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  1. Good points being made. At the same time, perhaps, having people take you seriously in some situations is completely natural and fine. And perhaps because you are really deep down insecure, that's why you deny it, and hide it exactly with this mentality of ''I'm just having fun and I don't care if no one takes me seriously''. What I'm saying is that: if this is done incorrectly, it could be due to self-deception and hiding from reality. But yeah it is a weird but understandable paradox. On one hand you really do care about hot girls taking you seriously until you have so much of them that it doesn't matter anymore. But how to get there? By first learning to get the girls take you seriously. Or perhaps... lie to yourself that you don't care, so it would be the fake it till you make it approach. The problem with the latter approach is how sustainable it is? How much can you fake it before reality shits on you? And even if you manage to make it by faking it, will there be a lingering fear deep down that you made it only because you faked it? Granted, some people might have this delusional level of confidence and they don't even realize that they are faking it and just by pure luck, things work out, which feeds their delusions even more - narcissists, sociopaths, manipulative people etc or perhaps even just socially clueless people (not sophisticated = naturally doesn't give a fuck about social norms and the survival hierarchy). But we are not interested in delusions here, right? Yeah but what if it stings even when you haven't built a deeper connection with them, due to the loss of beauty and hotness? We are talking about the initial phase of dating or even earlier than that. My whole point with this thread is: where could I improve myself so that I can become more sexually attractive in order to not be in such a scarcity mindset when it comes to top hot girls. OR is the problem really just Location, since naturally you are in scarcity when there isn't many options for you to pick up. I have to be careful with the location explanation because it could be just a rationalization to keep me from improving myself. On the other hand, if I am to improve myself from here, then how? I have studied & practiced game and spirituality pretty much for the past 10 years directly or indirectly. What are some teachers I could learn from? Could it be perhaps, you and the people on this forum that I need to learn from? What about approaching more hot girls? Which leads to the problem of the location. Or is it just because I've developed myself as a person, spirituality and consciousness wise, that my raw sexual power isn't as high anymore? I go much deeper on this in my first reply. You have said yourself that generally, the more scumbag, asshole, manipulative, narcissist or ''barbarian'' you are, the easier it is with hot girls. If this is the case, how ''low'' am I willing to step? How have you dealt with this or how are you dealing with this? How would you deal with this?
  2. @Raze I was gonna reply to everyone but perhaps that's an inefficient way to go about this since others have said the same things as you and much more so perhaps it's best I just respond to the deeper answers. Feel free to further answer tho. @aurum - To your first reply: Great points. I pretty much have the same thoughts except the part when you said that there is a video where Owen obliterated Todd (agree but I don't think it's the full story). I touched on this in my first reply to Federico but to sum it up, perhaps it was just once in a while thing since I think Owen's style is more of a hit or miss, similar to Julien's but just Julien's style is even more of a hit or miss than Owen's. Whereas Todd is more consistent, no? On the social circle part, the problem with that game style is like Leo said in his How To Get Laid Series, it is energy consuming to run a social circle. Also, it is not the best way to go about gaming, since if you move to or visit another city, you'll have nothing. Cold approach is the best way to go because it builds you the most as a man of strength and groundedness. You are not dependent on anything like social circle or fame. Please correct me if this thinking is flawed. About Derek. That's exactly the problem, as I mentioned in the opened. Generally, the more narcissist, scumbagry, asshole you are, the easier it is to get with hot girls. The problem is, where is the line I am willing to cross, as a person who values spirituality and consciousness? Of course, as a conscious person, I am willing to kill people if the situation requires but this is not really necessary the situation to act so ''low''. @Lyubov - To your first reply: Yup. We have the same story. I was more into Owen at first due to my spiritual background but later I found Todd more helpful in a practical way. Also the ''today I'm actually mixed on him'' is relateable. Please read my first reply, I pretty much touch on your points and go deeper on some points, especially the point that perhaps an ideal game is being able to switch between Owen style and Todd style, depending on circumstances or perhaps combine their styles into one style, if that is even possible and if it is possible then perhaps, depending on the situation, switch between the three styles. Altho there is Julien's style as well and I heard that it was God level. I just never got the chance to deeply study him. Also I share much more context of my current situation in the first reply. Yeah, perhaps it is the unholistic part of Todd that I feel off. I am aware of James Marshall but haven't studied him deeply. The small amount I have, I got kinda a more relaxed version of Owen vibe. Meaning, perhaps too much inner game? You also say that Todd is very stage orange. But my question to that is, perhaps stage orange game is the most efficient? that's really the whole dilemma here. On one hand I want to be really efficient, on the other hand I wonder where is the line of values am I willing to cross. @RedLine - To your first reply. That video is interesting. I'm not familiar with all of the teachers but perhaps Owen is too high. I've studied Max a bit and I heard he was really good but got really turned off by his sales team and the way he does sales. So I dropped him. Perhaps as you said, his style mixed with Todd's or the ability to fluctuate between the two depending on the situation might be the best. Or perhaps mix between Julien and Todd? On a side note: are you into One Piece due to the name? Let's not get into that here tho haha.
