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  1. It is slightly relevant, because having things in 500 B.C. means living in shit, but just LESS shit than the other peasants. I feel good in my lovely house with my lovely things. Lol. I probably have a better life than Buddha did. I probably have one of the best human lives srs.
  2. @Carl-Richard I don't even know if the prince thing is true, but allegedly he gave up the "great" (still disgracefully bad) life of being a prince, to become a peasant. But of course, everyone worshipped him once he did that. He was like a legit rockstar when he became the guru. Every Buddha story btw, when someone asks him something, is like "the Buddha did not answer directly". He's probz some My Chemical Romance tier emo spewing deep-isms.
  3. He wrote it very clearly, read it again. Even someone in the ghetto in 2022 has a better life than a king living in 500 B.C.
  4. @nuwu True. I napped all day on the sofa of nightmares. It is called that, because it gives guaranteed nightmares. As you would expect, I indeed had nightmares.
  5. I used Salvia extract many times. It is kind of a children's toy. It can easily destroy your mind and plunge you into unspeakable terrors that would give an older man a heart attack (like BipolarGrowth, for me personally I never encountered real terror). But, fact is I used this drug a lot and never once sobered up and felt "damn I encountered something real there". After sobering up, it FELT like I'd just taken a drug and lost my mind for a bit. Many people I know also took this drug, and once sober, again did not seem to have anything serious to ponder on. n,n-DMT is the only drug where sobering up, it is still like "something serious happened there. That wasn't only drugs." LSD, mushroom analogues, nothing really leaves the sensation that anything with any real gravity happened, except freebasing DMT. That is genuinely fucked and I wouldn't even recommend it to people to be honest. It's nothing like Salvia extract, it's real in a way.
  6. It's just the same dishonesty found in all self-help. Say for example... Scammers AKA gurus selling courses on, for example "HoW tO Talk to GIRLS BRO!11", with complex outlines of years of practice and dialogue trees and seminars. But not once does any victim of the scam ever stop and think, hey wait a minute, every single person I know didn't need decades of seminars and are in relationships/have families/kids, so WHY do I in particular need this? Same with spirituality: "Hey bro, you need to transcend your ego to be happy bro, here buy my $10,000 course". And again nobody stops and thinks, hey wait a minute, I'm the odd one out, I'm the only weirdo in my family who ever needed to "transcend my ego" or take copious insane amounts of drugs just to be content in life: WHY. I don't even know many people, but even I (basically a hermit) know various people who have a generally happy disposition, and they aren't sitting around watching any fa***** cucks ramble for hours on YouTube.
  7. Nobody successful has ever attended a self help seminar I think? There is surely a reason for that.
  8. Uh, isn't God a dude? That's pretty fucking gay. Thou shalt not suck a man's dick as thou would a woman - Leviticus.
  9. @BipolarGrowth There are many claimed translations, how do you know for sure which is accurate?
  10. Well, I just have it insanely good. I had a shit life (literally nothing but illness and death) so I suppose it balances out... But I just have cash now as a result of all the death, almost no need for social contact, a beautiful place to live, and so on. Especially now I'm 30, my sex drive and such is dropping, and I can just enjoy living. I might get a couple of cats. Dogs would bark and wake me up, so that would annoy me.
  11. Every day is a paradise in my beautiful abode and beautiful surroundings. Life was suffering for Buddha because he lived in B.C. Nepal, an utter shithole. Life is suffering for schizophrenics and schizotypal madmen, etc. The idea life is inherently bad is just some cope from a dude who lived in garbage.
  12. Today I became conscious of the fact I'm actually Mickey Mouse living on the planet Saturn. I live with my girlfriend Minnie and our dog Pluto. My best friend is Goofy, who is a dog... And for some reason Goofy seems to be okay with me enslaving other members of his species. Why can Goofy talk and walk on two legs while Pluto cannot. Is Goofy a genius dog or is Pluto simply handicapped? If Pluto is handicapped, is it morally wrong to treat him like a pet? These are questions I pondered from my bathtub of awakening. As I shoved a turkey baster filled with toad venom right up my asshole. This is what enlightenment is all about. Forget cuckold LOSERS like Buddha. Buddha never awoke to the fact he's actually a Mickey Mouse like me.
  13. Ultimately the hallucinations can't hurt you. Sometimes hallucinations can be extremely frightening... At least there's a bad DMT trip report on Erowid where a jester pulled a girl's lip back over her head and suffocated her. She can do what she wants with them. Hallucinated aliens aren't going to do anything beyond cause PTSD. That'd be the only thing to worry about.
  14. Iboga is a VERY fascinating substance to me. As I've never had anything like it.