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  1. @RendHeaven What is untrue? Please explain
  2. @sda "Real social dynamics". They have videos on youtube. Their theory is very good but their in fields are extremely gamey and flashey so unless you are a natural Stifler would not recommend to imitate them. Flashy game that sells and brings views but not optimal for most people. However their theory is very good so learn from that.
  3. @Leo Gura Which RSD teacher would you recommend? I find Owen and Julien very obnoxious and do not resonate with them at all. I resonate a lot more with Todd, is he good if you ever gamed with him?
  4. @SamC I did NOT say that females are NOT insecure about their looks in orange culture. They are and A LOT. What i meant is that why are guys insecure about LOOKS and not SUCCESS and money at the same extent. That is what i meant.
  5. @Leo Gura I enjoy plenty of parts of Jordan Peterson content and your video analysis was really amazing. Thank you
  6. @Peter Miklis I am not saying whether looks are important. I was talking about the perceived importance of looks in the general male population. Female attraction triggers have not really changed on thousands of years on a fundamental level. Tall and handsome was attractive before and it is now. Same for confidence humor etc. What has changed is the PERCEIVED importance of looks. Why this change in perceived importance of looks. Why were guys from 50 years ago not so worried about "i am not tall enough or my jaw is not defined enough" etc like they do these days. What has changed? That was my question in case i was not clear on my initial thread. PS: @SamC @Preety_Indiathanks everyone for your replies, the stage orange explanation makes sense for the most part. However i still do not understand why the materialism for guys is so looks focused. Knowing stage orange if would make more sense if guys would become more insecure about their status or financial wealth than they looks. It makes sense for stage orange society to have female insecure about their looks and guys insecure about their success, money, house, cars etc but i usually see more insecure guys about looks than anything else. Hmmmmmmm
  7. I used to personally be VERY VERY insecure about my looks. Now i am a lot better in that regard, if a girl rejected me because of how i look i would feel a bit hurt but overall i do not care about them that much anymore as soon as i am taking care of my appearance within my control. However, when i used to be very insecure i used to go to Youtube or google and write things like "do looks matter" or "how much do looks matter" and 95% of videos were about guys, not about girls. So guys are the insecure ones worrying and caring about their looks so much. Also i noticed often in Leo's attraction videos a lot of comments saying you need looks to get girls.Even Leo has said that he was very insecure about his looks before he started pick up. Blackpill is another example of people obsessing about looks. In the past men did not care about looks so much. They had the paradigm that if he was successful and cool he would get girls, looks were not that important in their minds. Why these days they have become so important FOR THEM. This is not about what attracts females, female attraction has not really changed on a fundamental level for thousands of years. What has changed is the perceived importance of what guys need to get girls. I feel that maybe online dating made looks to be perceived as more important since online dating is super popular these days and online dating is look focused. I am asking this mostly out of curiosity. Also, it really breaks my heart when i talk either online or in person with guys that have these beliefs that if they are not good looking they will struggle a lot with girls and i try to make them feel more hopeful. Thank you for your time
  8. @Leo Gura Interesting how this adds up with you saying that "i used to be a huge nice guy to girls".
  9. @Carl-Richard There are multiple factors, i just said one of them. Gender is not the only factor as feminist complain these days. Btw: I have a question though, what right do males have in America in 2021 that females do not. All the historical examples are nice and shows that feminism was important but these days, is it really? What more can females achieve towards gender equality? Do you have anything to say to this?
  10. @Leo Gura I have a question though, what right do males have in America in 2021 that females do not. All the historical examples are nice and shows that feminism was important but these days, is it really? What more can females achieve towards gender equality? Only argument i can think of is the gender pay gap, however Peterson made an excellent argument once on an interview that the reason females get paid less is because females in general are more agreeable than males are. Agreeable person=easier to pay him less and companies obviously love to maximize profits so they will try to get away with paying people as little as possible. With males that is harder due to their more dominant nature. A female that acts like a guy will not get paid less. It is not a gender issue, it is a agreeable vs non agreeable personality issue. That is what he said and it makes a lot of sense to me. I used to be very agreeable and it was a lot easier for others to screw me over or not do me justice because of that.
  11. @Preety_India Girls get angry when they get pumped and dumped and call guys pigs for it
  12. @Preety_India What i am saying was a response to your comment "guys are picky about average girls but for hot girls they become like starved dogs and are willing to drop all their self respect". Well the thing is a guy will not really treat a hot girl any better in an honest way. He will just try to fuck her if all she has is hotness. Moral of the story: Looks without personality will not help a girl in having a good dating life.
  13. @Preety_India So a guy that just uses you for sex and gives 0 shits about you is something that girls would like?
  14. @Preety_India Girls are so funny. They see guys acting desperate for hot girls and they think those guys want to give the hot girls love and a committed relationship when they just want to pump and dump them or to have them as fuck buddies. Looks without personality on a hot girl will not make you anything more than a fuck buddy in the eyes of guys, which i doubt is what most girls want. It will also get you an army of simps to do favors for you with again, the intention of purely fucking you.
  15. @Shiva99 Or you just have a very good profile so you get matches. You can get matches on online dating easily if your profile and pictures are good. Plus sometimes when you just create an account, it receives a boost by and temporary (usually around first 24 hours) it becomes a priority account and a lot of people will see it.