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  1. @Thought Art I forget who it was, a monk or someone responded with ‘a turd’ after being asked ‘what is enlightenment.’ Something like that idk really. But, yes, a profound shit. Everything is profound I love it - which is why I responded with something so stupid. To appreciate the profoundness of something other than a ‘spiritual teaching.’
  2. I am currently in the midst of a deep, profound, shit.
  3. @Leo Gura I love you because of me. Thank us.
  4. We are in a very similar spot. Stop being lazy. Stop smoking weed for every occasion. Stop worrying about others. Do not stop caring for other. Stop worrying about others. Get off your fucking phone. Buy a timed lock box if you need to (this works for weed as well). No you’re not to young to self actualize, that’s stupid, the younger the better. If you’re thinking about how to do something, you’re not doing it.
  5. Maybe go for more walks.
  6. Ultimately there is no difference between insanity or sanity. But, assuming there is a difference, the difference would be subjective. Maybe Sadghuru thinks he’s insane. As far as ‘waking up’ being the new norm, it pretty much already is. It’s just the pace that can suck. Also, since reality is infinite - there is no end to the awakening. It’s easy to think this world is insanity and waking up is not the norm. It is way more difficult to see this is also the widest the world’s eyes have ever been; wide awake.
  7. @Death_ I see your confusion, let me clarify. I meant the perspective people on this forum have about mahasamadhi. not the perspective of the of people attempting mahasamadhi. Gotta love language.
  8. @Death_ I never said I want to know it. You are either fundamentally misunderstanding my post or trolling me.
  9. @BipolarGrowth I appreciate your thoughts on Mahasamadhi’s relationship to this forum. It makes sense now that it’s really just not something anyone clicking on a forum would really need to talk about lol. Just adds to the confusion. Also I feel rather stupid. As someone who has not had a massive ego death, seeing a response like “you’d have to die” is a little unsettling. But it’s often mental/ego death discussed here and that’s likely all Leo was saying. Scary framing though, especially if you do not realize he does not mean to commit suicide. Nonetheless, it’s not wrong to say. Just a fine line and a lot of potential confusion assuming people do not realize their ideas have to die, not them physically.
  10. @Death_ This was about the perspective of Mahasamadhi, physical death and suicide on this forum - not Mahasamadhi. I do not care about Mahasamadhi.
  11. @iceprincess Idk why I cared to respond to all of this because I think horoscopes are outright dumb and misleading, and also that it’s not worth it to debate the birth of someone who may or may not have existed - nonetheless, from my experience, most people, including some devote Catholics I know, understand jesus was actually born sometime in the spring. As if there was not enough controversy in religion lol.
  12. Firstly, I am not interested in Mahasamadhi itself, more so the thoughts around it on this forum. I am also curious on the attitude of physical death and/or suicide I have noticed on this forum. I am by no means suggesting these at all. Again, I am curious on the perspective of these things, here on the forum, not the things themselves. Is it for liability reasons the dialogue is so back and forth on such topics as suicide, mahasamadhi, physical death, etc.? Right after the mention of someone committing suicide and the specific and general warnings that followed, via one of the newest videos, I could not help but notice Leo telling someone the quickest way to end suffering is to kill yourself, on the forum. Or maybe he just said die; I may not be remembering correctly. Of course the specific context would change the meaning of what he said, yet either way it leads me to ask, what is the stance on physical death, killing yourself physically and Mahasamadhi on this forum? Sometimes I hear something like ‘that’s not what we do here’ and other times it’s seems more welcomed than not. My impression is this has a lot to do with liability and it is hard to express here on the forum. It is probably quite difficult to articulate the ‘meaninglessness’ of the topics above while also portraying their severity and seriousness. Edit/PS: I am seeking clarity on these subjects; not trying to accuse or give criticism. I love you all and it is not often I find a message that is not clear and concise from this community. So, when I do, here we are.
  13. The symphony conductor is both feeling and thinking. There are rational, linear aspects to the song such as timing, transitions and other constants, while the dynamics or articulation is more often felt as their plane is not exactly linear. So, yes, you’re on to something and I hope this will all help you visualize a new relationship with systems; they can be felt or rationalized. People more inclined to feel systems may respond more liberally, to reactions and effects within a system, as they come, whereas more logic based thinkers often model solutions to the effects from the system. Feelers are often more flexible to systems but more unorthodox. Thinkers often remain consistent and to the point but may have a harder time managing the more ‘airy fairy if buts or ands’ of the system. So, yes, there’s systems feeling and thinking. Obviously both are important.
  14. Obviously history is a deep subject that requires extensive research to develop a fair, well educated, perspective. Hence, it’d be nice not to be a history newb anymore and I am curious to hear of any suggestions for history podcasts to get me started, eventually get me into books and less generalized research. I am from the U.S. Midwest - for perspective - but I am open to global history. I’m sure what I was taught about in school was cherry picked and I would like a variety of takes on major aspects of the past. So uh yeah, any suggestions?
  15. If you look around, do you see a lot of ‘hardcore actualizers’ fighting to improve themselves and be the best they can? No. Not many people like that, that I know of at least. So who would teach this?