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  1. @Leo Gura Im not ready, yet, for awakening, but a mind course? 200% in lol. Are you able to share any more details on that?
  2. one way of looking at it, is what you're describing is high fear. And you can use a combination of love and fear to get to where you want to be. I also think a strong love for your vision can get you to where you want to be, with strategically using fear.
  3. I have a home gym and I prefer that annoying music box gym lol .. theres a great social motivated environment at the gym that fires me up all the time. It's sweaty, bad music, time consuming, but the dedicated people wake you up
  4. I joined an RSD group chat in Austin years ago. I've never seen anything more messed up in a chatroom. Saw guys sharing nude pics of girls they went on dates with which the girl prob didnt know about, talking about r@pe in a positive way, etc. Didn't expect that from "personal development" focused people. In person, I got luckier. Most guys are cool, respectful, personal development oriented. I think its the few that take over and mess things up. One time I met this guy who was talking about wanting to kill without a joking attitude. Never met up with him again lol
  5. First of all, wanted to honor the 10 year anniversary of actualized.org Mini-story: I remember smoking that good stuff with a college friend, when I was 19 years old, contemplating life deeply. This was 8 years ago. I'm 27 now. And we both were in a car at night (parked) ... And out of nowhere I gave it some thought and I said, "If I had to make one statement before I die, it would be to watch actualized.org". It wasn't a joke. I really meant it. And to this day I stand by that statement. Actualized.org will be a pivotal place to turn for people in society over the many decades imo. Great job on Leo's part. Anyways, in particular I guess sorta connected to this anniversary thing, thought we can all reflect on the most transformative video of Leo's from the past 10 years that you have personally gone back to over and over again, taken notes, reflected on, contemplated, taken massive action on, embodied and/or love the most? Why I'm making this post is because a) the power of a single video taken to the nth degree is a world of difference. And I've felt that with this video below. If we can share the ones that transformed us the most, I feel like we'll have a nice set of perspectives on what we are not seeing. Sometimes it's easy to paradigm lock yourself in a perspective because you love it so much. But if we each share the power of our individual favorite video, we can open ourselves to new perspectives EVEN if we've seen the video before. Like I've seen 85%+ of Leo's videos, but Im sure there are many videos that Ive seen that Im not seeing the TRUE VALUE of. Im sure it will be like that for all of us. I've seen this video over 10 times, start to finish. I've committed to watching this video, at least 10 to 25 mins 3x per week for the decades to come. I've taken tons of notes on this, as a starting point for a lot of my life structuring. I've shared it, I love it a lot, and I'm always learning something new every time I come back to this. So what has been the most transformative video from actualized.org for you that has made a big impact on you? The one core one. And why was it that impactful? How did it impact you? What potential do you see from that video? Also curious on the most transformative book you've read in your life? I'm hoping we can keep it minimal, so that we clearly see the small efforts that give the biggest results. Curious on your answers Also curious if anyone had a "fuck you Leo" phase over the past 10 years. Like overall, in the past 10 years, I feel like Leo not only saved my life, but opened so many fucking doors for me. But I recall having a 6 month or so phase of being really angry with Leo. Dont remember why, but i felt like i got screwed over by Leo. Wondering if anyone had something similar loll
  6. Damn lol you stated my situation. Past 8 years Ive been pursuing my non-passions always wishing I go all in to my passion. Really appreciate this wake up call. I can now see the fear in my post. Maybe an all passion strategy is always the best strategy, even if I have to make sacrifices. I'll reflect more on this.
  7. Actually I should clarify .. I 110% agree, as passion is my long-term strategy for my decisions. But actually with this post I meant a short-term 6 to 15 month plan for just getting by financially until this business kicks off, so that I can support my passion based business. Im working on my business on the side, something Im deeply passionate about. But to do that effectively, I need a well paying job, especially because my cost of living is high (mistake on my part)
  8. So I've recently made a few applications with Python with the help of ChatGPT, and my eyes went wide open. I instantly see all the amazing possibilities with Python that I couldnt see. I barely have any coding background, just a class I took 8 years ago that I barely remembered, but now I was able to build some really cool applications that if I check, are better than the most popular ones on google, because of the OpenAI API accessing language models, as well as ChatGPT coding it for me a lot. I've been in marketing for 8 years. My resume is pretty beefed up with marketing manager positions, director of commerce, at big companies. But I only worked like 4 months in each. But I put a company on there with 350k+ in revenue that I generated about 4 years ago. I guess Im trying to see if I should continue down the marketing path. I realize I dont really like marketing. But I do want a good paying job. I also dont like being a leader in companies. Ive done that before and its stressful. Im not a social leader. Though I do like leading on a cognitive level because I know Im smart, just not that social. I have a feeling marketing doesn't pay nearly as well as programming, nor has as good growth. Though this might be a fear. I didnt really try in the past. Now Im actually serious about my job pursuit. When Im serious I know I do well. My energy is moving towards programming. But I have no experience here. No good resume. Im sure the competition is high, but I know demand is high too, and the field is growing with AI growth, etc. Wanted to see any experienced person's thoughts and insights on my marketing vs. programming approach. Thing is I will be doing programming anyways, whether I get a job or not, for my business. But if I pursue programming for a job, then I will be 5 to 10x more aggressive with my learning here as it will be for my job and business. Any thoughts and insights appreciated if you can relate.
