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  1. @Leo Gura Then why is this demonized so much in Western World and called toxic, controlling etc? Just saying a guy leads and the girls follows his lead will get you labeled as a mysogonistic toxic man and canceled. You have no idea how much inner work I had to do and still do to unwire the idea that leading and being dominant assertive regarding dating stuff does not make me a bad person or toxic or an asshole etc. Basically correcting meekness imposed by society to "fit in" and be a "good boy". It is sad really.
  2. Being genuine, comfortable and positive is the difference between those two. Sure, good for you. Do what works well and what is comfortable with you. I am not shitting on nightgame, it can work great for many people. My issue is that it is not the ideal for EVERYONE and you seem to say that it is objectively better (it is not). Just like the sea is better for fish but worse for monkeys. Well for myself I had many girls be super closed off, annoyed or straight out ask me "Why are you talking to me" or "Why do you care" when I approached them during nightgame. Also many were quite nice and positive so it depends. However proportionate speaking, during day girls were less like this (cold or closed or "why are you talking to me"). Often they just tell you politely I need to go somewhere but thanks for talking to me. Then dont do it. But no need to shit on daygame in every comment you make. Just because you do not like it does not mean it is invalid and should be erased. I can assure you for many guys their chance of creeping a girl out during nightgame is higher than during day just because that is how they are. For others it will be the opposite (I assume you are on the second group). People are different (my main point). But to be more helpful to the argument, I asked many of my female friends about their experiences being approached during day and usually I noticed that the negative experiences were either catcalling, being followed, or guys not accepting rejection (I have a boyfriend etc) and kept on insisting to the point it got uncomfortable. "Oh this guy gave me a compliment with a genioune smile and then when I told him I was not interested he politely wished me a good day and left", said no girl ever. I will give you two examples my two different female friends told me to show you the actual stuff that makes girls uncomfortable. Situation 1: Girl: I have a boyfriend (she really does) Guy: Do not worry, I am not the jealous type. I do not see him with you, show him to me. I want proof. Situation 2: Girl: I have a boyfriend (she really does). Guy: What age does he have? Girl: Says age Guy: Oh i see you are into older men, they are better in bed arent they? So yeah this is the shit that creeps girls out not the example I wrote above. But personally personally I am not a big fan of approaching walking girls in the street. Girls in parks, squares, sitting somewhere or waiting in a corner standing are way better because they are already either bored or not doing anything at least for the next few minutes (more open and less intrusive).
  3. There is no need to tell them that however I think it is better to actually have a place you are going to and approach on your way. Then you can tell them I was going here and saw you and you are technically not lying per say. I have done that and worked great. Also as I said you can hang out with a buddy and walk around and approach (I was chilling with my friend when I saw you). I think in this way it is a lot less creepy. I agree with the bike part though. Sure it can work but from my experience of guys I know doing it during day can work also (you need to be advanced though). Also you are convinently ignoring the fact that girls tend to be way more rude when you approach them in bars/clubs because they get spammed approach by guys that just want to fuck (huge turn off for girls that wants a relationship). I have female friends that told me I would rather be approached during the day (in a respectful way ofc) then in a club because I feel like guys in a club just want to smash. If it was this creepy then girls would react badly on daygame approaches when they are actually not less nice than during evening. A high value guy does not need to cold approach in general. He can date using his cloud and social connections. Going in a bar and spam approach 20 girls is not necessary for a "high value" guy. However most people do not have that level of social connections nor status hence cold approach (bars/clubs/day) can be useful. Go out and ask couples how they met. Rarely you will hear (I cold approached her in a bar or club nor during day for that matter). Usually you will get either from: work, school, hobbies, common friends, events, online dating, instagram). Especially with our generation (im 24). Sure many hook up in parties and clubs but personally I only count relationship based stuff, so how did couples meet, not how did this guy/girl get laid. One night stands are irrelevant to me. But that is just me. Or just use online dating. It can work insanely well if you know what you are doing (good pictures and texting). Social circle and hobbies are also amaizing, most of my dates are from that however it is quite limited and you need to be careful not coming off as the guy that hits on everyone.
  4. You should really make a video on how to be "boss" and "leader" without becoming a toxic devil. I feel like many young guys, myself included really struggle with being like this due to modern society enforcing us to be meek, soft and not "toxic masculine". Dominance is one of the most attractive qualities in a male yet it is shamed the most and hence it is lost in our young generation. (hence incels).