  3. Hey guys, thanks ya'll for the replies. I have been busy so I haven't been able to respond and take part in the convo. Btw, after writing this post, I realized that the answers will probably be quite long so this goes without saying but: take your time to respond, please don't feel pressured to respond quickly or to respond at all. This is quite obvious but I wanted to still say so it is clear between us. I might also take a while to respond as it happened. I like to respond when I really have time so that I can give a proper respond. I'll reply one by one to keep this organized. First, @Medhansh - as you see, others have pointed out issues with him even tho his teaching has shit ton of value. Second, to your first respond @Federico del pueblo I pretty much agree with everything you say and that's my experience with studying Todd too. I have studied him quite deeply as well. To the point, as like I said in the beginner, maybe he is holding me back. I have loved his style very much. It works well with my personality of the more cool, silent, relaxed type of guy, rather than fun clown like Owen. Not saying that Owen is bad like @aurum said, but just trying to make a point. Altho, to that point Aurum, I think I agree with Leo on the fact that Owen doesn't necessarily have the top game. He is very good at teaching game but not necessary a top player himself. The way I see it and I have actually experimented with his style before I studied Todd's, is that Owen's style is a big hit or miss. If everything goes well, the environment is right and you properly get into state, you will be a God. If everything goes wrong, you can look like a clown or come off as too friendly because there isn't enough man to woman frame and / or qualifying the girl etc. Todd's style is more consistent, as far as results are concerned. This is my experience. I used to study mostly Owen before I studied Todd, because of my spiritual background, so I resonated with Owen's inner game style more. I didn't ever study Julien deeply but I heard he was a God, I think this is what Leo also says. I think, perhaps, the best approach is perhaps to be able to do both Owen's and Todd's game and depending on the situation, environment, your mood etc, switch between the styles. But man, after hearing the stuff people talk about Julien, I wish I had studied him more before all the stuff were taken down. It really sparks my curiosity but I would imagine his style was something like Owen's but much more polarizing, cocky, narcissist, manipulative, arrogant etc. Even tho this style is still based on the hit or miss premise, but perhaps that's the best game overall, of course depending on who the person using the style is. I could see why that can work extremely well for Julien, taking into consideration that he is tall and one of the better looking guys out of all the teachers. And he used to be extremely shy with deep insecurity issues, so this polarizing style seems to have been fitting for him to compromise and ''go to the other extreme'', as lots of new guys into game tend to do. You also said, Federico: ''I just have my own techniques for "inner work" that I gathered over the years which I do on top of learning (technical) game (let me know if you want me to share them).'' Please do. And responding to your summary: I have to add that I'm fairly young (27) and have done deep spiritual and inner work for the past 10 years so I have most or a lot of my inner shit resolved. And like I said, I used to follow Owen's style much more when I had less of my inner shit resolved. Afterwards I've been getting shit ton of value from Todd's teaching. But I wonder what is holding me back from reaching TRUE, DEEP, Abundance. The kind of abundance that from my gut feelings I know, without even thinking, that I can attract a really hot girl into my life, anytime. Now, a hot girl and a quality girl can be a very different thing and that is a whole another conversation. But I did some deep dive into this conversation: (Okay, after writing the following, I realized this shit goes deep so take your time. And I would appreciate if everyone joining this conversation reads the following as well. Perhaps we'll get a really deep, and growing conversation). And also this conversation that came from the opener of the above post where Leo was talking with @Emerald and @Etherial Cat about attraction: Now there's prolly some misunderstanding between the two parties. For example, I think Leo was talking about raw, brutal sexual attraction whereas the girls were talking about a good long-term partner. But if that's not the case and the they are talking about the same thing and the parties are just straight up denying the each other's opinion, then: since, the girls are rather conscious and if Leo is right, which on further, deep contemplation with my own experience, I do think he is right, then in order to attract a very conscious partner, you will still need to have that raw, brutal strenght, groundedness and the truly ''I don't give a fuck''-ness. That's what I'm trying to build and it seems like even @Leo Gura (would like to have him join this conversation as well) is still building it at 36-37 years of age? So perhaps I'm over-hurrying. Or perhaps it truly