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  1. Feminism as a concept is great and necessary however the way it is being implemented is quite problematic. Instead of bringing feminine values into the extremly masculine world it is just making females act like men and guys act like wimps. Expectations of feminism: A society where art, beauty, kindness is equally important to economy, success and achievements . This would be a true equal society. Reality: Calling people sexist for saying genders have differences. The world these days is extremly masculine and masculine values are respected and desired by everyone and feminine values are disregarded. This needs to change. Femininity and masculinity are not just about male and female, they are much more. Some feminine aspects: spirituality, intuition, emotions, art etc. THIS IS TRUE FEMINISM. This is what should be pushed these days in our world. Not the garbage we get these days trying to make guys and girls equal and calling people sexists if they mention the slightless gender difference. It is even worse, it is just making females act like man. If Leo said that females are more attracted to personality and guys to looks he would get probably attacked by females calling him sexist and how genders are all the same etc (oh wait this has already happened). The dumbest most twisted versions of feminism are what is becoming popular instead of the true healthy core of it. Making males and females equal does you little good when society is dominated by the masculine interpretation of the world, where masculine version of a good life is what matters only.
  2. @somegirl You can marry someone when you are at your sexual peak (pre 35) and stay loyal to him and not divorce him. This is how marriage worked for most of human history. In my home country usually females marry around 25-30 and then they stay with that person all their lives. Learning how to be feminine, good in bed and taking care of yourself will assure you loyalty from the guy and him not cheating on you. It is quite simple tbh but most females do not do that and just want to have fun until 40 and then complain that no guys wants them. 75 percent of divorces are filed by women, meaning most of the times she is the one that wants the marriage to end. Maybe learn to be more tolerate and good communicator ? Maybe pick a partner that is mature and developed instead of some rich prick or jerk? Maybe learn how relationships work and do personal development work? Value in a girl is not just looks, it is all the things i wrote above. Become high value woman and guys will not cheat with you, especially the more standard guy who is not a millionare or a player. You can happy with them too.
  3. @Leo Gura You surely have not interacted with a lot of cultures have you? Half the world does not have sex before marriage (just saying). It is really relative depending on your values and where you live. Stage blue will not have sex before some sort of commitment. And half the world is stage blue. Most girls are not Las Vegas club girls that have sex at the drop of a dime. I live in an international campus and have heard all sorts of shit. Try to have this no commitment before attitude with rural religious american girls. Your attitude is right if you are talking about a developed stage orange or higher society with complete sexual liberation. Las Vegas and California where you have lived are such hence your opinions. Go to India and this narrative gets blown out the window for example. Since this is a forumn for people from all the world, it is not a good thing to withhold such views as an absolute. It is very culture dependent. Of course you can still manage to have casual sex with women from blue countries, but it is extremly difficult and not ordinary. It is not the norm and few girls would do it. Because it hurst her survival agenda a lot.
  4. @Harlen Kelly LOL. Your logic is as follows: Pizza is a high quality food because that is what people like to eat compared to kale that nobody wants to eat. Therefore pizza is a higher quality food than kale. High quality is what is good for you in teh long run, not what stimulates your ape chimp brain in the short run. That is pure lack of wisdom and being stupid. Only a fool would call pizza a high quality food. If you want to be fool be my guest but do not complain when that foolishness bites you in the ass (females complain about abusive boyfriends or guys complain about gold diggers). Now unfortunately most people are really foolish and ape brain dominated so i do understand that such people will be attractive. However calling them high quality to me is as calling pizza a high quality food just because people like it since it stimulates their ape brains.
  5. @Illusory Self Dude you already get dates. The whole point of approaching girls is to get dates and you do not need to do that. Consider yourself lucky you do not have to go through that shit. Most guys would kill if they could do that. You just need more dating experience. You really think approaching is any easier? It is actually MUCH harder than a date. On a date the girl already has decided she would have sex with you, all you need is to not screw it up. Just try to get more experience. Also if you are as good looking to be able to get online dates with hotties then you do not even need to approach much. Girls will give you indicators of interests and you can just talk to them and they will be super receptive. Or just be social, meet people and girls will try to get your attention and even can ask you out (or say yes fast if you suggest it). Getting laid for you is really really easy compared to most guys, use your gift well and stud hard. Now if you want to approach as a self deveopment mission then definetly do so. It really improves your social skills and is an emotional workout (just like gym is a body workout). There are definetly things to be learned. Yesterday i did a solo night out and boy was it hard haha (rewarding too kinda). So if you want to do that then i would encourage you to. HOWEVER, it is NOT necessary for you to get laid. See it as a self improvment thing rather than a "get sex" thing. Wish you the best.
