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  1. How is this going to help you directly? If u had a bad luck doing PD or lack of work to accomplish anything. I tend to think that PD is 30% mental work and 70% going out and doing the work, it seems to me like ur stuck in 100% mental work and blaming others for it
  2. Speak for yourself
  3. Can't believe how terrible the government in Australia has become, they went full retard, total dictatorship
  5. I Watched this few years ago, what do you guys think?
  6. Well honestly idk how YOU can find out for yourself, but thinking about it won't help, some people take longer than others some take 5-leo DMT, just don't force any thoughts on reality, let it happen. For me i was conscious since i was a boy i got like some flashbacks of infinity it's like information was constantly flying towards me i can't explain it, also i can have like flashbacks of future but just approx 5 min in advance but not willingly, especially if im very tired, and playing lottery i always hit 3 numbers if im not thinking about numbers but just let them go out of me without controll or thinking Everyone is different so experiment
  7. And forcing him to believe will help? His mind is currently not open for it
  8. You can't believe someone on that if you're not awaken to it yet, you are not conscious of it. Because in your current state this all sounds like madness or some stupid fairy tale, and you don't have to be conscious if you don't want to. Just enjoy your life as it is and that's it, your choice
  9. 1. Leo is not my guru or anyone i just follow his work out of interest, is Leo perfect? Obviously not 2. People i care about is my problem, but i sure as hell won't help anyone with my whining here 3. This is the freedom you have to live with, Leo's work is his personal thing that he shares with people who have the same interest, i take full responsibility for being here and taking things into account, i don't want to command anyone in their work because im a guest here, i give Leo the freedom of choice to evaluate the situation and to change if he finds he did something wrong I hope we settled this matter, good luck to you
  10. Bad attitude towards psychedelics can actually lead to bad trip, so what you're doing here is simply increasing the risk. Your bias towards psychedelics and Leo won't help anyone, a simple warning would suffice or if you have a advice on how to make things more safe. What you're doing is trying to bend reality in to your liking based on your bias (even if you think you're helping someone)
  11. Ok, so you are blaming Leo for people being dumb? Spiritually is a serious work and a lot of people are projecting their idea what it should be on to it, that's why we have so much law of attraction fanatics and such, indigo this blabla that, people willing to become homeless etc...