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  1. @joeyi99 This guy is like a savior prophet of pick up who came to earth to be a poster boy of hope for all short and colored people and quite frankly all men No, I don't know his story personally but I did see Leo in one of his clips so either they ran into each other or they wing together. If I remember correctly, he fits the description of a guy Leo described in his pickup video but I could be wrong.
  2. @Kid A I can only speculate, but Ive had similar experiences, though I have hooked up with the same ethnicity in the past. Foreign girls do seem to have a higher appeal to me on average. I think it has to do with perhaps perceived rareness since your ethnicity is not as common in their culture. The language barrier can be fun trying to communicate, and if they're visiting your country, you could have perceived value as being someone who knows your culture, what to do, have contacts, connections, and an established life. And MAYBE some girls see your green card as a plus if they ever had a long term relationship with you lol. Just a thought.
  3. Thanks for the tip. Was just referencing the video where he uses approach count as a metric to record how long it takes to make progress (300+ days until his first lay, 1000s of approaches before guys become very competent at pickup, etc) but I can see metrics are not the most important thing.
  4. @Rasheed Did you write this correct? It makes no sense. If you fall asleep at 9pm, and wake up at 5:30-6 AM or PM? If you did that, then its almost day light and the club is closed if its 6AM. If you wake up at 5-6pm then you just slept 20- 21 hours. Then you go to the club for 2 hours to go back to bed at 9pm? Is the club even open before 9pm? Yep, it makes no sense and won't work. I'm struggling with the same thing. I work at 9:45am so if I go to the club I usually sleep 5-6 hours and thats if I dont bring home a girl. The best thing would be a night owl, but its not ideal for your other life productivity if you'd benefit from waking up early. But idk, im still figuring out the life style for me. Generally clubs hours are ideal after 10pm until 2am. Learning day game would probably be better for your sleep. Going to busy parks, events, shopping malls, etc.
  5. Been going over Leo's videos on Pick up and don't remember hearing his method of tracking how many girls he approached. I started pick up again recently, and I have been using my iPhone notes app to jot notesand putting a number (e.g- approach #10) and a small description of the approach and how it went . Usually do this after the club or the next day. But I really only remember the most significant approaches that lasted say more than a minute or a conversation or a clear indication of interest. I don't think I have been recording instances where I walk up to a girl and introduce myself and she sort of looks away to show disinterest (10 second total conversation). So to sum up the question: 1. How you record your approaches? Do you write it down and describe the situation, and keep accurate tabs or is it sort of a ball park in your head at the end of the night that could only be 60% accurate? 2. What qualifies as an approach? (you might walk up to 40 people in a night and fist pump or something for example and say a few words. But actually face to face talk to 12 for more than a minute.) Thanks!!
  6. Watched Leo's video "The Counter-Intuitive Nature Of Life" and around the 42 min mark, he talks about how doing nothing for 10 days can up your results in life by 20% and boost creativity immensely. Ive been contemplating doing this for the last 2 days but am wondering what the logistics are for "doing nothing". Is this like a Vipasanna retreat? Do you eat? You must go to the washroom? Talk to no one. Sit down on a meditation chair for 10 days straight and do absolutely nothing? Do you do meditation techniques or just close your eyes and not worry about it? Just hoping someone with experience, preferably Leo if he see's this answers this question. Thanks kindly!
  7. @Leo Gura thank you Leo and everyone else for the feedback. My current conclusion is to get a Gemini scale for higher doses 10mg+ & 3mg measuring spoons will be used for 5meo Dmt by experimenting with how many scoops are required for a break through dose by starting low. Very interesting advice for plugging 4-Aco-dmt. I’ve never plugged before but it sounds like generally plugging requires much less than drinking it. Glad I learned that here. Im thinking to drink it with juice, is that at all advisable?
  8. Hello Trippers. I have been researching here and there for months and spent hours today trying to find an accurate way of measuring mg's for smoking and ingesting psychedelics with no solid answer. It appears all the digital scales under $400 or so on Amazon have complaints of the scales not being accurate enough to weigh Mg's consistently varying from a few mg's (which is a big dose difference smoking 5-meo DMT). I bought and returned one on Amazon that cost about $30 CAD and 5mg pharmacy pill I tested read as over 20mg and yes I calibrated as instructions asked. I am now looking at the Gemini-20. The one on Amazon some reviewers said was a cheap knock off. I found one locally for $65 with a 7-day return policy. The one locally should be the real brand yet it's more expensive on the manufacturer website ($150 with shipping but obviously guaranteed genuine being from manufacturer direct) But I'm almost certain it will still not be super accurate but better (within a few mg range of actual weight) compared to the first one I bought. My question is: What if I used a Gemini-20 for example and used a 2.5mg and a 5mg pharmacy prescribed pill as a reference weight on an inaccurate scale (Say I put a 5mg pill and it reads 8mg on the scale) and then I remove the pill and add 5-meo on the scale until it reads 8mg. Would that be an accurate way to weigh a 5mg dose? I have looked at the 2-3mg measuring spoons they sell online but those are only useful after you first measured a full spoon of the specific substance on a scale then you can record how many mg a full spoon is for future use. (Should probably write it down for reference) I have smoked 5-meo without a scale with a minimal dose with nice results but maybe under-dosing for a big breakthrough experience but yet still effective. Any other methods advised for dosing 5-meo freebase accurately? Thanks! I will be also using this method for other substances. I ordered 4-ACO-DMT Furumate to ingest . But that is like 3.5g of shrooms in the 15-20mg dose range which is easier to measure. . 20mg+ feels like DMT Thanks for the help getting to a solid conclusion!
