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  1. 6 hours ago, playdoh said:

    some dogmatic thing like that that doesn't resonate. What do you reckon? <3

    See, the Sanskrit language was designed with specific consciousness altering sounds in mind. That if you spoke the language regularly, it would more or less purify you. 


    Mantras exist not to articulate some manner of lingual significance per se. To bring about an alteration of oneself for a specific purpose. I haven't experimented with the mantra you mentioned myself. But even just hearing Om Hanumante Namah a few hundred times makes me noticeably stronger physically and more intimidating. Whenever I'm trying to do something with my muscles for which I'm too weak, I just think the mantra a few times and gain the ability to do it anyway.

  2. 1 hour ago, Galyna said:

    I agree, you suppress the emotional part of you.

    I'm not sure I said that. At least that wasn't my intention. I meant that we have different emotions than you. And that difference creates the illusion of emotional suppression.


    Think about like how you'd imagine a psychopath to be. You'd probably think they can't feel, or at least they don't feel anything beyond survival feelings, hunger, lust, ambition etc. and maybe happiness on occasion. But they cannot experience the broader spectrum of ordinary feelings, such as guilt, fear of inflicting harm on themself or others, or really anything related to or arising out of the fear of death. 


    I think by default, even "empath" men tend to be more psychopathic than women. I'm not saying all men are psychopaths or anything, just that we're more in that direction just by our nature. Ironically, women also seem to be more manipulative than men, even though men on our own tend to be fairly slimy and deceptive.


    However, there's something to be said for the possibility that men are more likely to stuff their feelings than women. But bear in mind that both genders do the same things or at least very similar things, just that there are differences that exist. So, there's plenty of instances of women also trying to escape their emotions.


    1 hour ago, Galyna said:

    Emotions imply pain as well.

    Only if there exists damage to be felt. The damaged often find themselves too weak to take it. Perhaps counterintuitively, men are actually more likely to be fragile in this respect. Probably because they aren't designed to give birth.


    On a somewhat related note, many analgesic drugs inhibit prostaglandin synthesis, which is essentially the immune system's way of figuring out what needs healing/repairing. Pain in general helps induce healing as strange as that may seem.


    1 hour ago, Galyna said:

    But no matter how hard you try, human beings are everything but rational.

    Couldn't you just as easily make the opposite argument? Humans are probably the most logical beings on Earth. They argue in court and in politics, and even in everyday life using logic. And sure, there's some decision making that people do which isn't logical at all, because they still have instincts similar to animals. Ironically, it's often the decisions which appear most irrational that are actually the best.


    And of course, something that can said of nearly all of my statements, and everyone else's here regarding male/female differences. I'm really only speaking generally, in a rather unnuanced fashion. If we were to be more specific, we'd find that men and women are totally the same and totally different in every way possible.



    46 minutes ago, Razard86 said:

    Men are taught that emotions are a hindrance for getting things done.

    The funny thing about that is that it's more insane to separate thought and emotion than conjoin them. Humans have this strange way of dividing their logic against their feelings and vice versa. Something you may discover is that if they become one, you become saner than ever before. 


    Were you only logical and purely unemotional, purely intuitive, devoid of any feeling whatsoever. Then you'd see everything for the nothing that it is, and you wouldn't care about anything. How can you care when caring is a feeling?


    On the other hand, you could become perfectly emotional totally devoid of any intuitional insight or logic, rationale etc. Where you'd have essentially the inverse problem, you'd feel very strongly but you'd be too powerfully affected by the world outside of you to do anything about it.


    The only way to perfection, is to have sweetness of emotion and intellectual discernment in equilibrium. Without this, insanity ensues. Of course, perfection isn't something humans strive for, at least not so much anymore.


  3. 16 hours ago, Galyna said:

    Masculine struggles with self-love way more than feminine, just because men are closed to develop the sensual part of their essence, they are a bit further away from feelings. 

    I know that I feel good and wet when looking at your picture. 


    We males endeavor to be not emotional, but logical in our decisions. So, we may come off as unaware of our feelings, because often we don't feel to the extent, or depth that females will typically feel.



