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  1. Are you Leo half-American by biology or by law?
  2. Your argument here like it has been the whole week is: the model is a man while Black Jack is not. And you got that completely the opposite. The model is a damn wimp in this case. Fucking him in bed for females is like fucking another pussy - they already got one. Look, talking with you about this is completely pointless and a waste of time. First go approach a thousand girls and you’ll notice quickly what behaviours are rewarded and what are punished. You have no experince and you talk like you do. That is the fundamental problem here.
  3. Imagine a tall, jacked, model looking male - but awfully insecure, can’t hold eye contact to save his life, extremely stifled, stutters a ton & trembles when talking to girls Vs. Jack Black. https://www.actualized.org/insights/jack-black —- This is the only thing ya’ll incels need to contemplate.
  4. BUT I DONT LOOK GOOD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Sigh… This is a waste of time. These ”pickup artists” have more balls now than you will your whole life combined.
  6. Yes, of course. Learning how to handle rejections properly is one of the most important things in dating. One of those things that can make it or break it for you.
  7. This is certainly the case for a percentage of men. But for a percentage of men (wink wink), they are just too scared to approach and do the work to learn the skills - so they demonize everyone that does the work in order for them to feel good about not taking any action and to keep being a coward. —- Just because some girls are toxic and manipulative, doesnt mean that there isn’t a ton of girls who are good human beings. From my experience, most girls are good people with a good heart. Just because a bunch / half / most of PUAs are immature and manipulative selfish shits, doesn’t mean that everyone is. Stop making so many excuses and learn the damn skills. Just practice and use them in a healthy way.
  8. Here comes the third perspective my babes: As a guy who has an extremely high libido. And an extroverted, who loves to be around people and meet new people, Whenever I am single, I find myself meeting lots of new women. And pickup has given a lot of skills for me to be able to make it as much of a win-win as possible for me and the new girls I meet... and: I actually just realized that I kinda feel like I am being slut-shamed, whenever I am called or related to ''the PUA guy'' or ''a player''. Ironic, isn't it? I don't even consider myself a PUA guy or a player but I guess there's a lot of overlapping. I would consider myself at best, a healthy PUA guy, if such a thing even exists. Really, I am just a social guy who loves to meet new women, explore, experiment, and have fun both sexually but also just as ''platonically'' cracking jokes etc. And I hate leading anyone on. And again, pick up has given me a lot of skills to be able do this. Using other words just to emphasize lol: without which I would not be able to do this. ---- What am I supposed to do? Start investing into the first girl(s) I meet seriously and give it my all? Well, that will most definitely not end well due to me becoming desperate and clingy. I am down for dating someone seriously but it most likely isn't going to be the first girl(s) I meet whenever I am single. Especially if I haven't even moved on from my ex. Also, I have very high standards for a partner and it isn't going to be easy finding one. I have to go through a lot of dating new people - but at the same time, I have a high sex drive. And the girls clearly want to fuck me. And I have not led them on at all about wanting something serious with them. In fact, often times I disqualify myself very clearly as boyfriend material. ----- Now, I get it that there are a lot of PUA guys who are extremely toxic, manipulative, selfish, and narcissistic - as there are such CEOs as well. But there's also definitely a lot of CEOs who practice relatively very conscious leadership and business. Don't forget that. Please don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. ---- Finally, I want to say that thanks to the damn abundance I've gotten from pickup skills, I AM ACTUALLY ABLE TO BE MUCH MORE honest with the girls (not perfectly unless I cut my dick off). I can treat them with MUCH MORE love and care because I am not so damn desperate for pussy. I can treat them as part of me so much more. I can care for their needs much more. I have the power to be much more loving and abundant. I can afford that. Just like GOD can afford to create (imagine ) this world we live in. Thanks to the power (skills, ability, abundance). Again, why am I not so desperate for pussy as a guy who has huge sex drive, that I would need to manipulate, lead on, ''treat them just as pussy'', ‘’use them and dump them like they’re not even human beings’’ etc.? PICK UP SKILLS. Whenever I am single, I tend to approach around 20-50+ girls a week. And a bunch of them I go on a date with and / or have ONS with and / or build a FWB thing with. I TREAT them ALL mostly with LOTS of fucking LOVE. Sorry for the language. Thank you for reading. I don't know if this Nordic model / social democratic / highly stage green in Finland has anything to do with my dating experience but goddamn I TREAT EVERY GIRL I MEET VERY WELL! I have too much empathy to be treating people poorly. And as an ENFJ, we are known for our empathy. + my spiritual practices. Hence, it rubs me kinda wrong when you ''demonize'' me. But I get it where ya'll coming from. Just giving the third perspective. Don't get me wrong. I deeply care about being as conscious of a human being as possible and treating people with as much love as possible. But I also have a huge sex drive and I love meeting (flirting) with new women due to my extrovertness. And finally, I care about finding a highly high-quality partner for myself, so it takes a lot of dating different women, which of course includes a lot of experimenting in the bed with different women to see if we are compatible there as well.
