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  1. Interesting mini doc about Big Foot from BC, Canada where I live. I always thought it was a sham, but this doc has some interesting footage that looks realistic. Would be cool if Big Foot came out of the woods around the same time Aliens come out of the sky. Could be within the next couple years, we'll see. https://globalnews.ca/news/8070027/bigfoot-canada-photo-video/
  2. @IronFoot Its a lot of info to process and consider after one read but It sounds like there's is cons to staying and to quitting and that you care about your reputation going south if you stay or leave and that you are done with this work either way. So in a sense, there isn't a wrong decision as far as your jobs standing goes since you don't want to work there anyway. If you have time to apply for jobs while working there , then that is the safest option since you still have an income. Like when a man initiates a break up, its always the most exciting before hand with the new freedom. But when the reality sinks in a couple weeks later, it can kinda suck if they don't have a replacement of sorts. Have you done the life purpose course? Maybe there's something you've learned that you'd enjoy going towards working at. Ultimately, if you can afford to do so and are motivated to find a new job within a couple months, it sounds like you can afford quitting, but that's your choice. Selling Bitcoin before or around $100k USD isn't a bad decision as it has already made quite a rise. I doubt it will go over $200k this cycle, basically a 2.5x from here and could easily crash before $200k down 80% from the highs like before. Anyway. You understand your situation better than anyone, its just nice to have people validate your ideas I'm sure. So IMO, it sounds like unless your staying in the same narrow space of the industry, then either option would be fine; and then again.. I think people in the industry understand the cons of the job and would accept you as an experienced candidate for a similar job if you've been an otherwise good worker if something happens if you stay longer while you find another job. But up to you.
  3. @kamill Of course research all you can about vocal recovery and take all the time to recover and maybe hiring a vocal coach if you haven't already . The worst thing you can do is do singing strenuously. Many famous singers have dealt with this and continue their careers so since you have the talent then you'll likely get through this.. Im a musician myself, without getting too much into my story it is a long road with obstacles especially to make a career of it. But so is any career path, so if you love it then its worth it. Though I have had a side income the whole time so far.
  4. Ya, but not always a lot. Ive dated a girl for a month while travelling that happened with. Clearly the alcohol wasn't the only factor in her attraction
  5. "dont make it weird" might mean her friends are watching or she's embarrassed of how many people are watching. But I doubt she'd say that over touching her shoulder unless you like linger your arm there awkwardly long, you should be able to feel this distinction in the moment. You can tell if she's teasing you if she is still in a FUN vibe while saying it and not frowning or something. Always best to react in a relaxed, fun manner. If you ask her to walk to a different part of the venue and she comes, then she likely is into you at some level. You can walk somewhere more private and then try to physically escalate with her a bit and see how she responds without her friends watching (Its usually obvious to me when shes interested in making out by the way she stands less than a foot away from me). If you move in closer and she moves back, that is low interest. If she doesn't react or smiles, your still good. If you touch her in a way she is uncomfortable with, she'll likely excuse herself from the conversation and she won't come back. Don't chase, and move on to someone else. Or she'll ask you to stop, and then you stop and continue the conversation as if it hasn't happened and maybe later she touches you a bit but most likely if she told you to stop, within 5 minutes the conversation will fizzle out. Its a sign of low sexual interest. Move on to someone else.
  6. I dont imagine id be into a biological sister if i had one, but I know a guy with a step sister who lives in his house for a couple weeks a year. She is decent looking with a big rack and sometimes give off a fun, somewhat flirty vibe. He sometimes get off on the fantasy of secretly hooking up with her but would never try because of the likely family consequences. The off limits nature can create a lot of pent up sexual tension at times.
  7. Not sure what you mean by no beginning or end? Sounds like the way they talk about time in like quantum physics. Can read about that elsewhere. Why wasn't our technology introduced a long time ago? It's a complicated answer that is out of my ability to answer definitely. But the intuitive answer is because that's the just the way time and advancement was laid out by our creator. From us being supposed "bacteria" that evolved over a large amount of time into cavemen. Then into the stone age, bronze age, etc until now . All these stages required utilizing the previous technology to then create more efficient technology to complete the same tasks. Steam engines and railroads made transporting food possible and creating boats made travelling the world and seeing other countries methods of living as well as shipping goods. Instead of walking a year to another continent, you can take a flight for 8 hours. Because they made computers in the last 100 years, they could save the progress of previous generations and use that knowledge and more advanced technology to speed up the amount of progress even faster and that just continues to snowball. Now some computers can learn automatically on its own. What I said about writing with just your mind in 1000 years is already in its first stages with technology like Neurolink and might be only 20 years or less. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ya-bAYri84
  8. Interesting topic. Id say its not black and white. Our modern medicine I think is much more capable of handling things that previously would have been a death sentence. As far as diet, we have more food now than ever but the nutritional value is considered often lesser than the organic fruits/ vegetables and natural organic meat back then. Todays food has more GMO's and hormone fed meat that is the cheapest and most common today. There were no plastics that we're getting into food. But everything is a trade off. To get similar to ancient meat quality , you'd have to purposefully cultivate animals to be organic , grass fed, etc and now we pay a premium for that, where back then there weren't many other options. But we also have more sanitary practices of food storage and commonly have better refrigeration than back then , making our food safer. Its all a trade off. I think its easy to revere those times because there is many mythical stories of gods, and a mystique about it that we like to observe. There's only hints and artifacts of the past and we have to piece things together which is fun. I don't think its a better life as far as comfort, but its interesting. As far as future generations, they will probably laugh at certain things and admire certain things just like we do in the past. Can't deny we have come along way from the caveman days where I can type to you on a computer. In another 1000 years, I could probably write you this in a split second using just my mind. Might not even be that long. As I finish writing this, I see leo replied... how interesting. Anyway, that's my thoughts.
