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  1. A nice video i found. Enjoyed it. Share your thoughts
  2. @Leo Gura I think it depends on the individual also. I tend to have a relative feminine approach when it comes to these things. So i am less looks sensitive than some guys. Also depends how hot the girl is, if a girl is legit a 9-10/10 then it will be hard to avoid kissing her ass, however if she is a pretty/cute girl then it is not that hard with the mindset i wrote. Also you can place that importance you gave looks into something else. Maybe personality, values, sense of humor, intelligence, kindness, etc. Yes it is hard though, no question about that. Still easier than "no self"
  3. @Leo Gura Actually i mindset that i have adopted lately which has worked really well is to stop caring about appearances in general. You notice it of course, you also can compare but you give no value to it. You treat it as you would treat some petty trivial thing. It started as a way for me to raise my self esteem, "not caring about how i look (after i did all i could to improve them ofc)", then i noticed it was not sustainable as long as i gave a lot of importance on how girls looked. The cognitive dissonance was too much so i just used the standard for everyone, myself included. Your video on "How to stop judging" inspired me. Just sharing it, it is a nice mindset to have i think. It has allowed me to be more and more unphased at a girl's beauty to the point where the way i act is almost the same between different hotness of girls.
  4. @Leo Gura I mean what is wrong with taking 3-4 dates before having sex. As long as you are having a good time and getting somewhat physical she will not randomly stop talking to you, at least if she is a cool girl. So for hot girls you use different strategy than for average/decent girls?
  5. @Leo Gura Have not you said in your "How to be a man part 2" that authenticiy is precisely what women are attracted to rather than steriotypical macho behavior. That is why you have feminine guys with girlfriends and people wonder how they got together, because the guy was authentic instead of playing a false macho facade.
  6. @Random witch Stop hanging out with toxic people. This is just silly. I can make the same argument for females that hate men and are resentful of them. Not all guys are like these, plenty of guys out there that are about emotional connection more than pure sex. High consciouss person that is kind, honest, has integrity etc. People that will treat you well, not cheat, work with the relationship, good communicators, not very selfish etc.
  7. Oh for fuck sake how do you come up with this bullshit? There are millions of great guys out there that you can date. Just me personally i know a lot of great kind caring respectful guys that are single. Just go for such people.
  8. Personally i have quite high standard when it comes to personality of a girl but not high at all when it comes to appearance. As long as she meets my minimum threashhold of looks i am good (which is not that hard to meet if a girl takes basic care of herself). Therefore i am willing to give a lot of girls a chance on a first date in case her personality ends up being really nice. Such guys are not as rare as you think, just try to find and date such people that give chances to average looking girls. There is a catch though, such guys often are not the most succesful guys with girls that get all the hot girls, but they will treat you well, love you and most importantly give you a chance to show who you are. Most guys are not like this, this is a relatively feminine way of dating and most guys are quite visual. However they do exist, just try to find them.
  9. @Jacob Morres Personally i really tend to struggled with my confidence in dating because of being too realistic, humble and self aware. Being too "objective" and fair can be a curse sometimes. It is so much easier to just delusionally consider yourself amaizing without any groundness. Self development work, meditation and Leo's work in general really helped me. Also the gym helped a lot too.
  10. Confidence usually is delusional. It is extremly difficult to be grounded, realistic and very confident at the same time, especially when young. Introverts tend to be have higher awareness and are more logical. Also they tend to be more grounded. Confidence often is delusional meaning you believe yourself to be better than you actually are. This is hard to be done if you are realistic, grounded and very self-aware. Unless you actually have done some very impressive shit you will feel like you are not enough. The solution is either to decieve yourself that you are amaizing, visualizations and affirmations are good for this. Or you can actually do hard as fuck shit and build the confidence through actual success.
  11. @Globalcollective Females do. I do not mind working for things that are not basic needs. Meditation, life purpose and self actualization. Even things like money, success and social skills are cool. Not basic needs though.
  12. @aurum You are trying quite hard to install a limiting belief in me like : "You cannot talk to girls by yourself, you need someone with you". I will do it solo if i want and so be it.
  13. So a guy that is not into pickup is lame? That is quite a mature comment coming from you Leo...
  14. That is totally fine. However there is no way i am spending dozens of hours on making friends i do not like just to get sex. I would rather hit on girls during that time. If i want to make friends just to get laid i can just do social circle, works much better. To me the whole point of pick up is to be self reliant about your sex life, kinda like being financially independent. Because of cancel culture, butthurt feminists and puas acting like juvenille douchebags online.
  15. Then why so many guys get friendzoned by not making moves relative to girls getting friendzoned by not making moves? Yes and then infinite friendzones and rejections on my way :). I used to think like you said and got a dick in my mouth (metaphorically). Totally agreed however i feel like the base of your needs should be effortless. Then you can focus your effort into things like life purpose, spirituality, enlinghtement, self-actualization etc. Spending most of your time focusing on things like food, sex, shelter etc is simple poverty.