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  1. Really they can't do any better? To Jeruzalem with martyrs to the millions?
  2. I mean Hamas throwing the rockets. If Palestinians don't like terrorism they should smoke hamas out, till there gone from the earth. Also Hamas and arafat and different high leaders inspire marterdom and terrorism. If Biden has any intelligence he would give money with conditions. I don't know what this man is thinking.
  3. @TheSomeBody No it goes much deeper. Terrorism nearly always has a fertile soil and a group around it to make it grow, before it happens. Do you think a few kids can launch and get all those rockets?
  4. @TheSomeBodyThey're trying to kill the terrorist threat. What should they then do? Let themselves be killed? Palestinians have let the terrorism grow themselves.
  5. If the percentages go more towards 40% prepare for a much greater mess and more problems and attempts to take over all the power to end democracy. Recently Turkey regressed in an islamic fascist country. Tried that before even gave a crook a nobelprize. It didnt work.
  6. No they have the whole middle east to go to and get lots of money. Isreal would even help them. But this is not at all where it is really about. They don't like Israel having Jerusalem. Islam should win. Thats what its about. And if palestinians keep on provoking and threatening for example to break through police and possibly killing jews, the police has to stop that. But western press will turn it upside down and reward the provokers. Its very rewarding for hamas. Joe Biden restored $235,000,000 in funding to the Palestinian Authority just five weeks ago, bye the way. They can buy nice rockets with it.
  7. How come they are so rich that they have so many rockets? Who gave them all that money?
  8. @Husseinisdoingfine about the film: At its core, ‘Gaza Fights For Freedom’ is a thorough indictment of the Israeli military for war crimes, and a stunning cinematic portrayal of Palestinians' heroic resistance. Sounds extremely partisan. Hamas its provocations and palestinian provocations get rewarded by the west. And then people are surprised you get more.. By the way don't worry I'll get kicked out of here for having the wrong opinions.
  9. @Husseinisdoingfine Hamas is successful again with provocations. It is rewarded for its provocations. And the progressives fall for it again.
  10. Arafat was mainstream and he couldnt get the palistinians to agree on the peacedeal, if he didn't promis them that they would later fight back and tack over jeruzalem. Which was his goal from the start. You as a westerner maybe dont understand how deeply they are identified with their religion, its where they live for.
  11. @andyjohnsonman Maybe the palestinians shouldnt provoke riots in holy places to then blame Isreal police that has to shut things down and then after that throw rockets? Too then after that push the narrative of ethnic cleansing? If your goal is religious victory as hamas/palistinians and before that arafat , then we got a problem there.
  12. @Husseinisdoingfine This is of course provoked. From a palestinian living in Jerusalem (by the way these sort of tricks are played lots of times, this is not new) After Palestinian PM Mahmoud Abbas canceled highly anticipated elections, Hamas simply saw an opportunity it could not pass up, exploiting the Sheikh Jarrah situation and an already tense environment during the holy day of Leylat Al Qadr and Jerusalem Day. Hamas is currently running a social media campaign calling for Palestinians to incite violence during demonstrations in Jerusalem and elsewhere. They are encouraging Palestinian youth to throw their lives away by hurling rocks and makeshift bombs at police. Hamas-led riots outside of the Al Aqsa Mosque prove that Israeli police are not at fault for the dangers preventing Muslims from praying. Hamas has incited mobs and provoked violence with the intention of framing Israel for ethnic cleansing. Just today, provocateurs filled several busses to travel to Jerusalem to participate in the “historic” riots and answer the Hamas call to incite violence…. This dispute is not actually about four houses in East Jerusalem. This is about Hamas seeing a chance to seize the narrative and increase its own influence and control over Palestinians in Jerusalem. Don’t buy their fake news and let them dilute their own blame. In the coming days, Jews and Muslims are both likely to die because Hamas saw political upside in violence. Don’t forget it.
  13. @GreenWoods Does this one maybe help. I in the end bought a video which explains it. Its actually simple. Somewhere on this site it can be bought: Where can we find instructions on channeling heaven and earth energies? Just visualize it as if it is happening. If your successful be careful if your body can handle it.
  14. @Husseinisdoingfine Why is it not compassionate to say that al old attemps fail too work? The money of the west is not solving anything. I think Isreal would love te help palestinians if only they were safe in their own land. But its just religious wars , what it is all about. Nothing else. If it were just about living good you wouldnt say stuff like Nobel prize winner Arafat: