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  1. gh
    Energy Work
    @m0hsen With that enlightenment qigong for example , video I put in this thread, I get way enough energy. Peculiar isnt it, but I can feel it, its real.  My body cant handle more, can't even do it daily. Yes the spine and in this system a few other central energypaths too. It looks like a few movements , but actually you stimulate earth and heaven energy to enter the body and then mix the energies. I notice this.  It has a very clear effect to me (effect gets stronger in time) . I think it takes time to connect to those energies , but if you consciousness grows with that by practicing the effects become more powerful.  I myself don't prefer that energy with breath so much. But breath does more than on energy level only. 
    In later levels you connect to higher energies , also planetary energies / energies far away.
    In this system you create a pearl of energy called the immortal body. Which you get after practicing a certain number of years. They believe you can leave the body with this stable energy at death (or in a darkness retreat), sort like like the Buddhists believe that. I don't know if that is true. But even if it is not true, this system does enough for me.

  2. meo
    5-MeO-DMT info PDF
    Some more stuff:

    And Leo has stuff too. How to plug for example, youtube videos and a mega thread on this forum.

  3. Healing Tao -kriga yoga
    Energy Work
    @GreenWoods Kundalini more powerfull. No I dont think so. Tao has all kind of add ons. With Healing Tao you just as well pull the energy upward towards the head. But because you have different techniques generating energy you will get too much too the head. Therefor you also need to take the energy down. Kundalini focusses on temporary energy with breath, Tao more on an energy you keep all day long. There are all sort of refining energy techniques. Also we believe the whole body is a rocketship for spiritual advancement. So every bone part and body part gets energy and healing and not only a energy up approach. When the whole body is happy and overflowing of energy the jewel palace(head) with overflow with energy too. And you are probably missing earth energy. If you buildup more earth energy heaven (energy) will chase you.
    Yes the main qigong are not the most powerfull ones. Only in later levels you focus more on recieving earth and heaven energy and also very powerfull combining heart and sexual energy. Which seems to have likewise effects as the buddhist heat generating tumo yoga. You body has to have had a certain level of cleansing or you will overload the system and get sick. This way Healing Tao will have less people stopping because of overstressing the body and there is even a more watery path at
    There probably will be a lot of parallels, the system also has dark retreat, opening of third eye and sealing of senses.
    In the short run with an energy up approach you be quicker, in the long run a whole body approach possible is quicker.