just is an issue of logistics. I'm trying to see what is it that I'm missing and it can be really hard to see your own blindspots. The reason I'm taking this so seriously is because I think (pretty sure, unless it is just a karma that once burned, I no longer care) that in the future, I will want a really attractive and also conscious partner (whatever this means since there are ton of degrees or levels to this). I don't think I'll be satisfied with just conscious partner who is not really really attractive. Also, I'm not sure if I will be satisfied with just one either. Perhaps, I will need a harem of bunch of really attractive, yet very conscious people. Because I find so many different types of girls attractive and perhaps I won't be satisfied with just one: theres the typical hot babe with hourglass body, then there's the classy long leg type of sexy and beauty, then there's cute shorter girls, and there's so many different type of faces, hairstyle, make up style etc, and finally there's the artistic and spiritual type of girls which I guess is more psychological attractiveness rather than body & face (and perhaps these two components can't be combined or can they? And even if they could, they can't change their body type at will). I also find intellectual and smart girls sexy in their own way. When I put it out like this, this shit can seem crazy even for really openminded and conscious people but is it tho? Or is it precisely because they are more ''conscious'' that they would condemn this shit because they have by-passed the work? But of course, perhaps this is all just a lack of my spiritual and deep inner work, that I feel this way. Or perhaps this is just my karma that I need to burn through. I do have done a shit ton of inner work over the past 10 years but perhaps it isn't enough. Again, perhaps this is just my karma. Or perhaps this is neither and this is just how I want to build my (passionate) life to be and that's fine. Altho it can be perhaps quite / a bit unrealistic in our current time and age to find a bunch of really attractive girls, yet very conscious to want to be part of my harem. Perhaps it is not unrealistic at all. But either way I guess by improving myself as a man of strength & groundedness (increasing my sexual attraction and value) is the only way to find out. But yeah, ''back'' to finishing my respond to your summary Federico, hopefully everything I said makes sense, there were many points made. But basically I want to improve and max out my sexual attraction and value. And as in the opener, how much does it require for me to be an asshole, scumbag, narcissist etc. And how much am I willing to cross the line? Hopefully this conversation gives ya'll value as well so that it is not only me who gets value. -------------------------------------------- I'll respond to the rest in a new comment.
  4. See Leo’s episode on burning through karma? The episode opened / freed my mind to the idea that I should let myself make a proper, healthy income. That perhaps I’ve been repressing it to an extent due to the spiritual path. There are many problems money solves, let’s not be naive and deny it.
  5. Would like to discuss him, since personally he has taught me a lot but I wonder if there are better teachers out there for me and whether he’s keeping me stuck. @Leo Gura and the big boys into game, what are your thoughts? Not sure if I’m getting this list right but from my short observation, some members: @Federico del pueblo @aurum @Lyubov , maybe @flowboy ? Some context: I think my biggest bottleneck is the lack of brutal strenght and the truly ”not give a fuck”, when it comes to the most hottest girls. It also conflicts a bit with the spiritual work we are doing but ultimately we are supposed to transcend and include, right? But speaking of which, generally the more scumbag, narcissist, and manipulative you are, the easier it is with the hottest girls. On one hand I absolutely love the hottest girls, on the other hand, what is the line of scumbagry am I willing to cross? I would like to reach the ultimate abundance where I truly deep down from my guts level don’t give a fuck if one hot girl drops out of my rotation because I know I can get one back anytime. I have also started to give this a lot of thought since you guys have been talking about it a lot in the forum: location. I live in Helsinki, which is far from the top locations when it comes to going hard in game. Also, the other problem when it comes to Helsinki, is probably that Finnish girls are not generally really the hottest out there. But let’s not ignore the original question. What are your thoughts on Todd V and are there any teachers that could perhaps teach me more about the brutal strenght? Or perhaps, is my problem really just location since I can’t get to the true abundance of not truly giving a fuck if I lose a really hot girl. It stings, which Leo would probably say is natural, due to the emotional connection built overtime. But I what if it stings even before the emotional connection built due to scarcity? Could it really be the location’s scarce over hot girls, that is holding me the most back? Hope it wasn’t too much of a messy text. If you have any confusions, let me know and I’ll clear em.
