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  1. Eckhart Tolle write "The Power of Now" He follows many writings from Krishnamurti. I can find the actualized knowledge from krishnamurti in Eckhart Tolle written books. Great writter. Magnific philosophy I recommend him a lot NAMASTE
  2. @LambChop Hi. Youre Welcome. We do what we can, to help people. Every one around the world must help, "Little helps in may places, changes the world". I'm Sure about THAT... NO DOUBT. NAMASTE.
  3. @RMQualtrough you can affor it with SUNGAZING practice, I have minimize anciety at all. Search the technique on web, or write me a private message. Namaste
  4. @ActualizedDavid Astral City: Spiritual Journey Based on astral events (true events). My life has progressively changed after seeing this excellent film, you have to see it about 5 times to be able to understand it, internalize it and assimilate it, it is splendid. I hope you can make the most of it. NAMASTE
  5. @BlurryBoi Good That is an important afirmattion and position to take care. Thanks NAMASTE
  6. @asifarahim Only hurt your Astral Body, it is the body where your soul is developing the human experience. All people must be responsable about this scars produced by psychedelics, those coud hurt the soul for several lives (SER uno book) . Each psychedelics hurt the astral body depending about Karma-Dharma, the intensity of any drug, use frequency, and more factors. People have responsability to use it NAMASTE
  7. @Abdelghafar You welcome Many phrases, words, even syllables can be mentioned in order to raise the vibrational levels of people, help to heal, overcome certain traumatic situations that compromise our mental and emotional stability. Mantras work in a subconscious way, and our brain manifests it progressively on a day-to-day basis. Very powerful tool. NAMASTE
  8. Hello. I would like to learn about: Nirbija Samadhi Can somebody helpme to obtain iformation about this level of samadhi? Thanks. NAMASTE
  9. @Gianna Hello, it is important that you can listen to music that helps you balance your energy centers (chakras) that each energy center returns to its place, in turn helping your "astral body" to calm down. I recommend that you listen to this music before sleeping and when you wake up. on bed, with eyes closed: For about 30 minutes (in the morning plus at night) about 7 days. Then you tell me how it went. Blessings. NAMASTE
  10. @Michael569 Ok I'll take care of it. Thank you for warning me. NAMASTE
  11. Hi @Khr I Suggest you to listen special music while you study, to get less anxiety. (A lot of music to study at youtube, search which one you like). The anxiety keeps you altered, agitated an then tired, a while you are studiying, you spend a lot of energy without any result, in other words losing energy. Anxiety is related to internal fear... if you detect your internal fear with introspection the anxiety will disappear progressively, you will see it. if you want to know more contact me. NAMASTE
  12. @SS10 It Depends. If you have at a moment with a restless ambient & mind generally you have to use music. If you have at a quiet ambient & mind you can meditate without music. To be verry high meditation i recomend you to be in silence, real silence. NAMASTE
  13. @The Buddha Books: The Eternal Quest - Paramahansa Yogananda Develop your Brain - Joe Dispanza. Power of NOW - Eckhart Tolle El SER UNO- THE ARCANA OF THOTH NAMASTE
  14. Hi First: I got Covid - 19. October 2020. Second: I got Covid - 19. April 2021. I got it again Brazilian Variant Covid - 19, most of the symtom apeared, fever, discomfort only 3 days. Before that only i got a soft coug for 2 weeks. Thats all. Then I was very well. I got good inmune body, because I have been practicing sungazing therapy, drink solarized water (both 3,5 years of practice), an meditate (more than 2 years)1 - 2 hours each 2 days. I invite you to practice sungazing, drink solarized water and meditate. Truly FOR FREE ¡¡¡ You will have a healthy mind, body and spiritual. Here topics: NAMASTE
  15. @Flowerfaeiry Youre Welcome¡¡ I do what I can to help about personalized Mantras, I got my project about personal mantras production, NAMASTE