  6. @Leo Gura Define quality guy. I feel like you call players quality guys or something. A kind, caring, honest, trustworthy, intelligent person with healthy boundaries and self respect is a quality guy. Charisma, charm, confidence and assertivness do not make someone a quality guy. Neither do muscles, good looks, money or social status. What matters is integrity, how he treats you not the superficial stuff i wrote above. Bottom line: A guy with personality traits that could potentially make him abusive is not a quality good. Just like a hot girl with nice body and face is not a quality girl either. Character is what matters. Stop being so shallow plz. We are more than bullshit survival agendas from pre historic times.
  7. @fortifyacacia3 What matters are making society more unitive, ignore male and female stuff. This is about energy and values, gender irrelevant. When you make empathy just as important as success, intuition as important as logic and art as important as science then we can talk. This is what matters.
  8. @JosephKnecht Maybe i am doing that and also sharing my thoughts here? Maybe you can grow while critizing in a construstrive way? Do not be so limited, both can come hand in hand. I did not call anything bad per say, just saying that it is focusing on not the important core things. A lot of opportunity being wasted on irrelevant things like who should cook and drive in a couple.
  9. @Illusory Self LOL man if you are good looking you do not even need to approach. Just take some good pictures of yourself, open a dating app account and you will get plenty of sex from that. When you are good looking you already create attraction on girls based on that so in your case you should work towards how to manage a date, how to set up a date and how to close. Basically how not to screw up what you already got with the girl (her attracted to you).
  10. @Void and soul Failing many times will surely happen either way but i do not think it is a good idea to force yourself into something you are not. Everyone is different, you can be attractive in many ways. Just like there are different styles of humour there are also different styles of this stuff too right? Yes some things are universal like humor, confidence, detachment, being positive, secure etc but the variation and style of these things differ i think.
  11. @flowboy I am not attached to it per say, i just dont want to force being different because it feels fake to me and i hate acting fake.
  12. @Jacob Morres Well what do you suggest then? Be yourself-No results. Act in a more attractive way-Not authentic so no results. Be damned if you do, be damned if you dont.
  13. People that have been treated badly in the past now have this victim toxic mindset and swing the scale too far on the other direction. Mob justice mindset. Also, people are very unwilling to grant them true equality adding fuel to the fire. So both parties are to blame in different ways.
  14. @Leo Gura I hate faking shit though and being unauthentic. Is there a way to be yourself while getting results? I do not mind growing but being fake is so mehhhhh. When i try to flirt it is very chill and relaxed, i am a chill laid back person, not a loud super energetic person. I just smile a lot, make jokes, speak slowly and look in eye. Being overly expressive and laughing out loud and stuff all the time is not my thing. Chill stuff i prefer.
  15. @Preety_India I do not. However when i explain a phenomena i will describe how most guys are. Of course what they do or think is not important to me. I do my thing, they do theirs. A better way of putting it would be "guys like you get friendzoned by girls and not thought of as a romantic options because they give a cute vibe instead of a masculine vibe". Trust me, guys like me approach and talk to girls. Talking to girls is not the issue, is getting them attracted to you. You cannot be with someone if they love you as a brother instead of as a potential partner. Hence the need for these guys to learn how to attract girls. Humor, playfulness and learning to flirt is a good start. You do not need to be a manipulative bastard, however you need to work on yourself. Girls will not want to be with you just because they think you are kind or smart or even decent looking. If you cannot flirt, make her laugh , lack boldness and assertivness you re kinda fucked. Hence guys need to practice this shit because it does not come naturally for some. Esepcially boldness. I am not. I just gave it as an example of guys that do not need to do shit. Same argument could be given for very rich or famous guys. Thank you, i appreciate it. I am not insecure anymore,dw.
  16. @Preety_India Actually personally i care about intimacy and love a lot more than sex. Cuddling and shit to me is crutial and the emotional connection etc. Sex is also important ofc but it is not the end all be all. I was writting about how most guys see it, not how i personally see it. Love and connection are what i seek the most, not basic sex. But i do not expect most guys to think like me. However to get love and connection you need the girl attracted to you, a thing most guys (including myself) struggle with. Which is why they focus on it a lot. As a female you do that just by existing (your looks) and therefore you focus on stuff like love and intimacy. Us guys do not have such luxury. Maybe top 10 percent super handsome ones can get girls attracted to them just by their looks but most guys cannot. They need to do it with their personality which is why PUA shit exists in the first place.
