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  1. @Preety_India I’m sure it can be done to some extent. I think EQ has a lot to do with pattern recognition. I do remember talking to some Succesful network marketers, who started out as really shy, socially more or less clueless and seeing them talk to people. In the end it may just be practice “We are all the same just different habits”
  2. IQ is certainly something people can hang themselves up upon to the point it becomes a limiting belief or a go to excuse almost. Anything can be approved. A lot of the time it’s really a matter of making a decision vs doubting oneself into oblivion. “Being dumb and getting it done is better then being smart and never starting”
  3. digidigidig *makes it even more tingly My sweet dancy Hase let’s loose the heely dance moves. Ms silly In element
  4. ??? *Twirly bird Hase Poely and elegantly long dancing yes
  5. You look beautifully fantastic Schnuggle bun ??
  6. My sweet Schnuggle bun The snake has bit youand it will stay where it is never letting go, crowned by its jam my sexy princess. Crowned and Owned
  7. Yikes I haven’t posted in quite a while. I feel like I’m in a loop of doing something excessively and then dropping it again and again and again. Remember what Bob Proctor said: “Be like a postcard, stick to it until you get there“ The simplest advice can sometimes be the best, most of the time I’m overanalysing waaaay to much. Analysis Paralysis almost seems to be my modus operandi. “The Opposite of Complacency is making a decision“
  8. *Feels honoured ? ?
  9. *sends sleepy relaxing Schnuggle energy
  10. Forever yours
  11. @Preety_India *doesn’t know what to say All credit goes to you sweetheart. I may have shined a light, but you followed it. Seeing you grow is so heart warming. It brings the biggest joy. Your sweet birdy energy makes everything beautiful and flowery. So strong it overcomes anything, flying through every challenge and trial and I’m so glad I’m standing by your side. Im so aww struck ?
  12. @Preety_India My flappy bird I’ve never bonded with anyone so deeply. It’s lovingly frightening, I feel like I’m paralysed thinking about you in the most romantic way. I want to say so much, and at the same time I’m lost for words. Like my internal dictionary has become infinite and collapsed on to itself and everything it spells out is I love you. I’m happily married. I’ve truly fallen in love and you have caught me, together we challenge and complete each other. Deeply Schnuggling. I just want to hold you and hit you with a pillow while you’re wrapped in blanket armour. My queen knight. ??
  13. *Puts warm Schnuggle blanket over you and sends bird conforting energy
  14. Reading the whole thread reminded me of. “Quit the habit of being you” Be gentle with yourself. There is nothing wrong with you. If you put the effort you put into the thoughts that tell you you can’t do it, into relaxing and surrendering into caring for yourself it will happen slowly. One small step infront of the other. It feels weird in the beginning, it’s like trying to live a whole different life and the body needs to get used to the new feeling over time, because it has been conditioned this way.
  15. I’m your floppy cat panda ?