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  1. @Someone here Take a break and see how much you really miss the forum - spoiler alert, after a surprisingly short time, you won't even miss it (at all). You'll even forget that it exists. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about ?? We need distance in order to evaluate a relationship (in this case to the forum), and this is achieved by taking a break and seeing the thing for what it's actually worth. You already recognized that the forum is merely an addiction and a means to overcoming your boredom and desire for intellectual stimulation, and in recognizing this, you have already taken the first step. You know you won't stay here forever. Obviously. Delete the bookmark on your computer (if you have one) and stop compulsively opening the forum, if you do this for just a few days you will probably after maybe 3 days have forgotten about it and then one day suddenly recognize that you have forgotten about it. And that's where the true value reveals itself to you.
  2. Nope, it's not. It's pretentious, cringe and nothing but a silly game. "Look at how much better I am, I know more than you, I'm more conscious than you." That's what you're saying.
  3. @WokeBloke Take a deep breath and ask yourself if you really want to be involved in the game of "spirituality", whatever this exactly means to you ( and we both know, it means to you something like "constantly asking questions and philosophizing about the nature of reality") It's a game, first of all. It's not necessary, it's just one way of busying oneself in life. So you have to ask yourself sincerely, and also answer to yourself sincerely, if this is the way you want to spend your time? Do you want to surround yourself with people who constantly tell you that other people are imaginary? Is this what you want? Because it seems to me, that the answer is: no. Otherwise you wouldn't come here regularly, for all this time that you've been here, just to assert your disagreement with what you read on this forum. Thinking is addictive, I get it. And it's fun. But after a certain point, you really gotta ask yourself if this is what you want.
  4. this can be disputed with the direct of experience of making something that previously didn't exist such as your response. In reality everything is made except for the unmade. That's not what I meant. Yes you can build a car, but it's still unmade. Reality IS ITSELF and thus not "made of anything" BUT itself, aka: it's not made of anything.
  5. Yup, that's true. Life is a constant enterprise to maintain ones form, and that is desire. In a sense, life is desire. That's why in Buddhism, desirelessness gets you out of the wheel of birth and death.
  6. What pills do you take? Self-medication or prescribed? And yes, caffeine can induce/enhance anxiety, 3 cups every day almost certainly will for most people who suffer from anxiety. Switch to high quality green tea, replace your coffee intake gradually. You don't have to quit drinking coffee altogether if you don't want to miss out on it of course. Look up "Sencha", it's my absolute favorite green tea. Make sure to get some real Sencha, not this bagged garbage tea from the grocery store, real Japanese (or Chinese, but Japanese is better still), dark green, needle-shaped leaves. Sencha (basically all green tea) contains L-Theanine, it helps to smooth out the high-like effect of caffeine. Dial down your caffeine intake as a whole though, it's not helpful if you have trouble sleeping. Do you work out? (Furiously) working out helps with anxiety (a lot) and with falling asleep. Wouldn't sacrifice my health for whatever awakening you think you're getting after 2 days of insomnia and 3 cups of coffee.
  7. "I've seen what makes you cheer". People are stupid. Their opinions don't mean anything.
  8. Wtf is that even supposed to mean? Yes, it certainly does. These realizations don't leave your interaction with the world unaltered, they change them in a profound way - hell, you even made a video on morality, literally explaining how becoming a more moral person is becoming more godlike (or the other way round). Yes, only because you realized something profound about reality doesn't mean that you suddenly become a saint - but the more you actually awake to your true nature, the more of a "good" person you become, not in a pretentious, saintly, finger-wagging way, but sincerely, authenticly good, with love and good intentions in your heart. Everything else is what is called here "zen devilry".
  9. I recomend you don't start out with 0,3g because you don't know yet how you're going to react. People react very, very differnetly to even such small doses. 0,3 is a rather high microdose for mushrooms, usually people take 0,1 - 0,2g. Start out with 0,1g and see how you react. Don't be impatient. Get an accurate scale, it must be able to weigh in 0,01 g steps. Always get a scale that is able to weigh a 10th of the smallest dose that you intend to weigh, otherwise your scale will be too inaccurate. Look up microdosing protocols, I suggest the Fadiman or Stamets protocol.
  10. @Someone here You are nobody. Hence you will never die. Because you were never alive to begin with. You are not "the only conscious being", because you are nobody and in no way whatsoever different from anyone or anything else. "I am the only conscious being" can have two meanings and your question about death reveales which of both you mean - which is why I said what I said, in order to point you towards the humility of not knowing, of not insisting on a particular point of view, namely that of being the only consious being. Once, I thought I knew the truth - turned out, I didn't. Even though I was firmly convinced of the absolute nature of my so called and alledged "direct experience" of reality, which wasn't direct at all, but distorted through the mind which made itself invisible to me, leading me to believe that I had accessed the truth. Death doesn't happen because you don't exist.
  11. @Someone here Actually, no. These are not two separate subjects. Once you find out who you are, you also find out about death. Awakening is getting rid of beliefs, not adding, adopting, maintaining or strengthening beliefs. What reality literally seems to be, how it appears to us, is what our beliefs dictate about reality. But reality is not beliefs. Had you discovered who you are, you would not ask about death. How can we learn if we believe that we already absolutely know?
  12. Lmao he rated @Leo Gura
  13. Focus long enough on other things. As you said, it's a habit. You won't break a habit over night. Find something else to spend your time on and do that. Or make a compromise and just stop seeking truth so intensively.
  14. Yes, I have. DP is just a shift in selfhood, not cessation of self. No-Self doesn't feel like DP at all, and yes, although the "person" vanishes and one could therefore speak of "depersonalization", the meaning of "DP" is already established. Language is so, so important. There are so many people who are depersonalized and believe that's enlightenment, it's sad and appalling. Exactly. You realize yourself as total emptiness, no center to be found, no self to be depersonalized. No identification with the body, no identification with the mind - unlike DP, where there's still identification with both, but shifted into the centralized "witness" inside the head. This is silly.