminate men from her consideration that don't recognize her as the prize." I have an idea of why this position is held....but for clarity and out of curiosity, can you elaborate your belief system/explanation/narrative of: "she is already the prize" ?
  15. Biracial, black/white male mid 20s living in the SouthEast US at height 5'11 and dic.......I'll stop there