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  1. They can cause harm, such as PTSD symptoms. I have not used in a long time, I still think about this shit daily. This enrire pursuit is worthless. When the self dies, either on drugs or physically dies, everything and everyone is equal. You are equal to the "swine" who refused to take illusion shattering drugs and got to enjoy an 80 year long dream.
  2. No, telepathy etc discredits actual verifiable truth. I hate that BS. As per first response, space is not real, nobody is miles away from you they're within you. If there's no such place as an out there then all things and people are really at the place called here. It's not only semantics that we both call the place we're at "here". There aren't actually other people to communicate with. Because other people are you masquerading in another mask. Time is not real, space is not real.
  3. You can't be aware of awareness directly became awareness is absolute literal nothingness. You have to use sensory input as a mirror to reflect back at what's observing them. Then you find nothingness.
  4. Dr. James Cooke on YouTube is an actual neuroscientist who discusses mysticism etc.
  5. IMO social pressure and ego makes it so he will not admit his true honest belief about things. His ego is not only his own; he is expected to be a certain way by a VERY large number of people. When he spoke to Spira he clearly understood, so when Spira said awareness went nowhere in his experience under anaesthesia, Sam acknowledged it and ended that topic.
  6. I just think of that old dude getting his ass beat while trying to shoot fireballs from his palms like Street Fighter, or the type of people James Randi went after.
  7. If I thought I shot lightning out of my fingers, and not only did I have the experience of having done so, but it actually shot out across "consensus" reality, I'd want to prove it to myself. All experience is 100% real in the sense that experience "is". It's quite different when making claims beyond, that you have altered the fabric of the entire dream... As you know ofc I could hallucinate a million bucks under my bed, and there is NO QUESTION the appearance of a million bucks is real. But I probably could not take that million bucks into a store and spend it. I don't think I could completely alter the fabric of this dream in that way.
  8. I'm. Here. Now... No matter what you do, you are always "I". No matter how far you go, you will find you never leave the location called "here". No matter how much time passes, you will find you never leave the moment called "now". The only thing that changes is appearances. ... When you move from one corner of a room to another, the location itself is still called "here". All that has changed is what is appearing within it. When you wait for a few minutes to pass, the moment itself is still called "now". All that has changed is what is appearing within it. And I am ever-present. If we both say "I am here now", what makes you think your here and now is a different here and now? The fact that the appearances within it differ? Appearances also differ as you look out the window of a train but you see different appearances do not mean a different location or moment... So what makes you really believe we reside within a separate "here" and "now". What makes you think our ever-present "I" is a different one? There is no evidence for it.
  9. People also use Leo's word as authority, I see people are totez on board with energy shooting out of his fingertips like fuckin' Raiden and telepathy. I think 5-MeO-DMT reveals THE truth, so he is a great prophet. But, better to gain your own experience.
  10. @Spiral Wizard Have you considered time is completely unreal? You experienced your 10th birthday is that right? And when you experienced your 10th birthday, you experienced it in the moment called "now". You are experiencing something different presently, but it's still the same moment called "now". Both experiences are happening simultaneously "now". Like your PoV and Leo's PoV. All of this is happening "now", to you, but the illusion of time means you experience discrete moments such that the present is not your 10th birthday, and your PoV is not Leo's.
  11. I'm quite sure this is not what Leo means at all lmao. I know he absolutely REFUSES to elaborate in most cases, but I feel quite sure that he is NOT telling you there is no "Leo experience" (as in NOT telling you the seeing of his computer as he types to you is not taking place)... He is just saying that the "Leo experience" of, for example, seeing his monitor as he reads your post, is had by you.
  12. I'd like to hear Leo's take, I see a lot of people thinking it means something very different, and questioning why they shouldn't just torture the cardboard cutout "people". Because they are thinking it means the "people" have no inner experience. As I am phrasing it, other "people" are having inner experience, but you are the one having them. It's not cardboard robot-people, their thoughts and feelings and sensations are felt... And you are the one feeling them.
  13. I will be unhappy until I'm dead. If I don't take my antidepressants I want to kill myself. When I do take them I'm like a robot, but having no emotion feels better than wanting to die.