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  1. @Carl-Richard Ironically that’s what I was thinking. Because I see it as somewhat of a shit post so I’m here wondering why y’all are digging into it so much. But, I could be wrong, maybe it’s not a shit post. Either way, I think we agree there’s still a lot of issues with someone of his influence posting something so dumb and powerful to the weak minded. I do have a hard time accepting the weak minded though. I am naive.
  2. Perhaps we see different motives for the post. After further reflection though, I definitely see the problems with the post. I should also say I think the ideology of the chart is dumb, obviously. Perhaps I didn’t consider the extent of how easily others may believe the chart. I look at it and think no more than ‘lol that’s dumb.’ I have a hard time accepting many might look at it and think ‘Yeah! Truth.’ ew that’s a hard pill to swallow
  3. @Carl-Richard Also, yes I know he knows what shit posting is; I have heard him talk about it many times actually. From multiple angles from ‘ghost and post,’ to just acknowledging trollers, to Russian trolls, etc. Can not speak for him, he isn’t my daddy or anything, but I think he has an idea of it.
  4. @Carl-Richard Aren’t boomer up until 1964? Not to get technical, but it seems although these arguments are rooted in something other than Truth. Much less logic and reason. So far it has been ‘do not under estimate his stupidity’ and some generational generalizations. Im not being unfair. I’d love so much to see what’s wrong with this post of his - other than the fact it can be misinterpreted. That I see, but I’m not seeing this ‘dumb ape boomer man deliberately brainwash.’ But I’m open to it. Edit: ‘dumb ape boomer man deliberately brainwash.’ - also, not saying anyone here said anything like this; just the vibe I am getting.
  5. @hoodrow trillson How do you know he did not post it ironically? What’s funny? I agree though, do not like his comedy at all. However, that may even make it more evident that this is a bad joke; not deliberate endorsement.
  6. @Danioover9000 I agree with you. To me, this is an obvious shit post. Now if people want to talk about the consequences of shit posting, I’m all ears. But for anyone taking this as Rogan’s true opinions - I think you’re missing something. Or maybe I am, so enlighten me. But enough of these weak arguments.
  7. @Opo Your argument is weak and hostile.
  8. I guess I should be clear. If the outrage from this post of Rogans is in regard to the fact that many people may take it seriously and right wingers may take a liking to Rogan etc. etc. I see the problem. I can easily see how that would happen and how he could brainwash people. so honestly yeah there is a problem here. nonetheless I do not think that Rogan himself believes such nonsense in that chart.
  9. @Danioover9000 Pretty sure it is just a joke. You’d have to be extremely dumb to genuinely think that chart is accurate. I don’t think Rogan is Jesus or anything - but really guys? Have you guys listened to him speak at all? He isn’t a pile of bricks. He is way more liberal than conservative. It’s honestly hilarious seeing all of your reactions to this. Duh, that’s the point. Rogan is constantly talking about how you need long format discussions, how he isn’t an intellectual - among other things that clearly display this as a joke. I genuinely don’t know how you guys are perceiving this this way.
  10. When I see this, from a comedian, I think ‘joke.’ He caters to the right, likes guns, isn’t the brightest, sure - but I think I am missing something. Do you guys think this was a joke or serious post of his? Or do you guys think it doesn’t matter, if it’s a joke or not, it’s still doing damage to dumb dumbs who believe it? Because I think I’m missing the criticism for Rohan there seems to be on the forum.
  11. I don’t know, yet
  12. @Flowerfaeiry Yeah that’s exactly what it is. Idk why my childhood would make me underachieve, that part I do not get. But I am certain you are right
  13. Technically, I do not think that pleasure is the most important pursuit - but I certainly do not act that way. I am addicted to weed, porn, thinking, video games, etc. I like pleasure, duh, and I began using it in a stage orange sort of freedom way to cope with some first world problems that, while pretty much all I got, admittedly, are kind of stupid and petty. I realized that pretty much the opposite path is better than where I’m going. It’d be much better to do ice baths, workout again, push myself, etc. Itd be much better in the long haul to make myself uncomfortable, rather smothered. The good news is I have been attempting to start working out again and that feels great. Overall I did stop buying as much sugar and eating better but I have been falling back as I have been stressed recently. Oh, and I have been taking more cold showers. Just a minute or two tho - I like my hedonistic hot showers. But that’s the good news. Nonetheless I’ve been slipping and going backwards as I struggle to manage stress and what worries me. Idk, I think I’m just typing this in hopes of some pleasurable responses. Hoping someone has some good tips how to be less hedonistic when really the answer has always been here. I must suffer to manipulate reality further, if I wish for the consequential numbness to recede from my pleasure seeking behaviors. Idk the weed fucks with my head, I never know if I’m making sense. Any of y’all used to smoke a ton of weed, play games and touch yourself until you woke up and starting working towards something bigger / any tips on how that went? Cause I’m sick of being a numb loser who geeks about infinity and ideas of what there could be instead of what there is.
  14. ‘You’d wish that none of your wishes came true.’
  15. Proud of you, fuck’em