  4. On 11/24/2022 at 9:27 PM, themarkacosta said:

    I also realize theoretically that I am God, I am the universe and the universe is curated for me by myself but I still don't practically understand that or how to emotionally / logically relate to it. 

    If you feel the need to understand us, you may find the truth in your throat.

  5. 4 hours ago, Lizard Man said:

    But at the end of the day if Russel Targs ESP trainer did work then these people gambling in casinos would of learn this psychic trick of how to win right?

    Eh, I don't know anything about Targ's method. So, I can't really say.


    Though I believe the trainer is more or less not any different from you predicting coin tosses and measuring your results.


    4 hours ago, Lizard Man said:

    and the casinos would be out of business; would they not?

    The casinos would ban you if you won all the time. 




  6. 6 hours ago, Federico del pueblo said:

    They make you physically addicted after not a lot of time, so that they're typically only prescribed for acute problems to calm the patient down. But they often get abused due to their addiction potential.

    I assume you'd have sense enough not to repeat the same overdose of LSD after the first time. And also, LSD seems to be effective at curing chronic addiction. 

  7. If you're within 2 hours of administration, activated carbon. It works on all substances, by absorbing it before you can metabolize the same.


    If you're further than 2 hours after you did it. Then Benzodiazepines for LSD and it's analogues, as well as Psilocin and similar substances. 


    If you did an anticholinergic such as Diphenhydramine (Benadryl, Unisom) or a plant containing them such as Datura or Belladonna (Scopolamine, Atropine, and Hyoscyamine). Then you'll want to do a cholinesterase inhibitor. Personally, I do Huperzine A, it's better in my experience than the alternatives.

  8. 2 minutes ago, Artsu said:

    It was something else.

    It doesn't matter what it was, you could have told them that you became bigfoot and ate the moon and found out it was made of cheese. All you have to do is pretend to be normal by never mentioning to them your experiences henceforth. And pretending to be "normal". then they'll think you've reformed and aren't "crazy" anymore.


    1 minute ago, Artsu said:

    You can only imagine how I address corrupt authority in general, whether that be a moderator, parent, or mental health worker.

    If you care so little about these people, why don't you manipulate them into treating you like a healthy individual. Which, as far as I can see, you are.

  9. @bmcnicho  Were I Leo I'd say to you. "Yes! Go, my minion! Proselytize them in the name of all that is Leo GuraGOD!


    But since I'm not, I'll tell you what I think about this. I don't believe it's wise to impart these truths to the general public, they simply aren't ready for it. And the few who are will likely find their own way to them, which may or may not include listening to some of Leo's videos and ingesting copious amounts of mind-altering chemicals. 

  10. 6 minutes ago, Artsu said:

    I try that, and will try again, but ultimately these people are unreasonable.

    The way I see it, that just as much works to your advantage as it could be to your detriment. Be more unreasonable than they are.


    6 minutes ago, Artsu said:

    It doesn't matter what the truth is, it's whatever they decide.

    Also, they view argumentation as evidence that one is mentally ill.

    Exactly. So, use their own arguments against them. Make them look like the superstitious nutters.


    And keep the truth about your spiritual experiences to yourself, and/or within the confines of environments where the truth about these matters is welcome, like with me or others on this forum.


    6 minutes ago, Artsu said:

    I've had very bad experiences as a result of standing up for myself.

    Sure, but you've been doing the opposite of that the way I see it. You should keep your paranormal experiences to yourself, or at least don't share them with normies who can't handle the possibility of these things being real.


    6 minutes ago, Artsu said:

    I have a psychiatrist appointment in the coming weeks where I will do more work for my case.

    Find out what their worldview is and ensure that everything you say conforms to their expectations. If they bring up your past, use their own logic against them.


    6 minutes ago, Artsu said:

    Wish me luck!

    Sure, but if you follow my advice, I don't believe that you need luck. You and I both know they'll leave you alone if they think you agree with everything that they believe to be true about reality.

  11. Just now, Artsu said:

    If they ask me if I still talk to spirits, I am going to say yes I do.

    I could lie to get myself out of it. I did lie once, and they didn't lock me away. But in general I believe in being honest.

    You don't have to lie, what I do is turn it around on them. "Are you claiming I have supernatural powers?" is the kind of question I tend to ask people when they try to put me in a corner.