  9. I’m not sure what you mean exactly but I consider myself pretty good / pretty decent and I would Very Much prefer doing solo than having someone around me who don’t know what they are doing, especially beginners. Even the guys who are okay ish / intermediate… I prefer to go solo than with them. Because if they do weird shit as my ”friend”, I am too associated with them in the girls mind. I rather entertain the girls myself or drag some random guy on the spot / in the club who I feel could be okay-ish / good / decent at this and introduce him to the other girl. I could see that winging with someone around my level could be really awesome but here in Helsinki, I haven’t really found anyone close to my level. At least not one who would fairly actively be going out.
  10. @Leo Gura Do you have tinnitus? Or are you just trying to prevent it the best you can? Or perhaps just understanding for understanding’s sake? I don’t have tinnitus but from what I’ve read, it can truly be hell. So I’m trying my best to prevent it. Currently, part of my work requires me to go to loud clubs. Earplugs is all I have for now.
  11. You guys need to start getting used to just socializing with people in general. For the sake of socializing. For fun. It is not so serious. Baby step yourself up. If you are so nervous at first, then just say something short for them and then wish them a good day! You can literally just say: ''heyy you look very lovely! Have a good day :)'' From there you can slowly increase the length and quality of the conversation. This is not rocket science. It is not hard work. It is supposed to be playful and fun. How would you talk to someone if they were an old friend you haven't seen in years? Enjoy the conversation.
  12. What is this crap? It's ironic because the more you say, the more it seems like you are just projecting yourself onto me. Are you perhaps triggered that you are not getting the success you want and I remind you of that? Just by the way you ask this question tells me you are not very experienced in game. If you were experienced in game, you would know that it mostly doesn't matter what you say to the girls when you approach them - and that this question is a very typical beginner-question. As for if you are open-minded and want to learn, here, I wrote this recently: I'm done for today.
  13. What are you on about? My whole respond was to @thierry saying ''you won’t get a lot of sex if you want to maintain your integrity and honor.'' So obviously we need to establish first whetever I am having a lot of sex or not. I would say 1-3 is a lot. But perhaps in this case, he is talking about much more. I could definitely have much more sex if I made it my full-time thing. It just gets extremely boring and meaningless. So in that sense, 1-3 is not necessarily a lot. Out of all that damn analysis, you got stuck on that one short sentence?
  14. Because I VALUE integrity, consciousness, and healthy way of living which includes healthy dating and socializing. Read my most recent respond to Leo and you'll understand why I take ya'lls criticism towards PUA more negatively than I should.
  15. Yes. This much is obviously toxic, unconscious and very unhealthy. I guess I have just never been around these type of people here in Finland. We are one of the most developed countries after all. Seems like I am very biased because I live in a bubble and don't know how bad it really is in the PUA community. Like I said, I was never much in the pickup community. I was never on the RSD forum. I just took some stuff here and there on YT that I found helpful, mostly from Owen and Todd, spread within like 5 years. I didn't follow Julien much at all. I didn't even know who JAL is before I joined this forum back in 2021. Most PUA rubbed me off the wrong way. Including you Leo. I bumped into your early videos but had to stop following you because of the PUA videos. The surprise on my damn face when I bumped into Infinite Consciousness video of yours 7 years later. But anyways, upon my deeper reflections here, I think I got my answer. My initial intuition towards PUA was so bad that I never truly allowed myself to dive deep into it and study the community. I only took the healthier stuff from the healthier coaches and a bit of them only at that. I loved Owen's life advice more so than his PUA advice. So all in all, because of my initial intuition towards PUA, I never even allowed myself into the PUA community to really see how bad it is / was. No wonder I don't know how bad it was! All I know after 2015 is that Julien was fucked up inside. But I thought he was an exception. ---- I also just realized that perhaps there is a lot of naturalness in me. Much more than I like to admit. Just because I am too biased towards self-development. And definitely way too biased and attached towards helping people grow. I have always been a natural leader. I was the captain of my football teams throughout my childhood and teenage years. I am an extrovert with the personality type that is probably the most suited for socializing, charisma, and making people like me - ENFJ. And precisely also because of that personality type, I am so biased towards self-development and helping others grow. And finally, precisely because of my personality type (very intuitive and in touch with their feelings), I intuitively knew not to dive deep into PUA. Especially the unhealthier parts. And since I focused mostly on the healthier parts (and didn't even need much) and unconsciously ignored the unhealthy parts, I have such a damn wrong and biased view of PUA.