  6. I've been studying him a bit, great content when it comes to purely making money without much concern about ethics and consciousness. But his business is http://acquisition.com, meaning that his free content and free book(s) are meant to get people to, first of all, trust him as an authority and then second of all, get people to reach the 3-10m a year where his portfolio company then comes into play and takes the best 3-10m businesses (read: most profitable) in under their wings. His free content is basically his marketing, hence he always mentions his portfolio company in the videos. He also always shouts ''I have nothing to sell you'' in his videos, which is very telling in itself. So his work definitely has an agenda to make more money. It is very subtle. I mean, his lifetime goal is to make 1b a year by the time he dies. Don't get me wrong, he does give away a ton of value when it comes to purely money-making.
  7. I personally prefer satisfying my sexual needs through deep intimacy with an attractive woman. The more conscious and mature, the better. The thing is, chances are that if they are conscious and mature, they are taking care of their body very well, thus increasing their attractiveness. Now, if you got to choose to have sex and deep intimacy with an ugly, average or attractive girl, which one would you choose? I don't think it is very rocket science. But the point I'm making here and I'm pretty sure Leo as well, is that, unless you are able to consistently attract these very attractive women, leading to True level of abundance, you won't be able to keep one. If there is any neediness, then attraction is gone. And there will be neediness if you deep down feel that she is special and ''once in a rare moon'' type of girl. And the way to consistently attract these women is to improve yourself into a Strong, high value man who is grounded. So, this would be the True Independence from women's validation - when you deep in your guts know that if you wanted to, you could attract an attractive woman into your life anytime. This is what being grounded means. You don't care too much if she decides to leave you. Of course it will sting a bit because of the deep connection built overtime. But in the first initial stages of attraction, you don't give a fuck because you know you can attract another one right away. This has been my experience. Also, once in a deep relationship with an attractive girl, I will not let the relationship go toxic because I actually know deep down that I can replace her beauty anytime. This gives me the power to set clear boundaries. And this leads her to respect me, thus remain attracted to me. Where spirituality comes into play, is that deep contenment, acceptance, and self-love gives you the inner abundance of not seeking for happiness outside you. But hey, if you have deep acceptance and self-love, why not improve yourself as a man so that you can enjoy the beauty of deep physical and emotional intimacy with an attractive girl? This is not very hard to grasp, no?
  8. This advice is not very helpful for the majority of men. We have needs. And to meet those needs, we have to improve ourselves to become valuable and grounded enough that the needs are met. The hotter the girl is, the more valuable and grounded a man she needs, like Leo says. It is extremely hard / even impossible to ascend to higher levels of spirituality if you can't even have your basic needs met. Be careful with that rationalization / self-lie, since it is very convenient in keeping you lazy and by-passing the serious work.
  9. @How to be wise I see! This forum is a bit tricky with these quotes, eh? Seems like I can’t get rid of em once used.
  10. @Leo Gura do you mind sharing yours? 😌 I would believe quite secure. Perhaps being active in pick up is affecting the ”worry about others not caring as much about you as you care about them” more negatively then if you were not actively doing pick up. At least, this was my experience because I was never able to consistently spin many hot girls and didn’t reach deep abundance when it came to them. In fact, after hearing so much from you about the importance of a great volumized city, I’m starting to think that perhaps the reason might not have necessarily been more so my lack of skills, but rather, the small city I’m living in (Helsinki, Finland). Altho, if I had kept going longer and didn’t settle down so soon (only 1 year being single after last break up where half of it was covid & quarantine), things could have been different. But nevertheless, it would be interesting to see how you analyze your own measurements / scale of the assesment.