    So, for you, in this specific scenario you mentioned. I'd say, "By what power do you think I could communicate with the dead? They're dead... that would be some awesome ability if indeed there was someone doing that." The bottom line is, don't outright deny the truth, but force the other party into admitting that they don't know if you're telling the truth or not. That way, you appear totally sane to them, and they can't hold anything against you.


    2 minutes ago, JuliusCaesar said:

    humans struggle to comprehend these things anyway, as you know from direct experience.

    And this is what makes what Leo does so fascinating. Because unlike me, he actually goes out of his way to make these kinds of things known publicly. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Artsu said:

    So this is normal for spiritual people?

    I've been locked in the psych ward for talking about it. And I'm very honest so I keep talking about it.

    How do I get out of this trap?

    I personally keep everything I glean from higher states of consciousness secret as I view it to be sacrosanct. Besides, humans struggle to comprehend these things anyway, as you know from direct experience.

  13. @aurum for whatever reason, it seems to be different for everyone. Though the conventional practice I advise against rather strongly.


    I don't believe in common sense because such a thing is impossible. As it requires common experience which is not part of reality. Every human is unique, coming from a specific culture and economic milieu, varying parents, hell even gender has some impact on how entities make decisions. But if common sense were real then not staring into the Sun would certainly fall under it.

  14. 1 hour ago, RyanK said:

    @Edvardas @JuliusCaesar @Thought Art Sometimes I try to transcend language.. it’s language that I use to speak to myself and to describe reality to myself ..and it helps to try and forget it. If I didn’t know any words or language at all, then The Truth would just be what is..so simple. I complicate everything with language. Make sense? You guys feel the same?


    Truth is prior to human language because existence itself is prior to specific things existing.

  15. @Tech36363  I once tried to do the conventional method. So, I went out in the early morning about 40 minutes or so after sunrise and stared for 10 seconds. And while I did feel a burst of energy, and indeed didn't feel hungry for hours longer than normal, I was seeing spots for about 2 and a half hours after the fact. And so, I concluded that people doing this practice are imbecilic morons.


    However, I did some thinking about the fact that it did seem to kill my need for food and frankly made me feel amazing physically and mentally even though I only did it for such a short duration. As such I decided to try it with my eyes closed. See, if you stare into it with eyes closed, your lids block most of the ultraviolet light which is what destroys your eyes. 


    Doing this eye closed practice, I've been able to stare into the Sun for in excess of 40 minutes even when it's highest in the sky without causing any measurable damage. And while it's not as powerful as eyes opened, it still has some impact. However, I've mostly abandoned the practice as of late. Though I did manage to cure some Squamous Cell Carcinoma I had been developing on my phalanges by doing this. So, it certainly seems to be beneficial to physical health at least in some capacity.


  16. 5 hours ago, Breakingthewall said:

    because existence is wild, and pain is depth, and without it there is no balance. it is necessary for the perfection of the painting. oceans of suffering and oceans of joy mixed in a whirlwind for the greater glory of actual existence. a love song where no tone or note can be left out. the beauty of one color is not superior to the beauty of another color. Would you like a painting in pastel tones? it is a shit! we talk about total art, supreme, absolute. 

    I have one word for you. Ibuprofen. It works wonders.


    On a side note, you know what the difference between a soldier and a medic is? Soldiers believe that water cures everything, whereas medics believe that Ibuprofen cures everything.

  17. On 11/19/2022 at 8:26 AM, RyanK said:

    @JuliusCaesar thanks for taking the time to explain all of this. Helps a lot ❤️🙏

    You're welcome.


    On 11/19/2022 at 8:40 AM, RyanK said:

    @JuliusCaesar side question - when I look in the mirror, is that just a form that appears, to trick myself that it’s ‘me’ ? Just like everything else that appears? (A tree, a dog, other people, etc)

    In the sense that it's just an electromagnetic radiational message bearing your image, it could be called an illusion. As it appears to be an exact duplicate of your physical body but is not so solid. 


    In a more absolute sense, there is no such thing as illusion. Even what humans call optical illusions, because the truth is whatever reality is. And all you have of reality is your experience of it, therefore any experience you have is truth/real/absolute.