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  1. @Leo Gura Keep clinging to it, people know what you're doing and you are going to fucking pay for it.
  2. @Leo Gura And you, Leo, are the biggest liar of all with such a claim that black people aren't receiving equal rights. The only reason you even say it is because you know everybody is already against racism.
  3. @Opo You're forgetting the 4.5 million votes that Gary Johnson recieved in 2016. Those weren't woke feminists.
  4. @Leo Gura @kray The problem with saying these sort of things is it can easily be applied to stage red (i.e a lot of African Americans and migrants), especially when they enter stage blue. Not funny anymore, is it Leo? You guys make progressives look like such bad people.
  5. @SaWaSaurus That's your proof? One political guy slandering an already disgraced political guy? Not only that, but in a country of 330 million people during a war they were losing 50 years ago. You know they thought the drugs were affecting the outcome of the war, right? Either way, I could probably find anyone saying all sorts of shit to back any claim I want on why heroin is illegal. And you still can't explain the harsh penalties that appear all over the globe. In the Philippines, it's the death penalty, ffs.
  6. That's an intentional misrepresentation of what I said. We're using statistics to correlate if the police are racist
  7. @Consept Addicts come up with all sorts of justifications to continue their habit.
  8. @DocWatts They're only about 3.5% of police shootings, still want equilibrium?
  9. @DocWatts Would you be happy if Asian Americans made up 5.7% of police shootings since they're 5.7% of the population?
  10. If they're committing 50% of the homicides, that's a baseline for how much the police shootings should be. You don't know the actual reason there's a disparity, but half the BLM protests were based on not knowing this information.
  11. @Consept I'm saying you like to call people racist and your brain gets a seretonin hit from it.
  12. In Japan it can be 5 years for posession of weed. No one on here is saying the drug laws make sense. Did you know that only 30% of people shot by police are black even though that race commits 50% of the homcides? If those numbes were reversed people would be screaming bloody rape and murder. It's very difficult to draw anything beyond temporary correlations with these things.
  13. @Consept And you still need to explain why you fought tooth and nail to tell me what races you're racist towards. Why did that you take you so long, and then lie about it on top of that?
  14. @Consept Mostly False. You're going to get more of the extremes on a bell curve from the group that uses it the most. That includes all sorts of things like other crimes involved and people's behavior in court. It's the same reason why there's more male criminals than female criminals. Men occupy the extremes.
  15. @Peter-Andre Oh, I guess that explains why nearly every country made it illegal at one point. This is not a cheap gotcha, it's a serious flaw in your ideology.