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  1. @Leo Gura Low bar.
  2. A little snippy, myself maybe. I could’ve left it as grokking is not intelligence. These are different words in my mind. I think when we rank intelligence we are first ranking what’s worth intelligence and it is a relativistic mess. This is why I try to be as specific as possible whenever comparing intelligences and often times it just isn’t compatible for me. And I think that perhaps I do not mean to say that intelligence is relativistic. I think it’s possible for intelligence to be consistent and have other things react differently to it. Sort of relativistic, but where the intelligence remains unchanged.
  3. @Inliytened1 Grokking is not intelligence. Grokking is not the thing grokked. Intelligence may not be intelligent, etc. The topic at hand is about not conflating.
  4. I also disagree about there is not a human intelligence or animal intelligence. If something is worth distinguishing it has its own bounds, rules, etc. It’s its own game. If I had to be a dolphin right now I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t be someone’s dog right now either. It’d be a lot to learn. Even a dog has to learn how to be a dog. But I’m much smarter than a dog? No, my intelligence, understanding, knowledge, etc. is just different.
  5. @Inliytened1 It seems we don’t actually know if the animals are leveraging it or not. Grokking can be explained and it is interdependent from intelligence, understanding and knowledge. We should be careful conflating any of these. They’re all relative.
  6. @Inliytened1 How do you know?
  7. @Inliytened1 This is a sort of intelligence. That I don’t deny. But nothing is ‘intelligent.’ Like I said earlier, “You can only be intelligent in relation to something.” There must be a medium. Human intelligence is its own unique field that cannot be linearly surpassed. Just like how you can be amazed at wildlife documentary, and how animals will intelligently interact with their environment. If it wasn’t actually intelligent, and if it was something that we could just learn or do as humans it wouldn’t blow our mind and we wouldn’t teach it or show videos of it, etc. An alligators intelligence is only for alligators. There may be relation across fields, but again nothing is ‘intelligent.’
  8. @Inliytened1 The reason why this doesn’t really sit well with me is because 1. Have you considered how much would have to happen for me and AI to be indistinguishable? Forget non-duality, etc. I’ll be able to pee on that robot and unless we make it be able to pee on me or make it able to make itself pee on me, it won’t. We’re not going to be indistinguishable just by random or something. 2. If we do make them indistinguishable or they make them selves- so be it. The thing about being indistinguishable is it won’t matter by principle. But this doesn’t just mean turning robots into humans. It means turning humans into robots too. But, for the sake of this conversation, sure, yes at that point they would be intelligent. For each additional ability an AI gets we could say they have become intelligent within that realm. The real question is how’re they getting their abilities.
  9. @Leo Gura On what grounds? Lingually, sure. Pictures - pretty much yeah. Videos, almost. Sounds - pretty much yeah. Bias - ok. What else? Seems like you’re missing a lot here.
  10. @Inliytened1 The AI’s current mediums are limited to words, sounds and videos. So for those things, we can call it intelligent. Conversely, I could ask it how to cook something. And it would be knowledgeable on such matters. But it could not do the cooking. So if I were to call it a cook, it’d be a dumb one. Hook it up to a robot and let it apply what it could tell me about cooking and cook something- and I could consider it a sophisticated chef, reasonably. You can only be intelligent in relation to something. So there’s no such thing as intelligence, really. These AI understand nothing and nobody is worried if that they do. We’re worried it starts cooking.
  11. I brought this up a bit ago. I claimed AI was Knowledgeable and Informative not Intelligent or Able-for now. Knowledge = Information Intelligence = Ability If you have naturally high intelligence/ability you can sift knowledge/information easier. And if you have lots of knowledge/information you can become intelligent/able more easily. This explains the conflation. To get intelligence (abilities) from knowledge requires testing and application. To get knowledge/information from your intelligence/abilities is called introspection.
