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  1. The Author's Influence: A Test of Control Over Your Reading Experience Hello, fellow explorers of consciousness! Today, I propose a unique experiment to highlight the dynamics of control between an author and a reader. As the author, I set the stage for what you encounter on this page. But how strong is your control as you read through? Can you alter the course of your experience, or is it me who shapes your journey with my words? Preparation: Before you proceed, choose 3 words that you will try to see in place of what I have written. This is your anchor in the experiment. Write it down to solidify your intention. Experiment phase: As you continue, attempt to impose your will on the text. Try to make the next sentence you read be the one you've chosen. Focus. Concentrate. Read on. ... ... ... The diversion: At this moment, as you're trying to control your reading experience, I'm going to insert a sudden shift. Regardless of what you're expecting to read, I'm going to talk about the stars in the night sky. How they're numerous and distant, yet we can see their light from ages past. The result: Despite your best efforts, the topic changed to something entirely out of your control but in mine. Did you manage to see your words in my sentence, or just the ones I choose? Reflection and Discussion: This exercise was not just about whether you could read your chosen words, but also to show that as an author, I have the ability to steer your attention in unexpected directions. Did you feel the tug-of-war for control? What does this say about our interactions with the written word and the power dynamics it involves? I look forward to reading about your experiences and insights. Let's unravel the layers of authorship and readership together.
  2. He's just a part of God as far as I can tell.
  3. In dreams upon waking apparently no one had control over those dream bodies (except in lucid dreams). They were apparently being created unintentionally. However, now, apparently people are intentionally controlling their bodies (at least some).
  4. At least apparently people have some control over their own body. By control I mean being able to do what one wants with the thing being controlled. Why does a person have that control over its own body but not another person's body? If you have no control over the body I type this with then aren't you not me?
  5. Are you sensing this post or imagining it or both or neither? By sensing I mean experiencing it with a sense organ. By imagining it I mean experiencing it without a sense organ. What evidence do you have to support your perspective?
  6. I acknowlegde I may be stupid, but I have spent 3 years pondering Leo's claims. Why does it not make sense?
  7. To anyone that isn't aware of imagining everything (like Leo claims he is) just know Leo's claiming he's conscious of something different than you. Thus his claims about being you are irrelevant since he's claiming he has a different experience than you.
  8. I'm trying to understand your claim. You seem to be claiming there are two different states of consciousness (yours - awakened and mine - unawakend). Is that accurate or a misunderstanding?