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  1. I am far from an expert on russia but my understanding is that russia especially in the main urban areas is quite well developed. Leo says that to understand the actions of Putin we must understand that Russia is not a well developed country (stage red) and an iron fist is needed to rule, in the same way Saddam did in iraq. Theres something about this that just seems a stretch to me. Its certainly not iraq level of development which is stage red so what is it then and is it really that bad? Do you really think if Putins current regime was over thrown Russia would not be ready for a more democratic leader given there level of development?
  2. It is already clear to me putin is mentally ill but people including leo it would seem just refuse to see it and view him as some sort of 5d chess player lol.
  3. There is something here that does not add up. He must know that annexing ukraine will not go well for him so then I dont think we can rule out he actually is insane. You presume he is not insane and that he is playing a subtle chess game. But what if we are thinking i cant see his end game in ukraine that looks like a bad mistake. And in his mind he is thinking the actual end game is nuclear war which i can survive by hiding in a bunker. He could think well i am 67 i have a hatred for the west who give a fook? My point is we really do not know how insane he is.
  4. i enjoyed your post thanks for sharing
  5. Well if i was you i would definitley still check myself in to talk to a professional about that if im being totally honest.
  6. What is the best way I can put in the groundwork before this course is released. I presume the focus is going to be very psychdelics heavy and less foucsed on meditation techniques or maybe im wrong? Either way it would be nice to know in which direction I should put focus on as a newbie in terms of spirituality as i have zero awakenings and only small amount of meditation.
  7. 1, At the time I didnt even have any concept of building anything meaningful and it was before I knew anything about that stuff so i cant turn back time can I, 2. Yeah it its a crazy thing but its like many market places if you think about it. If you try and start a business most newbies will lose money setting up a business becasue they dont know what they are doing similar to trading. Does not make it morally right just saying. 3. Now I am going to foucs on getting really good at chess maybe become a chess coach and help people learn or maybe i become a psychologist.
  8. I dont know about the other trading teachers you mentioned but i know for sure alex becker is a scam.
  9. Hey Yali just out of interest would you pay leo 2 dollars if he put up a paywall on this forum?
  10. When you sign up for a gym membership and they scam you into 6 months when you thought you were paying monthly and you try to cancel but you cant get through to anyone and then you cancel payment from your bank and then you get an email saying they will be sending someone round to your address for cash collection becasue they charged you even though you cancelled them direct from your bank account. LMAO
  11. Not many people will probably tell you this but crypto is statistically by far far far the most likely way you will get rich. So you should stick at it but also you need to be smart about it. You need to think outside the box. But you also need to have a plan b because it will make you feel better and takes the pressure off. I know because i started trading crypto in 2017 without a plan b and man was it painful but here i am 4 years later up a lot of money now i am 31 i started trading forex at 23 then switched to crypto 2017 and it took me 7 years to be a profitable trader so trust me it is much harder than you think but also I know statistically I was not getting rich any other way.
  12. I think this will actually be a blessing in disguise for you as it will help you grow and maybe you will feel outside your comfort zone at first but maybe this is gods way of pushing you outside that comfort zone.
  13. Hi I found the best test is by csjoseph. The way he types you is by ruling out other types you could be by splitting the psyche into 4 quadrants. This imo is by far superior to any other test i have found online here is the linky.
  14. A good number of trolls i would imagine. I cannot imagine people like adeptus psychnonautica would be able to stomach handing over leo his paymnet details but maybe im wrong. Another thing is if someone gets banned for being a troll its going to be more difficult for them to then create another account under a different allias becasue they would have to use different payment details.
  15. Long time fan of leo here, and i think it is an excellent decision to put up a paywall for the course to help weed out the more serious people. I also think it would be a good idea to introduce a paywall to this forum of a nominal fee of lets say 2 dollars one off fee. I believe this would massivley reduce the number of trolls such as people like adeptus and the general quality would improve as they would not stomach paying anything just to hate on this forum. Another suggestion which probably someone has already said. Why not accept crypto currency as a form of payment for people in countries having issues with paymnet. Just add on whatever the transaction fee is on top of the price of whatever is being bought there you go TADA