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  1. Hello. Unfortunately, this is happening all over the world. But I don't understand why... Is it because of the fall of Christianity? The fall of religion? Or what the heck is going on there? Because most of my friends are single. There are so many single men nowadays that I can hardly believe it is happening. Am I alone in this? Because I want civilization to continue.
  2. What is a mystical channeler, @Leo Gura? Can you explain it in simple terms? Was Muhammad an ego?
  3. Should we drink coffee, @Leo Gura? Or this?
  4. Leo, I've reached a higher level of consciousness because I stay present most of the time. I'm into meditation a lot. Should I do psychedelics? Can I learn something from psychedelics as I'm way more conscious than I used to be?
  5. Consciousness work. I simply love it. I was highly neurotic and I was stuffing a lot because of it. But as I let go of neurosis, my awareness increases exponentially. And now, I'm hyper-aware to the point of reaching Monk levels of consciousness. With that being said, I need to develop my communication skills — in today's world, you need money to survive.
  6. Hi! I'm reading Reality, Spirituality, and Modern Man by David R. Hawkins. Here's a startling quote I've found: Any thoughts?
  7. Hello. I asked ChatGPT what is "a linear thought process," and it gave me this response: These insights are amazingly powerful — it took me years of figuring out what linear thinking is. What's more amazing is that ChatGPT describes the "linear" concept in the context of thinking. I asked: "What is "linear" in the context of thinking?" And the bot replied: Imagine yourself writing a book based on ChatGPT's insights — you rewrite those insights eloquently, based on your writing style. Any thoughts?
  8. Hello. People who have their own companies are highly motivated to do a great job. Their love for their business is Paramount, and the competition is always stimulating — you don't want your business to go bankrupt, so you strive to improve the value of your product(s). On the other hand, if the state takes over, nothing works properly — those who run state companies can not do a great job; they only do what's required and they almost never come up with new, practical ideas. This is one of my insights, but there are more — you can find out other reasons why socialism doesn't work. Your thoughts?
  9. If I have a visual experience that I describe as a red tomato a meter away, then I am inclined to believe that there is, in fact, a red tomato a meter away, even if I close my eyes. I believe that my perceptions are, in the typical case, veridical—that they accurately depict aspects of the real world. But is my belief supported by our best science? In particular: Does evolution by natural selection favor veridical perceptions? Many scientists and philosophers claim that it does. But this claim, though plausible, has not been properly tested. In this talk, I present a new theorem: Veridical perceptions are never fitter than non-veridical perceptions which are tuned to the relevant fitness functions. This entails that perception is not a window to reality; it is more like a desktop interface on your laptop. I discuss this interface theory of perception and its implications for one of science's most puzzling unsolved problems: the relationship between brain activity and conscious experiences.
  10. In 1966 a well-known engineer released a book with information that could impact everyone on earth. But before anyone could read it, it was classified by the CIA. We only learned of its existence a few years ago because of a Freedom of Information request. The CIA only released 57 pages of the original 284-page manuscript. And those pages have been, in the CIA's own words, "sanitized". Why does the CIA think this book is so dangerous that they had to hide it from the public for 60 years; and continue to hide most of it? It's because the man who wrote it describes the end of the world. Any thoughts?
  11. Consciousness in itself has its own existence, analogous to space and time. But consciousness is not final — it is not an end goal; it is not a terminus. Consciousness is projected by something we cannot comprehend. There's something beyond consciousness that consciousness itself has no access to. There's something beyond consciousness that consciousness can't grasp, fathom, perceive, notice, or penetrate. The Godhead is not ultimate, @Leo Gura. Consciousness is merely a dream in a paradox that can't be known or discovered. We might fall for the delusion that what I'm saying here is an imaginary byproduct of consciousness, when in fact, consciousness is just a figment of a bigger, more significant unknown. For consciousness to exist, there has to be a paradox that is superior to consciousness, a paradox that can not be gripped by consciousness. That paradox created the Godhead, a pointless point with attributes like consciousness, creativity, and the illusion of infinity (an unsolvable maze constructed purposefully as God, so that God cannot grasp itself, escape itself, and be known by itself or where He came from). God is mocked, and at the mercy of a bigger, more significant paradox that cannot be consciously known, imagined, or explained.
  12. It's hard for me to fathom that from my current state of consciousness. Perhaps I shall increase my level of awareness to the point of sensing the nature of reality. @Leo Gura knows more about the topic but for some reason, he refuses to share his insights with us.
  13. Hello. I'm not a fan of Alex Jones but how is he coming up with such mysterious ideas? How come God doesn't know where he comes from? It baffles me to see Alex talking about God. It's bizzare. Any thoughts?
  14. I feel like becoming an Atheist.