  9. Spent 1400 dollars on an SEO course, considered one of the best in the game, best course Ive ever taken and I spent 20k+ in marketing. Also I hear a lot about Tony Robbins events, which are like 3k. Clearly 7k is heavy as fuck, but I think its more about proportional value compared to the cost. The more the cost, the more exponential should be the value you get from it. I think there are some things worth even 20k. There are some companies that will build entire marketing funnels for you that are profitable.
  10. @Phil King That's the thing, he promises so hard but its such an under-delivery. I didn't even check out the discord because I already knew it'd be crap. @Simple Success yeah Ive had similar things with his bootcamps. Such a stressful time lol especially when you dont have that kind of money. His free content is definitely great in many ways @Leo Gura But even his free content is just not as good as the past. He keeps filtering his words now because of the past scandal, and it feels inauthentic and less engaging. It's not communicated properly often. I don't get what happened to his humor too. He cracks jokes but it doesnt hit the same. And his anger is through the roof. One time he threw a fit and started pouring water everwhere yelling. It makes me question whether even if the advice is great, should I listen to that if its coming from that state of mind. Idk. Its not just what you say but the place from where its coming from that matters maybe even more
  11. Honestly love-hate this guy He releases great content, his heart is in the right area many times, but man he knows how to manipulate. I attended 2 back to back free tours around 6 months ago. He was just yelling the whole time. And he's had a track record of this, but past year or so its just so excessive. I try to see from his POV, but I honestly see no justification from screaming like that lol ... but thats not why I made this post. That just showed me something is off recently about him. Im telling myself that he's just figuring shit out .. ok fine. Then I go into some room with some people to hear more about his bootcamp. Literally he goes "fill out the papers. Fill it out right now." you see he does strong manipulation tactics to almost force you to pay for it. Like tf??? Anyways, I stopped listening to him for some months because of this. Then I got back into his content, because I mean it is good and unique in many ways. But this really did it for me. I decided to sign up for his course endless motivation, and man its such a fucking rip off. Literally the course is like 1:10 hours total. Literally he takes snippets of conversations and puts it together. It's not even close to as good as his free content. It's basic as fuck too. And 600 dollars for all that. He promised a lot more on the sales page, but when you enter the course, he says he's giving that towards the end of the year. That'd be fine if it fucking said that on the sales page. Anyways, Ive had a lot of dealings like that with RSD. Owen at the end of the day is more of a marketer than a philosopher from your POV. And Im mainly making this post so a) you're very careful purchasing his products. They do have a decent refund policy, sorta, so thats fine. But still Id say only if you got real good income then consider his products. and b) on a deeper level, this got me thinking about Leo's opinions in one of his videos where he says why would you support a company that constantly delivers inferior products and tries to abuse you from time to time. Sure a lot of his shit is great, but he is always sending red signals. Overall, a good dude, no hate to this guy. Just a warning and some thoughts for you on dealings with companies. What hurts the most is that his previous courses were insanelyyyy good. Ive bought many in the past. And when you do a comparison his shit has gone down hill. Now maybe thats because of his financial situation compared to the past, or because he's much more busy ramping things up or whatever. But I'd expect someone so deep in personal development over decades to improve. But I honestly see a decline. Even his videos recently have been off. Many are not clearly communicated. He's not even funny anymore. He used to be hilarious. It kinda hurts seeing all this. And its been on my mind for a while because I dont understand it.
  12. @Jacob Morres Thanks man! This has been on my mind for a while getting an OCD book!
  13. last random comment lol: even within A.I, the entire hype right now is the OpenAI API, and other LLM API stuff is being demonized as crap compared to OpenAI. And Im not sure yet, but I can intuit that this is simplistic, a societal one. But why would I just blindly accept the societal norm, and not consciously explore the essence of each LLM API. And if I truly explore whats out there, I may find a lot of gold with different LLM's for building a well integrated business of different LLM API's. Apologize btw if you're into coding and I'm messing the terminology up. This is new to me.
  14. @Nilsi dude appreciate it! I dont know about any of this stuff lol so Ill def explore. Idk how yet, but I can intuit what you mean about the power of language here. Maybe as various keys for unlocking sets of distinctions. I even read a bit of peter before but now I'll look more carefully
  15. on another one that I found pretty cool: Im in a highly creative state, because of this video. Much more than usual. But I'm on low sleep and physically tired. And now Im like woah, I can be highly creative in a low physical energy state. Before this observation, I thought low physical energy only meant low creativity. Of course there is some causation, correlation, but its not inherent.