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  1. I am not a racist, i have friends from all races and personally i have been discriminated myself based on my nationality. You eat it up and grow some tough skin, especially when the other person actually apologies over it.
  2. Please man dont'. It is honestly one of your best basic self-development video and it has helped me and probably thousands more A LOT. If you really do not want just edit it and reupload it without the N word part or keep it somehwere where we can still see it (not youtube though). Throwing away such wisdom for a single word would be such a waste.
  3. Stop being such a triggered snowflake ffs. Everyone has had racist thoughts during his life at some point, Leo is not a saint above us. Keep in mind it was a judgement made during his lifetime when maybe he was still immature. The video itself is over 7 years old. Plus it was a totally honest assesment about judgements he made during his life. Judegements are not supposed to be pretty nor "high consciouss" stuff.
  4. Well this is the dating and relationship section so we will talk about dating and relationships not about safety. I am sure girls struggle in other stuff outside dating much more than guys do.
  5. That's exactly what i thought.
  6. Just talk to a lot of girls. Since you are good looking most of them will hook hard and you will easily see how dumb your inner game is. Direct life experience will demolish your inner game problem once you start getting attraction from girls which should be quite easy if you are good looking. I do not honestly think you need a full year of going out unless you have some autistic issues or something. For the average person yes, you would need a year but if you say girls look at you and shit then couple months max should do it, 5-10 lays or so.
  7. I thought seeking a higher level of consciousness and values and understanding was "living the good life". If being average and "normie" maximized your happiness then why bother do all this self-actualiaztion work?
  8. @something_else I mean man you said it explicietly that girls will get a better deal than themselves on these apps. "A decent looking guy will get maximum an average girl". How is this not greener on the other side?
  9. Why always girls get the best deal? I do not get this bullshit. Why cant guys match with girls hotter than them but it has to be the other way around. Why can't it be balanced. A 5 matches with a 5 and that's it. Girls always getting stuff better than their level. Tired of this garbage really.
  10. Doubt it because they need to sleep 22 hours a day
  11. Every time i go out to do my stuff i always see at least 4-5 girls worth approaching. I do not think it is as bad as you make it really. And this is avoiding malls and busy streets, if i go to those it will probably be like 15-20 girls within 2 hours or so. Most of them arent 9s and 10s ofc but still quite decent. And no i do not live in an ideal daygame city like London or LA
  12. Biggest issue with nightgame for me is that i just do not have friends that enjoy clubbing. Going alone there sucks. If you got 5 friends that wanna do it then its great but not everyone does. I even joined the Game telegram group in my city and everyone there wants to do daygame.
  13. I have mixed feelings about this. From one side i do like Me too movement for pointing out abuses that come when men try to leverage their positions of power at the expense of young women. However shutting down totally RSD is a bit too much in my opinion. I have seen a lot of those videos that RSD deleted in the file someone sent here and honestly they were REALLY OKAY. Like, stuff you too would say, motivaiton, explanation of female nature, basic game concepts etc. Nothing really sexist or mysogonistic. The biggest issue i have with RSD being closed and PUA demonized is that these haters never give a realistic solution. Like what do Mee too activitist suggest to guys that suck with girls. "Just be yourself"? I honestly see no reason why some specific old rsd videos had to be deleted when they basically said what you did in your "how to get laid series". What i enjoyed about those videos and your videos Leo is not just the pick up techniques and stuff, but the deep explanation of how attraction works. This knowledege is realyl important and can be used in ANY dating scenario. I have done dating from social circle and still applied the principles i learned from these videos and they worked really well. It is not just how to do an approach or how to close but most importantly how to attract a girl and what girls are attracted to. This knowledge should really be mainstream because a lot of people do not really know it due to the Hollywood brainwashing and females giving horrible dating advice when asked. Focusing on humour and playfulness instead of being deep and logical was maybe the biggest thing that helped my dating life and i would have never thought of it if it wasnt for your videos. Nobody ever mentions it. One example