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  1. Hello, aspiring creative writer here. Not sure if I should make it my life's work because I haven't done any formal work yet on figuring out my life purpose - I'm still doing some fundamental personal development like eliminating procrastination - but it's high on my list. When I say replace creative writers, I mean do all the writing for them, and we do all the creative directing. I also have another question, and I might post more on the forum too. Here goes: Because I'm not certain if it will replace writers, should I start learning writing skills anyway? What if I'm midway through mastering the craft/published author when ChatGPT or a similar application does replace me? What do I do then. I feel that I could use my already gained technical skills to some degree to help this new method of writing but idk...
  2. I haven't figured out my purpose yet, but creativity is definitely the thing that I will pursue, and I want my creations to be entirely my own, but I don't know how to take up a leadership role as well - I am naturally a leader. What should I do?
  3. kk ty
  4. You don't have to listen to the audio. You can read all about it down below to learn about it faster. I'm not sure if this is a scam because I don't think spiritual people would be bad enough to do that to you. But I mean, I'm not a hundred percent sure. So yea, guys, is this a scam?
  5. You could get circumcised bro That's what I did Although the new size could affect your penis-vagina compatability, so I'd think about it first And it might really disrupt your work for like 4 weeks or something Also, if you're living in a Western country, I don't think they do circumcision for penile length increase there. You'd have to go abroad. And make sure the anesthetic works! Because when I had my circumcision, I was told it would but it didn't!
  6. Ik it's obvious that you've manifested something with your affirmation, and thus u can stop saying it, but what if it's less obvious, like "I am living my best life?" Then how can I tell when to stop? Plz tell me how, or I might be stuck always not living my best life.
  7. I was browsing some forum posts by Leo and I encountered him talking about spiritual purification causeed by meditating for 4-6 hours. I tried looking it up on the internet about what it was but all I got were some weird new agey answers. And I feel that I don't need new age stuff to understand what Leo was taling about. At least in this context. So what is it?
  8. Leo, if you do, would you and why would you recommend a person going into chess? Andrew Tate speaks positively about it as a means to represent life, but I feel that some of his logic might be corrupted. Such as sacrificing pieces and how that translates into the world; they way you sacrifice someone might be horrible. I was wondering if you had any proclivities for taking up the game without being toxic.
  9. So Leo, we all know that every chess player gets better with practice; Does this mean that by playing chess we can develop our intuitive abilities? Even if we can't improve them as rapidly as someone who's talent for intuition is simply just better than ours? Or can we not, and the chess masters are stuck with the intuition they were born with and learn new game material which their intuition feeds back on in live games.
  10. I've been inspired to become a writer after reading JK Rowling's books, but idk if this is the right decision. How to know if I should follow this inspiration? Or what inspirations (like this one where I'm inspired to do something after witnessing someone doing something cool with it) in general?
  11. Guys, look, a bit more about my situation I won't be able to apply the ppl pleasing and loneliness video lessons for literally months because of my goals right now. Just answer this question: Can I watch the satisfaction meditation on it's own, with the intention of boosting my baseline level of happiness, without watching the ppl pleasing and loneliness video (which I will come back too)? I appreciate all of you trying to help me
  12. Don't want to be annoying anymore
  13. Look, I think I'll just watch the satisfaction meditation on its own. I don't really care about people pleasing and loneliness because of my current life situation. And from the few glimpses I've had of the satisfaction video, I've gathered it doesn't necessarily have to be done in order to cure the two issues. It can be used to gradually increase your baseline happiness. Which is something I want. No probs if you guys wanna object. But so far this is my decision.
  14. Can I literally just do it on its own?
  15. I'm not talking to a lot of people rn cuz of goals and I don't feel lonely, but I think the satisfaction meditation would be a great addition to my life. So should I watch the ppl plzing video b4 the satisfaction meditation, or is it ain't necessary?