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  1. Lots of great names here already like Bernando Kastrup. He seems super humble, honest and admits things like that he still suffers instead of plays God. According to him, he is also good friends with Rupert Spira. But yeah, seems like Bernando focuses more on ''satisfying'' / ''shutting down'' the intellect whereas Rupert goes straight to the heart. But if I'm to give a name that I didn't bump into then, Curt Jaimungal: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdWIQh9DGG6uhJk8eyIFl1w Fairly new name and is somewhat young (I think a few years younger than you) but he seems very open-minded and has meta-cognition. He was an actor and a director (perhaps still is) but seems like because that road didn't satisfy him, he naturally ended up seeking for deeper meaning and for Truth. I believe he is one of those few people that has a potential for you to ''guide'' him and to push him to develop so much more further. And I believe his audience would gain a lot from you as well. He had for example, a 4-5 hours conversation with Bernando Kastrup in his channel. And in that podcast, Bernando mentioned something along the lines of (I'm paraphrasing): ''I give lots of interviews weekly but this interview was different. I usually just give the same interview and talk about the same stuff but with you, there were new and different stuff I got to talk about. I enjoyed it more than any interview before otherwise I wouldn't have talked with you for 4-5 hours''. And it is true, the interviews I have watched of Bernando has lasted mostly for 1-2 hours only. So, perhaps Curt has that natural curiosity and relatively open-mindedness of a child (feminine energy that is in a passive state of absorbing so you can tap into your active masculine side of giving / teaching) that could spark a good balance between you two to have a really deep and long discussion. He also possesses an ability (at least to a larger extent) to admit his egoistic selfishness and biases. I don't think he is gonna get triggered by you, at least to ''an unhealthy'' amount, if you go balls deep. Seems like quite a relatively humble guy. Again, he could learn a great amount from you, with his audience. edit: Also a great place to start and to gain experience, for obvious reasons.
  2. A document that premiered a few days ago on Netflix. Check it out guys, would love to discuss the document with ya'll.
  3. Oh cool, I just made a post similar to this before bumping into this thread. Will keep following and looking forward to seeing what nice conversations and realizations we will get out of this same question. Come check out mine:
  4. Hello Everyone, Long time lurker here. Decided to finally jump in and join this community proactively as well, since I have been trying to find an answer for this question for quite a long time but haven't found one on my own. So the thing is, I have not mastered my sexuality but I very much prefer more conscious intimate partners over less conscious, naturally I guess. And I prefer more conscious people to the point where stage green hippies doesn't really do it for me either. Don't get me wrong, I still have myself ton of work and learning to do but so far I have been on this spiritual journey for 8.5 years starting from when I turned 18, so right now I am 26 years old (very healthy and fit physically, mentally and spiritually. This probably plays a big part in my sexuality). Anyway, I would much prefer meeting tier two people because the experience with them is just much more fulfilling and satisfying overall. The problem is that there's so few of them around. Where have you guys and Leo, met these people? Any advices and tips? The other route is of course mastering my sexuality, which I am trying my best to do at the same time. Repressing it is a big no naturally and I like the idea of exhausting it so much that it no longer is a big deal in my mind. Over the years I have exhausted my sexuality with low conscious people so much that I'm starting to get really sick of it and my sexuality's power to control me has reduced dramatically but I am not really close to mastery yet. So, on one end, I am sick of dating and seducing mainstream, low conscious people and even stage green hippies and tier 1 people but at the same time I have not mastered my sexuality. I prefer spending time with tier two people and the question is: where to meet them since there are not that many around? And oh yeah, I live in Finland, Helsinki. Not a very big city, half a million people. Open to the idea of moving to a place with more conscious people for sure. Just where are they? Summary: Not finding the heavy energy from lower conscious people that appealing anymore, would much prefer to meet more conscious intimate partners. Where to find them?