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  1. I completely understand myself, the ego, and God. Ask me anything if you wish
  2. There’s literally nothing to do.. BUT enjoy life. And it’s so much better to know you are ONE, but I understand why it took 30 years to accept the LOVE
  3. I agree, liberation is just this already. However I would make a distinction that enlightenment is the end of seeking
  4. @Recursoinominado sorry, I still have to work a job enlightenment or not. How did I do it? Honesty, I didn’t do anything per se, I just became aware of what reality is. I have listened to hours, days, maybe months of no dual teachers and had glimpses here and there, predominantly on psychedelics but never “got it”. I kept waiting for a “shift” or permanent “enlightenment” but nothing ever stuck, until it just clicked that I am both the awakened and dreamer and I am now aware that I make the distinctions. so what is enlightenment? It’s this, it’s already this. Whoever reads this is enlightenment and is literally God. Because God is completely total and no dual, the only way it can create other is through thought and appearance, qualia, or mind. Reality is so total that it HAS to create an illusion of something outside of itself via thought, sensation, and emotion to trick itself that it’s not Reality. I’m really trying not to parrot Leo here, but what he says is true from the Absolute perspective and I can’t think of a better choice of words, lol. so to answer your question, in my opinion there is nothing you can do to become enlightened, because you’re already eternal awareness, AKA enlightenment, pretending that you’re not to create a sense of something outside of yourself. Just become aware that you are making the distinctions, and be willing to give up the delusions. Easy said than done I know, and it has taken me 6 years of “seeking” to realise I was what I am seeking, if that makes sense. Fuck it’s funny when you realise you were only ever seeking yourself. There is nothing outside of your perspective, contemplate how this might be true.
  5. The biggest delusion= the separate self wakes up. How can that something that doesn't exist "wake" up. Everything is already. The end.
  6. Reality is infinite in all directions, dreaming every dream. Where you're getting stuck is you think that your finite human self is real and other finite selves are not. It doesn't make sense because this is the duality and the dream. There is NO finite self. That's the illusion, YOU are the illusion. It will never makes sense to an illusion why an illusion is an illusion untill you actually break the illusion.
  7. @davecraw it's infinite. You're talking to yourself, imagining both perspectives and all perspectives.
  8. Because traumatized egos masquerade as Spiritual teachers who claim to know something you don't Search up narcissistic personality disorder
  9. @Leo Gura what's your thoughts on this? Is his awakening incomplete?
  10. He's literally fucking with you guys. He doesn't care anymore because it's a big cosmic joke. There's only one God so yes the idea that someone is more awake is laughable.
  11. @Inliytened1 it's not a bad thing or scary for some. Do you really think Rupert Spira is upset that he's God? Of course we don't know how his awakening unfolded but I think that years of practice disidentifies you with the illusory self.
  12. Lol. And this is what happens when you take on solipsism as a belief. OF COURSE you're God. It's fucking obvious. All beings are God. You just haven't actually contemplated it, you AVOID it. You know exactly what you're doing at all times. On the bright side nothing matters. You can at least acknowledge that you actively deny it and you enjoy doing it. You would prefer to live as finite being. It's fun
  13. What God has done is INGENIOUS. To actually believe there is something other than yourself that you can consciously interact with. "Other consciousnesses" which we communicate to each other through language ??? One consciousness but many finite separate selves. All of us simultaneously ALIVE.
  14. Death is the ULTIMATE illusion to fool God into believing it's separate. Consider from God's POV, If you were Infinite and Eternal and ONE what would you do?
  15. You're telling you that you're God. It's a mind fuck and only when you are awake it makes sense so don't bother trying to figure it out by thinking.
  16. 99% of people on the forum just want to perpetuate the sense of self! It just can't be "this" lol. It has to be something else! It's so funny when you get it. It really is like you have been searching for your glasses everywhere, but they're on your head. There are no awake people!!!! ?
  17. It's difficult, initially, but you need to discover that thoughts are just... Thoughts. Don't take thoughts personally as if they actually mean anything about You. Discover what's true, here and now, where are these thoughts?
  18. How old are you? Sounds like a pretty normal thing that most people go through in early 20s man. It takes a few years to figure out who you are and what makes you happy. I would recommend exercising daily. Running/lifting, eating well, getting good sleep. Taking care of your basic needs first. Spend some time in solitude going for long walks.
  19. There's a fine line between grasping the concepts and experiencing what they point too. The self that think it's "enlightened" is the ego self. Personally I wish I was told to drop all concepts from the beginning and meditate(let go), my journey would have been alot less painful. Filling the mind with concepts, stories, and relative truths counterintuitively slow your progress and create resistance. It's a tricky one because if no one tells you that you're God, would you ever investigate and deconstruct your identity? I don't know.
  20. Leo, what it is like to be fully 'God Realised' in everyday life? Would you say that life is relatively better knowing God all the time, so to speak? I still cling to illusion/separation due to being afraid of life losing all meaning & purpose. I don't like the idea of being eternal and having zero choice in the matter, lol. So much, that I've stopped the inquiry. But I miss those states of higher consciousness/ Love.
  21. Have you considered teaching? Your posts are on point man! Always love reading your comments and they always resonate with my experience.
  22. Good for you man. I wish you all the best and I hope that your heart stopping helps people to wake up.
  23. Why do call yourself a fool? So "conscious" of you. And there's no conscious people either. You have been either mislead or not actually awoken.
  24. How can you say I have confirmed Solipsism and then go on to say Martin Ball is not awake. Do you understand how contradictory that statement is? Lol