  9. I've been investing since late 2019. I made the same mistakes, don't listen to influencers on Youtube, they're often wrong about low cap coins or recommend them when the pump is over. Use what you need for your business, and invest what you don't need. Its for letting your extra money work. Don't expect to get a 100x, its unlikely but possible. I'd keep at least 50% in top 5 marketcaps, its a safe play to work out in the long run. I'd keep 2-3% max in individual low market cap coins/tokens such as under 1 billion market cap. Meme coins, etc often die off fast and there's tens of thousands of them. Always keep some cash handy for big dips and if you make huge gains, take some profits for when the dips return (80%+ dips on mid caps.) The tokens you're holding sounds pretty good, ADA, etc. I'd hold it if you can afford to. But id expect a possible additional 25%+ incoming drop. But in a year , they should be golden. Like Leo said, 5 years is the safest horizon though learning market cycles by reading charts on tradingview is helpful to time selling some and buy again at lower prices, but that's advanced. Be cautious with leveraged trading, you can win here and there but also lose more than you gain in one badly executed trade. Anyways, good luck and feel free to ask more. I have a website on Crypto btw. Id look at the section for timing the market better. https://www.cryptostartersguide.com/day-3--how-to-buy-the-tops-and-bottoms-of-the-crypto-market-for-long-term-investors.html
  10. Ive made out with girls in less than a minute of meeting them multiple times in night clubs. Your at all times gauging her receptivity of your advances and testing with touch to see how comfortable she is during a conversation or something. And slowly take it further haha Touching the shoulder can be a way to test interest. She might touch you back, that can be permission to progress further and see how she responds to that. Maybe dancing if its appropriate, maybe she'll grab your hands, every moment/ situation is unique. Just pay attention to the moment.
  11. I think of it in terms of food and hunger and your a slice of pizza. Women only talk from the moment and in those moments she didn’t want pizza. She might tell you she’s only into watermelons and salad. Then you see her eat hot dogs and get pissed because you think she lied. Well, that was before. Now , she wants hot dogs. Last week she might have been in the mood for pizza but you weren’t there. im kind of over simplifying but there is some truth to it. In other words, even if she feels in a moment she’s better than you, that could flip if you stopped texting her first and she saw you with a prettier woman. If she seems unattracted over text, stop texting her and let her miss you and text you first. best ratio is 70:30 her texting most. If she never texts you, then there was nothing that could be done. As far as rejection, 90%+ women will reject you if you approach them. Simply because they have a guard up or aren’t in the mood for pizza in that moment , maybe if you approached later. But, some never want pizza. It’s not personal , your just like a pizza ad billboard that can have conscious thoughts and you think “does this business prospect think it’s better than me?” . It’s irrelevant in a way. Anyway, hope there was something of value in the small book I wrote you. Cheers
  12. Just wondering if there is any guys doing pick up in Vancouver on this forum. I live in the Tri-cities, 29, and have done probably 800 approaches and attended a RSD BootCamp this march. If you want to go do some day game, let me know. Lots of people in malls in December. Cheers
  13. I went to a Jeffy bootcamp in March. Was it worth $3k? Maybe in the long run.... as it did point out things I could do better. But in a way no. You can only learn so much in two days, but it is motive to stick to it after the event as you spent a lot of money. To me, it was the experience into the pick up culture and RSD that worth it as its something I dreamed about time to time for like 10 years. Its supposedly the last year of RSD bootcamps at least for Jeffy and there was only 2 students. Was interesting to say the least. So for you, its a free event and you don't have to do a BootCamp. Id say the BootCamp is worth $500-$800 at most if you compare it to other things in the world that money can buy.
  14. @joeyi99 This guy is like a savior prophet of pick up who came to earth to be a poster boy of hope for all short and colored people and quite frankly all men No, I don't know his story personally but I did see Leo in one of his clips so either they ran into each other or they wing together. If I remember correctly, he fits the description of a guy Leo described in his pickup video but I could be wrong.
  15. @Kid A I can only speculate, but Ive had similar experiences, though I have hooked up with the same ethnicity in the past. Foreign girls do seem to have a higher appeal to me on average. I think it has to do with perhaps perceived rareness since your ethnicity is not as common in their culture. The language barrier can be fun trying to communicate, and if they're visiting your country, you could have perceived value as being someone who knows your culture, what to do, have contacts, connections, and an established life. And MAYBE some girls see your green card as a plus if they ever had a long term relationship with you lol. Just a thought.