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  1. @Serotoninluv Thank you, too. As I said, I need to contemplate more... The deconstruction process is pretty hard, I'm afraid...!
  2. Wow, thanks to all for taking your time... Really appreciated. There are A LOT of profound insights in what you have told me. I've been meditating since September everyday, but just for 10 minutes. I need to spend more time and tol introduce some exercises you have suggested. @This is the end I have not have any 'paranormal' or mystic experiences, so you can see I'm pretty stubborn when it comes believing this phenomena. I'm not dismissing you though, it's just too radical and unkown for me to accept. But I will do what you say, I will empty my mind and try to not taking things for granted. @Leo Gura Wow, that is like REALLY unbelievable. It just saddens me. How can I be so decieved? Like SO PERFECTLY decieved? Thanks a lot, @Nahm, for introducing me to such fantastic people. I'm just keep on reading and reading your words. They are going to be really, really helpful. Appreciated, man. Honestly. @Inliytened1 I'm on my way to it Thanks, I am excited for having the oppotunity to meet such interesting people! @Guru Fat Bastard I will do contemplation work, thank you... I also want to say that I have had some glimpses when suddenly reality as I know it (my life, this world, my everyday life) stopped making sense, like it was too 'good' to be true, too 'unlikely' to even BE the way it is, that I was too lucky to be alive. How the hell is it possible to just BE... Can you advice or suggest me any powerful technics to help me in my journey towards enlightment? I am really commited into this work. If I make relevant progress, I will post it here. Thanks to all, from the bottom of my heart.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm new here, so, first of all, nice to meet you, I am really excited! The question I am droppning here may be too "basic" for most of you, so I honestly appreciate your time to help me out. I'm actually struggling to make a distinction between brain activity and conciousness. The way I see it, injuries or drugs, for example, have a remarkable impact on the brain and our whole perception of reality, so, undoubtedly, there is correlation (yet not necessarily causation). But when the brain shuts down (when we are deeply asleep or even dead), conciousness stops, there's no more perceptions, no more reality. It doesn't matter if it's 8 hours or 5 minutes, you cease to be aware. I am also very triggered by that emotion occasionally, to the point where I even loose my mind whewn thinking about my non-existence. I has hit me really, really hard sometimes, 8 times or so in my life (I'm 23), and is unchained as easily as watching a movie. The rest of the day I am OK with my own mortality, so I just can not grasp the singificance this rare and uncommon psychotic attacks. On the other hand, I have seen the "Why brains do not exist", but I just can not see through. Conceptually, I feel like I'm missing some essencial point. I think the following video explains, more or less, my point of view (just don't watch the whole thing, from 4:50 - 6:35 is enough). So the quiestion arises... Doesn't that brain-conciousness relation prove that? Doesn't consciousness emerge from matter? I'd appreciate if you could clue me in. Thanks a lot!