  11. Quite a bad upbringing by quite unconscious parents. Lots of shit. Did a lot of inner work and inner healing the past 10 years. Have completely forgiven both my parents and currently pretty much completely understand where they were & are coming from - feel a deep sense of compassion towards them. That being said, I don't see much reason & potential to connect ''deeply'' with them anymore, which is I guess, completely natural taking into consideration where I currently am. They are definitely dramatically more attached to me than I am to them. My relationship with my current partner is the most conscious it has ever been compared to any of my exes, by FAR. Definitely still work to do, perhaps a lot, but we are definitely on the right track. Crazy how much I've grown the past 3 years, after breaking up with my ex. It almost felt like I had a really steep learning curve. It's kinda like doing the groundwork for 5+ years and then bumping into a few teachers like Ken Wilber, Rupert Spira, Bentinho Massaro & Leo, then things kinda blew up. I feel like Bentinho has matured a lot in the past years. I didn't resonate much with him when he was younger - could also of course be that I was just immature. I remember watching Leo way back when he was doing lots of game & stage orange related videos. Didn't resonate with his teaching style of those stuff back then (resonated more with RSD). I was quite surprised & maybe a bit shocked too when I bumped into Leo's youtube videos again, 1.5 years ago, after having studied Rupert Spira deeply for a good few months (covid & quarantine hit and couldn't run away from my inner void and miseries that the last break up left & brought up, by chasing more and more girls anymore - so I had to face the emptiness and Rupert was there at the perfect place and the perfect time. Before all that was Eckhart Tolle). Rupert definitely laid the groundwork for me to resonate with Leo's Infinite Consciousness-related talks. It's beautiful how life just always turns out to be in perfect harmony - ''out of chaos comes order.'' Osho resonated so much more when I was starting out 10 years ago, in fact, he was my first serious teacher and I studied the shit out of his books - whatever resonated to me, I took it. Changed my life completely and put me on a completely different path of life. But it makes sense, because his style of rebelliousness and drama resonated with my then very broken & drama-loving ego. Alan Watts also helped a ton in my first years. Afterwards, Eckhart Tolle, then Rupert, then Leo. Bunch of other names I didn't throw in there but yeah. There are also some other teachers I'm looking forward to studying in the near future. Also gotta do some serious psychedelics experiments when my life situation allows it. Uh, got quite immersed into this and this got quite long, opsie. I think I'm done. If you read it through then I guess thank you for reading and hope it touched you somehow. And thanks for the assessment, Leo!
  12. Interesting observation on a side note: Seems like they are switching their ''field of expertise''. I don't know if they have done this before but seems like Owen is going from his High Status Communication to ''higher & deeper topics'' in 2022 (or at least that's what he's been yelling for the past 6 months), whereas Julien is going from his letting go work (''higher topic'') to High Vibe Communication - they have been promoting the shit out of it. I wonder if this is just a business strategy to keep the followers freshly interested or is Julien trying to bring back the pick up stuff in a covert way - or both.
  13. I see, makes sense. Since we are at the topic, what do you think of Bentinho's teaching of the highest level of consciousness? https://www.bentinhomassaro.com/read/causalbody You can see the model if you scroll down a bit. To him, God state is not the highest, but the second highest. Absolute is the highest for him. Is this just a matter of preference of words? Or do you think he is not conscious enough to be talking about what you are talking about? In my knowledge, he doesn't do psychedelics, or at least doesn't promote them. Perhaps he promotes them in his private, inner circles. Actually, here, let me screenshot the model from his site. I think the article is a nice read tho. I know I should do the work and confirm it for myself but until I get my hands on psychedelics and reach God myself, I wonder if I can learn anything interesting / worthwhile that you are not teaching from Bentinho? Or is focusing on him just a distraction... Btw, I haven't thanked you yet for your work so let me take this moment to do so. It has greatly helped me and my girlfriend - we are extremely grateful.
  14. Leo, you are stating that someone like Rupert's level of consciousness and your highest has a clear difference? Interesting. Looking forward to doing my first trips, just gotta get them somewhere. Not vey experienced in getting any illegal related stuff, and it seems like talking about sourcing is not allowed here, which is understandable. Also, what is the level you are sitting on, when you are sober and haven't done psychedelics for a good while? I'm talking about your ''natural'', sober state. I assume that you are not on this Godly, Infinite level of consciousness, when you are sober, in your human state?