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  1. Leo recently discussed that for science to finally acknowledge the validity of spirituality, todays scientists would all have to die because they're too locked in contemporary paradigms. He estimated 100 years for these changes to occur for mankind to accept spiritual truths. My question is how to put yourself in a state where you won't be locked, and are able to change your truth to incorporate higher understandings. I mean, for people on the forum like us that's kind of not necessary, since we are naturally at the setting where we embrace spirituality as truth, but... perhaps there may be some scenario where we have to rise above redundant viewpoints. (Just now I thought of moving up the Spiral Dynamics tiers/Ken Wilber's system so perhaps just that)
  2. How do I find and meet people who are both self improvement and spiritually minded in real life? It's so difficult to find one of these individuals. I've been so lonely for 7 years because I couldn't find a mate who had these qualities, and all my social skills are gone, and I don't see how I can make progress in my LP, which I'm sure will be very social since I'm so naturally extroverted. But I'm sure a lot of people here struggle to find likeminded friends too, so yea.
  3. @Leo Gura where would you rank any other cornerstone/important factors?
  4. @Leo Gura would you still say that a man's verbal skill is the number 1 factor in getting girls? And out of all the the things where would you rank physical appearance out of the most important factors for male attractiveness?
  5. You said that you've recently had new insights about attraction and that looks matter to women. I've been wondering with your new understanding how much looks matter to women, and how physical appearance interrelates with a mans charisma, intellect, leadership ability, and other factors.
  6. When should we read DU, because CwG is has a lot of material focus, and a lot of us are still at the stage of development where we need to exhaust (better said, burn) our material desires before we can start delving DEEP into spiritual development.
  7. I know that I've said multiple times on this forum that my Life Purpose will be quite social but my Zone of Genius has writing so I'll be doing that as well. I was wondering what degree I would need for Sci Fi, since I could take Physics because of all the futuristic sorts of things, Biology to write about aliens, Engineering for all the tehnology, and what not
  8. Basically all sports will cause a form of brain damage. I've really wanted to take up a sport, but find myself hesitant to do it. Obviously 99.9% of the time it won't give you a major brain injury, but the impacts you acquire will stack through the years, thus negatively impacting the brain, and in turn minimizing the amount of value you can churn out through life purpose. But so many people and personal development experts recommend playing sports, so I was wondering if I should still do it. And what kinds of sports should we avoid, if we have to pick and choose?
  9. Yea right mood is the key to all my charisma at the moment thx for the help
  10. I could definitely do that, in a way. I ride the bus to and fro from school, giving me a total of nine hours socialization time for five days a week. Plus I have the weekends; who knows how long i could talk during them How many hours would you suggest?
  11. Personally I just found that when I get in the right mood (very rare because I need the right circumstances since im not skilled enough to induce a peak socializing mood) I just get sublime results with people I reckon its some genetic freak shit bcoz there's no way it's normal
  12. How much time would you consider hardcore?
  13. A lot of men on this forum experience deep socialization awkwardness and problems. As a result, they find they.... - Can't get women - Are uncharismatic and uninteresting - Cannot hold even a basic conversation - Suffer immensely from their social definciencies Post below!
  14. Hey guys I've been socially awkward for the last six years because I've been so into personal development and thus had nobody to talk too. But I'm naturally exceptionally extroverted, and from what I have observed (when I enter the mood) I have exceptional charismatic talent (resulted in me getting crowdsurfed four times at my school formal party). I also have all this socialization experience from the past so maybe if I practiced it would reactivate dead nuerons or something. My question is that because my life purpose will probably end up being social, how quickly could I get exceptional at it? I know I'm talented and about the 10k hour rule, but I'm in doubt because every normal person probably has socialized with others for that long, probably more since socialization is just a human thing to do.
  15. Also, what's taking you so long to upload? Are you trying to do something like articulate your Alien breakthroughs and haven't managed to find a way yet, are you busy with growth, other things, etc.