  16. Look, whenever I am single, I typically have sex with 1-3 new girls a week. Can we agree that this is a lot? I want to see how exactly I am going against my integrity. I don't go for drunk girls, I don't use my social advantages. I don't lead anyone on to believe I want something more serious, when I don't. I don't need to do it. Precisely because game has allowed me abundance to choose from. I do some lying, yes, but the lies are more akin to a spiritual teacher speaking at the level where the student is at (beginner). Is he saying the full truth? No, he is not. But he also knows that the student is not ready for the hard-core truth and saying it can just lead him astray. Is it good to teach a beginner in spirituality that solipsism is the truth? Even more advanced people on this forum can't handle that. Now of course, when I lie with the girls, it is not exactly like that. But I only lie to make the girl more comfortable, socially. For example: I suggest things like adventure, going to listen to good music, going to eat good food, instead of saying let's go have sex. I do this because I don't want her to feel slutty. Because that makes her feel uncomfortable. We apply game not because we want to do it as men but because the girls want to do it. We would much prefer to be direct and straight honest. If she finds out that I am into spirituality and that she wants to hear more about it and I can sense that she can't handle even the basic form of spirituality, I am going to say some random stuff that has nothing to do with real spirituality, and change subject. If she starts talking about politics, I will consciously change the subject because I know that politics can lead to arguments which is not fun and sexy. And I want to keep it fun and playful. Am I lying? But if she really pushes it and asks me do I like Trump? I will say: ''no and if you like Trump, we are not going to get along.'' Yes of course there are techniques I use here and there to make the narrative / frame / me look better than it is. But that's just marketing. You can do more conscious marketing. You can do more conscious business like Google. It of course won't be as clean and pure as just going to a cave, sit in solitude, and eat plants. But that also is not as clean and pure as killing yourself, rather than destroying other life forms (plants) for your own selfish survival agenda. ---- So how am I breaking integrity so badly? You guys make it seem like I am murdering people, stealing their money, and raping their wives. In fact, I am giving these girls amazing experiences both physically and also emotionally - compared to what most guys out there would give them. I would suggest that you NOT learning this skillset (which is VERY HARD to learn as we can see here) is most likely spiritual by-passing - and that would truly be against integrity, if you want to actualize yourself to your highest self and become this holy conscious person without unconscious biases. Burn your sex karma so much that it doesn't appeal that much to you anymore, rather than repress it with all these holy ''integrity'' speeches - all the while the moment you get the chance to do it without anyone seeing you break integrity, you would immediately jump on the chance.
  17. Timing. Just finished watching this.
  18. This is obvious. I guess I live in a bubble. I don't really know any PUAs in real life other than myself. I don't even like to call myself PUA. Just a cool social guy who likes to connect and have fun with people and girls - and treat them with love. All the wingmen I've had who were toxic, I dropped. I haven't ever followed the PUA community much. I was never on the RSD forum (was too young and busy approaching girls lol - I was 19 in 2015). Now that I think about it, I've heard multiple times that it was toxic as hell. But to be fair, a lot of guys are like the way you define, even if they are not into pick up. Especially the guys who actually do get girls. And even for the guys who don't get girls, probably a good amount of them would behave as such if they actually did get girls. So PUA or not, lots of toxic, unconscious people out there. And I've had very strong boundaries in blocking these people from my life so I guess I'm blind.
  19. My point is that we gotta be careful of this idea of sitting in solitude in a cave doing nothing all day because we are so ''high conscious''. If you want to be so high conscious, perhaps death is the answer for you. Paraphrasing Leo: ''We don't know what Infinite Consciousness is because we have called it death'' As far as being on Earth to live human lives... Then live it.
  20. Being a human being and alive is one big survival.
  21. Yes, I understand. As I've grown to understand myself and my personality (ENFJ) better, I am an extremely empathetic and feeling type of person. Side note: I used to think that me being very feeling-type was a bad thing due to spiritual brainwashing. Thanks Leo for waking me up from that and too many other bullshit lol. --- Don't get me wrong. I am not criticizing your thoughts. Quite the contrary: I am trying to be open-minded to my own possible devilry and bullshit (that I'm not seeing) in regards to dating. My own blindspots in other words. As far as some girls catching feelings to me and being hurt (even tho I was open and honest about my intentions from the beginning), I would perhaps argue that this is something that just comes with it? Kinda like playing sports. You will likely eventually get injured. Or am I being a devil here? I am trying my best to make my dating as conscious and healthy as possible. My life purpose is to be a healthy role model for people. Right now, especially in the more practical realm / stage orange / self-development / dating / money making etc. Later in spirituality as well. Anyway, I would really appreciate if you and others give me pointers to think about possible ways I'm being unhealthy in regards to dating.
  22. Talking about personal experience here: I understanding that some lying happens. I would maybe call it white-lies. I understand that some manipulation / techniques happens, as in marketing and business too. But cheating? hurting others? What do you mean by hurting? As in leading the girl to believe that you want something more serious, even tho you never intended to do so - just to get in her pants? I've never had to use such strategy. Perhaps a little bit in my first year of learning game, when I was still desperate. I have also never cheated on anyone I've dated seriously. In fact, I have been very clear on my intentions with the girls I have been seeing, and often speak openly about my feelings, vulnerabilities, and passions about philosophy and spirituality - while knowing full well that all of these acts can dramatically increase the chance of the girl getting the ick and stop seeing me. Thanks to the abundance I've gotten from learning game, I don't mind the girls leaving me for me being honest, nearly as much as I would if I was in scarcity. What I'm saying is that I can be much more honest, vulnerable and authentic with my intentions with the girls - precisely because of the abundance I've gotten from the skillset of game.