  12. Firstly, I am glad you are still here and on this forum at that. I GPT4ed it for you, as you may not have access or thought of it. My two cents first is that fibromyalgia likely will need to be handled from multiple angles. You can start with basic, or more foundational, things such as stretching, diet, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT, while maybe not solving, I think, could be paramount regardless of other solutions as considering other solutions already involve your mind. Basically, like that story of the man (Peter Ralston maybe) getting dental procedures done with no pain killers after enlightenment + just harboring a good mindset to manage what pain you do feel and how you go about it (regardless of any ‘enlightenment’ or profound ideas). I would also highly recommend weed. RSO, specifically. Or pure hash edibles, if you can get them. Start with low doses. But also know and look into some of the RSO and cannabis doses for high pain cancer patients and other medical scenarios. I add this because GPT mentions painkillers. If it were me, I’d avoid that and see how much I could damper it first. The reasoning is obvious I assume. Binaural beats for relaxation, at low volume, may add something beneficial as well. Maybe not. Like I said it will likely be a combination of things that help. Not one thing alone. Nonetheless some ‘AI’ ideas: Managing fibromyalgia, a chronic condition characterized by widespread pain, fatigue, and other symptoms, often involves a combination of medical treatments and lifestyle adjustments. Here’s a look at some of the most effective methods, including traditional, holistic, and emerging treatments: 1. **Medication**: Doctors commonly prescribe medications such as pain relievers, antidepressants, and anticonvulsants to help manage pain and improve sleep. 2. **Physical Therapy**: This can improve strength, flexibility, and stamina. Physical therapists also teach pain-management techniques such as stretching exercises and proper posture. 3. **Exercise**: Regular physical activity increases your endurance and reduces pain. Gentle exercises like walking, swimming, or yoga are often recommended. 4. **Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)**: CBT helps manage pain by changing the way you perceive it. This therapy can also assist with the depression and anxiety that often accompany fibromyalgia. 5. **Acupuncture**: Some people find relief from pain and stiffness through acupuncture, a traditional Chinese medicine technique involving the insertion of fine needles into specific points on the body. 6. **Dietary Adjustments**: Some evidence suggests that certain foods may trigger fibromyalgia symptoms. A diet low in processed foods and high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can be beneficial. 7. **Sleep Management**: Because fibromyalgia can disrupt sleep, practicing good sleep hygiene is crucial. This includes maintaining a regular sleep schedule, creating a restful environment, and avoiding caffeine and electronics before bed. 8. **Supplements**: Some patients find relief with supplements like magnesium, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids, though it’s important to discuss these with a doctor to avoid interactions with other medications. 9. **Mindfulness and Stress Reduction**: Techniques such as meditation, deep-breathing exercises, and progressive muscle relaxation can help manage stress and reduce pain. 10. **Emerging Therapies**: Research is ongoing into new treatments such as low-dose naltrexone and medical cannabis. Early studies suggest these may help reduce fibromyalgia symptoms for some people. It’s important to work with a healthcare provider to create a personalized treatment plan, as responses to treatments can vary widely among individuals. PS: Love the name ‘Buba.’ Feel like every guy, as a kid, was called it, at least once. Maybe it was just me. But whenever it was:
  13. Boka Fluoride Free Toothpaste - Nano Hydroxyapatite, Remineralizing, Sensitive Teeth, Whitening - Dentist Recommended for Adult & Kids Oral Care - Ela Mint Flavor, 4 Fl Oz 1 Pk - US Manufactured + Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder - 50g Natural Coconut Charcoal, Effective Teeth Stain Remover and Toothpaste Alternative - Safe for Gums Or Enamel + Uncle Harry's Natural & Fluoride-Free Remineralization Liquid for Tooth Enamel - Freshens Breath & Strengthens Teeth (1 oz Glass Dropper) = How I stopped having cavities without needing fluoride. I definitely eat sugar still lol. A water flosser + tongue scraper may help as well. The charcoal and BOKA toothpaste are essential. The Uncle Harry’s remineralization drops work wonders although I had a harder time understanding the health factors. They have other products that seem to work great too but their mouth wash has colloidal silver which was a red flag to me. The drops seem safer, and like I said work really well. Side note: the Nano-Hydroxyapatite is renowned, in Japan especially, as it is 100% non toxic and already a building block of your teeth. I’ve used that tooth paste for years. Not too many in that price range with it in it.
  14. Everyone is talking past each other here and ignoring the actual points being made.