  17. This guy is imo quite stage greenish with a good integration of the other stages.
  18. @Preety_India Yes but most women at my age (22 and younger) are immature, i cannot expect a super wise woman at that age, i have to cater to my demographic. If i was dealing with 30 year old females i would have a much easier time because they are more mature and wise. Regarding relationships it is not really that difficult tbh, you can be nice to them and love them once they fall in love with you. The assertivness and ruthlessness is just on the beginning, after you get close you can be nice and shit. Although being too clingy is a huge issue is see guys make and ends up with them getting dumped in a 3 year relationship where they did so much for the girl. Quite sad but understandable. For us guys getting the sex is the most difficult thing of the process which is why most guys are so obsessed with it, the intimacy and relationship stuff comes more naturally and is not that important to us. You mostly see guys complaining about not getting laid, not complaining about their partner not being intimate with them. It is not a coincidence.
  19. @Preety_India Guys need to develop their fun and playfulness, idk if that is a feminine thing or a masculine thing. However this idea that "just be yourself" bullshit that emerald says is quite missleading for a lot of guys. Grow yourself by socializing and doing it consciously would be a much better way of going around it. To be honest i found the most successful guys with girls to be quite masculine without a lot of feminine integration. They were usually super confident, ruthless, funny, detached and assertive towards their agenda. This is what i have seen to work with my friends at least.
  20. @Leo Gura What methods do you use these days to increase your consciousness and understanding? You said you do not really use psychadelics much anymore, now you just contemplate and meditate? So how do you manage to still increase your consciousness and understanding at this point.
  21. Going out and talking to girls is a must but if you do not know what you re doing, nothing will happen. There is a reason people study this shit, because it creates results. I noticed in myself as soon as i started to make the conversations with people i met more playful and humour focused rather than serious deep focused in general their reactions were better. What comes naturally to me is to be serious, make intellectual conversations and deep stuff, most people do not respond well to that. They respond with a friendzone at the best. Being fun and playful is quite important and a lot of guys need to develop that part of their personality which could be repressed for a lot of different reasons. I had to develop that part of myself and the results were quite shocking. People tend to just like mindless dumb bullshit stuff, especially girls. Just be fun and playful and they will love you. Flirting is also a must and i still suck at it, something which also does not come naturally to some guys at all. You make it as most guys are charming charismatic people when they are not. Talking to girls if you suck at it in itself will not be enough, you have to grow and develop yourself too. Which is done by practice ofc.
  22. I was once depressed for a few weeks because of some personal issues. I was not diagnozed but i am quite sure that i would have been so. It is the most disgusting feeling i can image. The main idea is as Leo said, loss of hope. You feel hopeless, like things are fixed and cannot be changed (whatever it is that you are depressed about). The crazy part is that you actually believe it fully. The mind is quite a tricky thing.
  23. This post is totally ridicioulous. ALL physical shaming language is bad and hurts other's self esteem. Why should being fat get such special treatment considering it is totally within someone's control. What about nose size shaming? What about dick size shaming? What about bald shaming? What about height shaming? What about eye/hair colour shaming? What about skin colour shaming? What about ear size or lip size shaming? What about eye size or shape shaming? All things that you cannot change yet fatness get special treatment? A person will feel a lot worse about himself when you shame them about something they cannot change compared to something you can change. All this fat acceptance stuff to me seems like rationalization of lazyness while millions are depressed about things that they cannot change, where is the empathy for them? If you wanna be so nice then be my guest, but all shaming should be removed not just fat shaming. Fat shaming imo should be the last to be removed since it is the one that is totally within your control. In case all shaming is removed then great job, you are an amaizing human being however 99 percent of them shame on all the things i wrote above but for some reason fat shaming is soo cruel and mean, bias 101.
  24. Also people that watch Leo's content tend to be intellectual and logical people due to his teaching style and things that he tends to discuss It suits such people more and such people tend to struggle more with girls because such people tend to be naturally introverted and intellectual. An introvert is more likely to question reality and care about epistmeic issues due to them being in their heads a lot more. I do not expect your party jock to watch Leo's videos. It will be the intellectual nerd that will. So his teaching style draws in a certain demographic which tends to be naturally worse with girls. It also explains why most of his followers are male due to his teaching style.
  25. @Terell Kirby What is wrong with improving your skills on getting girls? Being an angry incel is not better.