  5. Then daygame is better for you. Happy that it is working well for you, keep doing it. Nightgame I find has an extreme bias towards masculine looking big guys, high energy extroversion and shallow talk. If you are cute looking low energy introvert with good eloquence (like me) then daygame tends to be better No reason to torture yourself when you can be in your best suited habitat.
  6. If girls loathe you during daygame then something about your approach or vibe is seriously off. Not being interested is not the same thing as loathing.
  7. @Kid A Really depends. Many go out with their friends to dance and all and others do not like guys to approach them because in their mind they just want to fuck. I am sure many others do go out to meet guys though. Say whatever you want but for myself and many other guys I know girls were more interested in us during the day given our personalities and looks. People are different, expecting the same thing to work for everyone is just silly. If night works better for you then great. I am not here writing comments shitting on nightgame because I am aware people are different and have different strengths/weaknesses.
  8. @something_else I notice you tend to be very biased against daygame. Like every time pickup is mentioned you shit on daygame. Have you had some traumatizing bad experience with daygame to hate it so much? I understand and agree with you that it can be somewhat weird to go out and approach girls however there are a few things you are failing at noticing. 1. You support the idea of talking to girls during your day however 99% of the population will not be able to do that without some training first. Daygame sessions are a tool you use in order to get over your anxiety and improve your skills. Then after doing sessions for some time you can start doing daygame as part of your life (as it should be done). So you should see these sessions as a transitory phase not as the end goal itself. 2. While you say that daygame is "creepy", most girls tend to respond better when you approach them during the day compared to during the evening (assuming you have decent social skills and intelligence and you dress well). Many guys tell me that girls even if they are not interested are usually quite polite as long as you are respectful. If daygame was so creepy then how come during evening they are way more harsh? 3. This will vary but in many cities you have communities of guys that go out and do daygame together. Basically you walk around with a friend and approach everytime you see a girl you like. Basically a wingman to keep you company during the session. So it becomes a bit more social, almost as if you are hanging out and approaching's is part of the thing. 4. If you think you are a high value guy and you have a lot of love to give then you will not feel creepy while doing daygame because you are giving a girl the chance to meet you which normally she would not have. I feel like people have a cartoonish idea of the creepy daygame guy that has 0 social intelligence and says overly gaming things and think that is what daygame is like. Try it: Go out 1 day, find 10 girls you like. Stop them, give them a genioune compliment while looking at them in the eye and have a short normal conversation with them (assuming they have time) and wish them a good day. I am sure most of them will be nice to you.
  9. I know guys that have done 2000 daygame approaches in like 2 years. They would do 10 approaches on a 2 hour season in a busy street. You can easy see like 30 to 40 girls your age walking alone in a spam of 2 hours in a busy street. Thing is that we live in Europe where you have many pedestrian areas. I dont know how it is in America if you guys have busy pedestrian areas.
  10. Maybe do daygame. In a busy street or mall you can easy find 6-7 girls worth approaching in 30 minutes so it should be enough. Issue will be getting the courage to approach and you will loose many potential girls because you are scared to approach them.
  11. And for daygame? (not counting commute to a good daygame spot)
  12. What did you do exactly? I am looking for self improvement ideas in untapped markets so anything is welcome Well imagine you knew a girl in your social circle or at work or from hobbies etc and you did not think much of her. Now she does a surgery or looses a lot of weight (if she was overweight) or workouts a lot etc and now she is suddenly quite hot to you. You feel this desire to date her and be with her based on the transformation. I am sure it has happened to many guys including myself at least once with a girl and we find it quite ok. However the girl might feel just like you are feeling right now. Do not take it personally.
  13. Is there any benefit in doing nightgame over daygame then? In my city the quantity of girls during day is around the same and the girls being rude made me kind of quit nightgame (at least for now) and focus on day.
  14. Hello I have noticed that when I try to do daygame (talking to girls on street, park, squares etc), they tend to be in general nicer to you and be more willing to talk to you than girls during nightgame (bars and clubs). Not counting girls that are in a hurry during daygame, the rest tend to be quite ok with talking to you even though it is a very uncommon context for them. Meanwhile during nightgame they tend to be dismissive and not talkative at all unless you really manage to hook them which can be hard as a newbie if they are not into you. During the day you need way less fancy stuff, just be comfortable, positive, smile and have a normal conversation with them. Why this difference? How can I manage to make girls during nightgame more responsive?