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  1. Golden Teacher Mushrooms
    Golden Teacher Mushrooms
    My lady friend offered me to try golden teacher mushrooms. She knows how to make tea with these shrooms. 
    I have never tried any drugs in my life, except I tried weed a couple of times and hated it.
    Weed absolutely stoned me and I felt like under anesthesia, or a very strong seductive medication. I went to sleep, with no insights or something. 
    I want to try shrooms on Sunday morning and meditate afterwords, writing, and journaling afterward, inquiring about the Self. 
    Guys, how many grams would you recommend? Like one gram for starters? I have to work on Monday morning, office...
    She has LSD as well, but I am not ready and want to take it slow with mushrooms first. I want to slowly progress with all psychedelics and work my way to 5 Meo DMT one day. I am very serious now and can’t postpone my inner growth. 
    I found this nice poem by Rumi as a sign: 
    “I am calling to you…
    Can you hear me? 
    Listen, within your heart, I speak.
    My voice brings Truth.
    You are urged beyond what has been. 
    The time has come. Lay it to rest now.
    This ending comes as grace, to free you from what you have known. 
    For what you have known now is too small for your soul.
    Bare your uncertainty with equanimity.
    I am certain enough for both of us.
    Allow me to show you the light that you are, that burns within you.
    I will unveil you to yourself.
    Undressing your ego, casting aside its layers as tender as the lover with unwavering attention. 
    Upon the sacred body of lights, you shall know yourself in Truth: pure, beyond all experiences, utinted, ever innocent, as a pure vessel, stripped bare, ready for divine revelation as Light as Life as Love.”