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  1. In my experience, I became so confused that I could not determine whether I was enjoying the experience or not. I didn't know whether it was good or bad. As a result my mind ran on a loop of questioning "is this a good or bad trip?" Then "I don't know." Then "it doesn't matter." I found it very weird and confusing, and did not feel that I gained anything from the experience. I did not use it again. I did use 4-HO-MET and found that insanely visual. I was having full on open eyed hallucinations of a tunnel in Hong Kong and a row of terraced houses. Maybe you would like that more (it's a mushroom analogue, there are many of them). Though, again, I did not find it insightful, and I did not gain anything from it at all. I never used mushroom-type substances again.
  2. I enjoy investigating cold case murders. It would be neat if my ego could be "omniscient" so that I could watch these crimes carried out in real time... I put so much effort into cases and their research, but never get to see the characters enact it.
  3. No, because it is both existence and non-existence simultaneously. Or, something and nothing simultaneously. As such it is completely all encompassing... Consider, if it ceased to exist, where could it go? If it can go somewhere else, such as into a nothingness, then it was never the "all there is" in question, because there is something (nothingness in this case) outside of itself... The "all there is" encapsulates all, and so there is no outside of itself to where it could go. It has absolutely no border, so there can't be a place where it ends and something else begins.
  4. One thing's for sure, the guy on top of the elephant is completely wacko.
  5. Who is the goddess? Are you the goddess? The goddess is the woman. Is a woman. Is any woman. Is all women... On the application for this, there's a question that said age. I said Aquarian. Aquarian is an attitude... Isn't it?
  6. The only good drug to microdose for this would be MDMA.
  7. Even if it were, I still don't see how you could upload literal nothing. I think you can only upload things.
  8. You die every single moment without exception. That is what is meant by the cycle of birth and death, it is taking place to you right now. I assume you mean to retain your consciousness by uploading it somewhere... That would be impossible though. How would you upload nothing?
  9. @no_name Like what Batman said, I think. He wrote it very well. Reality is just unfurling.
  10. No. Srs I don't get why things appear. Especially tripping, I just have no control, and am cannonballed through all sorts of bizarre imagery... Why are there elves peeking out of hatches? Why are magician jesters poking out from doorways? Why has everything become a prism of red and white horizontal planes forming corridors in which I speed through past distorted cartoon humanoid apparitions, as I completely lose my mind to insanity and remember: "oh, yeah, I remember this now..." I could never come up with that shit if I tried. Most of it is not even explicable, I don't even have words to describe... I feel at its mercy.
  11. There's only one reality. All things that are, are that. This, dreams, hallucinations only you can see, it is in one reality.
  12. Right uhm, so you're still talking as a leaf. If leaves on a tree could talk, they might wonder why they aren't the leaf next to them. It's not about becoming me, or controlling me. It's about recognizing you and I are both elements of the thing that we really are. Which is the only thing there has ever been. Which is existence itself. Where does the water that makes up a wave go when a wave crashes back down into the ocean? Each wave is separate and unique. Step back, it's just ocean.
  13. I found that DMT was extremely different when smoked on high doses of LSD. As you well know, everything around you is the universe. The way our mind cuts it up obscures this. When you stop seeing "dog, cat, plane, tree, me, apple" and just see "universe, universe, universe, universe", you will get it. Consciousness is very likely not what you think it is at all... Tbh I don't like the term for that reason. For example, to say particles that no creature can detect at all are "made of consciousness" would probably be confusing to you... I mean how can something nobody is conscious of be made of "consciousness" right? Misleading term I think... It is accurate but not intuitive enough... More intuitive to say that everything is simply existence itself. We arise out of existence, everything that "is", is just existence itself. That is the commonality between you and an atom. You both exist, you both are it. That commonality, existence, is the ONLY thing that exists. We are just forms which arise out of it. No matter what forms appear, it is all just a modulation of existence itself. What is happening is that you identify as a specific component of existence without actually realizing you are existence itself. It's like that tree. Right now you are tunnel vision focused on the single separate elements of the tree, like comparing each leaf. You are like a leaf on the tree which says "I am a separate leaf!" Which is true, there are many leaves... But step back and look... The leaf needs to realize it is a tree. We humans are exactly like the individual leaves. There is a very subtle underlying tree-ness that you aren't noticing. That tree-ness is called "Brahman". It's what we really fundamentally are.
  14. See this attempted dictionary definition. noun: existence the fact or state of living or having objective reality. But subjective reality exists too. Lol. You can't even define it. "Being" can only be defined with itself, "being is something that is". You (as you'd expect) can't actually use something other than what is, to define what is. Some people enjoy referring to that as "God". But you see it is really just undefined. We know "being". Yet we can't ever describe what being is, because it just IS.