  9. I thought id put another post because my first one might've been confusing. You mentioned that you aren't sure if EFT will be a permanent solution. To be honest, I'm not sure anything is like a permanent solution in the sense of you do a method for a certain amount of time and now you're cured of anxiety and panic attacks for the rest of your life or something like that. Quite often through practicing mindfulness, meditation, EFT, Sedona Method all the types of things that are similar in their approach is that when you experience these heavy, uncomfortable emotions is that you become more conscious of a awareness of it and a sense of distance and a comfort and security in dealing with it. Instead of trying to cope with feelings by distracting yourself with whatever (not saying you do this, but many people do) is drink,sex,drugs,tv,movies whatever as a means of distracting. If you become aware enough, you can see yourself feel the need to distract yourself as soon as an uncomfortable feeling comes up and then you may start getting thoughts like .. "Im tired, or I can't do this" or whatever. This is usually a sign that you feel a block or resistance to what is happening in the moment usually caused by a memory from the past. So with EFT you'd probably go to a room alone when you feel this impulsive feeling, sit down and give your undivided attention to the feeling without judgement as much as possible and just let it speak. Listen to what it has to say. That's what the EFT scripts are teaching you to do, is giving you a bit of a structure to use at first but after you get the hang of it, it'll feel natural to just speak what is inside and accept it for what it is. The beauty of when you listen to what it has to say is that you aren't being the voice. Your seeing it objectively as a witness of something else. That is where the feeling of distance comes from it. The comfort of knowing okay this feeling is here, but its not who I am. You're the witnessing. Same with all sensory experience, sound, the feelings in your body, with years and years of practice it gets stronger and your awareness grows. All it takes is remembering once or twice during the day at first and eventually it'll become more and more connected. I know Im ranting a lot so ill end it there. Best of luck
  10. @Xpansion Fair enough. I probably took it too personally. Yeah you're right that you can't buy Enlightenment from the internet. ...Enlightenment now downloading, only 320mb to go. lol Best of luck
  11. Not all binaural beats are created equal. What your finding for free online is likely low quality made by amateurs. If you knew anything about Holosync and done the program you'd know that it is anything but a quick fix to zen monk heaven. It is mostly uncomfortable because it is stimulating your nervous system to grow at a faster rate than ordinary meditation. You face a lot of darkness in your psyche and its not always easy. Which is why there is so much support material that accompanies the program. I don't see why they'd offer that if it was just a "sit down and listen and you'll be enlightened! the way you make it sound. and its a "quicker" way to "zen monk heaven". The program takes 10 years of committed daily 1 hour meditation sessions.
  12. That's a cute idea. Have you even tried it? I don't think the guy who wrote that sounds like he really knows what he's talking about regarding Holosync since he seems to have just read the sales page and critiques the claims they make because they "don't have scientific basis". brain entrainment had been shown to work from multiple sources using EEG machines. It allows you to go deeper in meditation faster than you would doing traditional meditation. They have so much support material to help deal with the mental/ emotional effects from this meditation and its obvious to anyone whose used it for at least a few months that it's working. The first time I used it, I couldn't help but to black out to sleep till the track finished which means my body wasn't yet used to the level. Eventually it didn't do that to me
  13. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm a musician and like to do home recording.. I might try them out though I have some pretty good Klipse noise isolating headphones but the foam is starting to rip open a little bit lol. And I like how the noise escapes on these ones, because when I practice it can be helpful to hear the instrument/singing outside the headphones. I usually use iPhone 6 earbud headphones for when I listen to Holosync at night laying down. Someone on the Apple forum said this "Multiple sources from Head-Fi suggest between 42 Ohm and 45 Ohm. Actual lab results prove this to be correct. No official documentation from Apple can be found. " Are these any good? The upheaval I experience with Holosync seems to point to the headphones working. At least for Awakening Prologue and now Level 1.
  14. There is a lot of different types of meditations for sure. Though good Hypnosis puts you in similar brain wave frequencies as meditation, (Alpha and Theta usually) to relax your conscious mind. There is deeper states of meditation that I believe are usually only reached from focused meditations (like the Delta and Epilison) that probably are not reached in most people through hypnosis unless they fall in deep sleep. Hypnosis has a different purpose and focus than other meditations. But really it's not really important to know the details of either too much anyway. id say experiment with them both and be your own scientist. That's the only way to truly learn something I think information is just a guide. but if you're interested in different brain wave states check out this chart. People's brain waves can be tested with EEG machines and I'm pretty sure that's how they learned about the different states the mind can go into and the benefits of each one. Here's a basic chart that you a better intellectual understanding. Enjoy https://jeffreygignac.com/brainwave-frequencies-reference-chart/