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  1. @GreenWoods Does this one maybe help. I in the end bought a video which explains it. Its actually simple. Somewhere on this site it can be bought: Where can we find instructions on channeling heaven and earth energies? Just visualize it as if it is happening. If your successful be careful if your body can handle it.
  2. Not saying that. But if you as citizin have to work longer and go later with pension because of al the money put into people from other cultures , it would be at least nice to hear a thank you, instead of being called names/racist.
  3. @Leo GuraYes its difficult to listen to people from a whole different perspective. It will even feel as if the other is trolling. That is just a defense mechanism. You could probably do better with equality of chances. Especially between rich and poor, also white poor people. But in my country there is done lots and lots about discrimination and we still have certain groups keep on performing worse. And we keep on hearing it is discrimination, while we put in lots of money in it. They even call our police is discriminatory. While I see the police is scared being called racist. A certain type of thinking is taken to far. That is my opinion.
  4. They will probably think the same about your side. Why do you only see one side? CNN is just as hurtful. Is caught a lot with people even saying they are manipulating. CNN has made a lot of wars possible. I don't see a fundamental difference there. Why only there, because other media don't want to listen to him, are threatened by him because they can't debunk his critique, so they only strawmen and try to cancel him. He probably wants a more productive discussion. Keep on repeating old hurt in history which is very long ago and looking everywhere about how you are oppressed as a group and leaving out the other side of the story are a big recipy for making people angry and aggressive. It happens all the time as a prephase for war. I think you underestimate this danger. You will never get equality of outcome. Even if you will put massive amounts of money in it. You'll will still have certain cultures doing better or worse, it is making people angry to keep on blaming the more successful side for being discriminatory. Yes you can give somewhat equal chances and that's the best you can do. But progressive will strawmen this logic saying that these arguments say this means I dont want equality of chances, that is not true.
  5. @m0hsen With that enlightenment qigong for example , video I put in this thread, I get way enough energy. Peculiar isnt it, but I can feel it, its real. My body cant handle more, can't even do it daily. Yes the spine and in this system a few other central energypaths too. It looks like a few movements , but actually you stimulate earth and heaven energy to enter the body and then mix the energies. I notice this. It has a very clear effect to me (effect gets stronger in time) . I think it takes time to connect to those energies , but if you consciousness grows with that by practicing the effects become more powerful. I myself don't prefer that energy with breath so much. But breath does more than on energy level only. In later levels you connect to higher energies , also planetary energies / energies far away. In this system you create a pearl of energy called the immortal body. Which you get after practicing a certain number of years. They believe you can leave the body with this stable energy at death (or in a darkness retreat), sort like like the Buddhists believe that. I don't know if that is true. But even if it is not true, this system does enough for me.
  6. Its important to name strawmans and to not misinterpret but understand others and be authentic. The rest of the video was nice, the political part was the weakest.
  7. @King Merk What Leo did in his video. By purpose misinterpreting Jordan Petersons political views to dismiss him. So his critiques on progressives won't get taken serious.
  8. @Milos Uzelac Yes of course China will do this if it can that way take over the world with communism. They have a record of not caring for human life in the fight for their highest goal and what they thing is the ultimate moral way of living. At this moment I think it is unlikely. Because they are silently taking over. As long as their power is growing they will be patient I think. This document can also just be fake news used to make americans more prepared to take part in war. Or for other goals. The government will lie lie and lie and loves war. CNN will help lie lie lie too and all other mainstream news. By the way the daoist system I use is the opposite of what the chinese government want. Falun gong practitioners a other sort like system with daoist aspects , got organ harvested because of being a threat to their dogma.
  9. I have for some years looked at different systems as well. This system uses breath sometimes as well, but sees that as temporary energy and is more interested in reach a rich energyflow more permanent. It also works on cooling the emotions an extra which is important becoming multiorgasmic. I think you'll hold higher energylevels in the end with this system. Two more popular people of healing tao are mantak chia and Michael Winn , they both tried different systems. Michael Winn: While in Africa, Winn accidentally self-induced his first kundalini awakening, which led him to begin studying and teaching kundalini (hindu tantric) yoga. In Ethiopia, a visitation in broad daylight by a Taoist immortal inspired him to pursue Taoist alchemy. “In college I studied comparative literature”, Winn says, “and in real life I found myself training in and comparing the esoteric alchemical methods from different cultures.” He studied kriya yoga with Swami Hariharananda, successor in India to Paramhamsa Yogananda, and kept a close friendship with this yogi renowned for mastering the breathless state of nirvikalpa samadhi. He died recently at age 97. Winn edited his The Bhagavad Gita in the Light of Kriya Yoga. Winn notes that kriya yoga, the essence of all yogas, has many parallels to Taoist alchemy but “it’s finally a pure fire path. The Taoist preference is to mix the fire and water, which is more accepting of the body.” I find Taoist alchemy to be the simplest, the most practical (body-centered) and the most complete He reached this conclusion after 25 years of studying and testing many different systems of qigong (chi kung), with dozens of teachers in the USA and China, both famous and unknown. He uses the Tao Formulas for Immortality offered by the Taoist Hermit One Cloud (Mantak Chia’s teacher) as the superstructure for holding the immense knowledge and skill he has acquired It would be wonderful if we could find out the ultimate quickest most effective practice. The west is not enough interested in it yet. We can do way better.
  10. @Danioover9000 By coincedence just yesterday watched that. He finds the Trump vote story of Trump very unlikely and the qanon a danger. He always criticizes the right and the left. But the left don't like that. Thats why you get all the projections on him. I honestly don't know for who he would vote for.
  11. Thats wayout the weakest of the video. Hands down. But it gives you a good feeling doesn't it? He shouldn't put activism, in his videos.
  12. Yes true. He could talk a lot shorter and say more.
  13. @Michael569 Yes its a good video overall.