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  1. @Preety_India I am saying that you will get intimacy after you sleep with a guy. It is not something to worry about.
  2. @Preety_India Most guys give women plenty of intimacy, intimacy is not a girl thing only. Idk what you re talking about. A guy will give you plenty of intimacy once you had sex with him, usually they are connected and linked.
  3. The discussions/debates between Preety India and Leo regarding gender related stuff and dating are possibly the highlight of this forum for me hahahahahahha
  4. @mememe I have a red shadow and i am trying to deal with it. All my life i had the ideas that being assertive, dominant, narcissitic, ruthless etc made you a bad human being. Hard to change that conditioning.
  5. You should actually make a video about this Leo, like the healthy embodiment of Red. How to be more assertive, dominant, selfish etc in a nuanced healthy way. Your video on how to stop caring what others think about you is a good one but maybe a super detailed one regarding this topic. It would benefit a lot of people because there is not that much content out there regarding this topic.
  6. @Preety_India Well the opener of the thread clearly saw good character traits and ignored it for silly reasons. Often saw this in my life. Depends how you meet people. If you meet them from social circle and hang out with them a bit before dating (which is how most dating happens) then this advice applies. Dating from clubs and stuff is quite rare, not the norm. That advice does not apply then.
  7. @Preety_India Nobody is saying to date a robot. I said something with nuance. Looks also matter A LOT for MOST guys (me not soo much but its personal) however it would be FOOLISH for a guy to select partners just based on looks. What matters is balance. When you put most of your judging on 1-2 factors you ignore all the red flags that will cause you great suffering later on when you re emotionally connected to this guy. So all i was saying is to screen not just on fun and emotional stimulation but also on character traits. I often seen some semi famous people in my city that have legit admiting on seeing two girls at the same time without them knowing about it (scumbag behavior imo) getting girlfriends still. If i was a wise girl i would asap cross him out since he is clearly not loyal. Do girls give a shit? Of course not! He is fun and has social status, that is all they care about. Well do not cry when he breaks your heart as the scummy he is. This is not an issue of girls specifically. Guys are the same just they re like this when it comes to looks. Girls also sometimes date guys based soley on looks but more often it is based on strong personalities and shit like that. Bottom line is that lack of wisdom and ignorance of character traits when dating seriously is foolish and will hurt you a lot in the long run. This applies for EVERY HUMAN. If you want to just do one night stands then yeah, you can ignore those since you will not see the person anyway anymore. If it is a bit more serious then things like loyalty, kidness, HONESTY, empathy, etc should be taken into account. PS: again this is not about you personally so please do not say like "i am not like this etc", i am talking about most typical girls below 25.
  8. @Leo Gura He is probably coming from a stage green feminine place where girls are loud 24/7 about their rights and are treated very well. It depends on what context you see it, from a micro perspective it does seem like that because men in these places are too meek to do any ordering around for women. However the super powerful men in charge will still use females as ego validation tools. However 99.9 percent of men are not affected by this so it does not occur on their minds. Then, when it comes to countries that are below stage green, well there it is still quite patriartical so his whole comment is irrelevant there. I doubt he is even looking into that when he wrote this.
  9. @Preety_India This could be easily solved for girls if they placed less importance on emotional stimulation and more importance on traits of good character. Those emotional stimulating guys often are scumbags players, people you do not want long term. I am not saying emotional stimulation should be ignored, just saying it should not be EVERYTHING behavior wise. It would be like a ignored a bitchy girl behaviour and made her my gf just because she has nice tits, it is beyond foolish and u re begging yourself to be hurt when you act so foolish. PS: not saying you personally do this, but most girls are like this. Hence why players are successful, if girls were wiser about what they wanted then players would be forced to become more mature and treat women better.
  10. Guys, any advice on how to become more assertive while staying a good person at heart? I struggle with this a lot.
  11. I personally have a bit of a shadow regarding assertiveness. I tend to be very very empathetic naturally and it is difficult for me to put my agenda so first that i do not care if it hurts others. I tend to be very agreeable personality and make compromises, not just do my thing and give 0 shits what happens to others. That makes me feel like a piece of shit selfish person. I hate that feeling. Any advice on how to become more assertive while staying a good person at heart?
  12. Leo is right OP, she did not even cheat with you. Girls might do that to either test you or just do it without thinking about it. Guys do it all the time too, again it is done without being aware of it. Imagine the scenes in movies where the hot girl comes and the married guy looses the ability to talk straight to her. That is not much nicer than a girl flirting a bit with someone else. Also, the issue is that you need to work more with yourself. Girls are ruthless if you are not on top of your shit, that unconditional love bullshit will not fly in the real world. If you get complacent then she might do stuff like this. Or she is just a bad egg and not worth being in your life and does not deserve your loyalty. In that case find someone who will appreciate you more. Work on yourself for yourself, not to keep the girl.
  13. @Leo Gura Sorry man but you know nothing about me. I have always generated good results through hard work. I am a very good student, have read more about this self development stuff than 95 percent of people my age (im just 22) and did massive work to increase my social skills because i used to be very socially indept a few years ago. Most people my age just use instagram and watch prank videos while i am watching your 3 hour video on conscious politics. When it comes to girls, i just do not see anyone i know need to do this kind of work to get results. They talk to like 20 girls and get 1 of them. People with good social skills need this kind of work, i assume those with horrible social skills need a lot more because they are not just learning how to attract girls but also how to be social in general. A lot of people are already very social and have healthy circle of friends and have no issue talkings to strangers. I am talking about these people, not your typical basement incel. May i ask, why most guys that have healthy sex lives do not do more than couple hundred of approaches all their lives? I am talking about normal looking, normal income, normal status guys. Not celebreties.
  14. @Bando I do not have a credit card and therefore i cannot pay for it. That is why i was asking, i am kind of stuck rn and can only use the free version. Can you use apple store gift cards (you can buy them in electronic stores) as means of payment or it does not work like that?
  15. @Bando Are they that bad without paying? I do not know your age but i doubt most 22 year old guys are paying for Tinder.