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  1. @SgtPepper As far as the ‘ 1, 2, 3’ 1. I wish I wouldn’t have picked this username- just kidding actually (in response) 1. Yes, billions of women. Unimaginable, somewhat. There’s someone, if not many ‘viabilities.’ 2. I genuinely have no idea if we’re a good fit. Very little experience with women. Always had some good look female friends though. Haven’t been super social lately, but it’s not like I can’t. Also, yes, few experiences that weren’t ‘good.’ Then there’s a weird perspective, my parents relationship is/was wacko and unhealthy. Not much first hand experience of affectionate, interpersonal, Love. 3. I don’t know what could happen with this girl bit I know I am very close to this friend. Weighing the consequences, yes. Enjoyed your phrasing of ‘anything you can’t come back from.’ I know that I could and I know other than jealously for a bit no other response could be really warranted but I fear a greater response. I’d understand a greater response, justified or not. Weighing the consequences. Right now I talk to her a bit daily and see her every now and then, not really making any moves. Just trying to feel my thoughts with her. I know it’s not the best strategy to lead on or not make any moves but- ‘in a pickle.’ Im, 20- honestly think good, long term, intimate relationships start after 30, usually, though. Check the stats, don’t know, that’s what sounded good to me, anyways.
  2. @SgtPepper I’m in such a sophistic frame right now- But you’re right; fuck, who am I, again?
  3. Hi, long story short in a bit of a ‘love triangle.’ My friend has like this girl for awhile and her and I recently hit it off and he got very upset at the idea of it. The girl doesn’t seem interested in him even though he has tried in the past. I don’t know if I want something with her or not. Bit I don’t like being told who I can and can’t try with, ya know. Also hate being a dick and feel like I am, here’s why. I am very inexperienced with girls. I don’t talk to many, I don’t know much of what I want from them. So I don’t want to pursue her if I end up not like her, consequently just being a dick to my friend. But I also don’t want to hold back at least trying with a girl to figure out what I like. I know a lot of this is, talk to more girls! Find what I like! But has anyone been in a situation like this? Do we all need to start with a sort of ‘sluttly’ (not slutty, but quantity approach) with women? Or how do you introverts make collected decisions on who to go for, when you don’t know what you like? Probably a combo of both- just thinking about preferences but then, obviously, more experiences with women to really know. Thanks.
  4. The universe is everything and everything is love. That includes disregard of humans. From the universes perspective that is still an equal love. It’s the same for cancer, war, etc. Just a lovely game to the universe. But if we didn’t feel it so dire we wouldn’t have the game at all.
  5. If our survival didn’t matter you wouldn’t see evil. It wouldn’t even exist.
  6. Brazilian Jujitsu is a relatively low impact combat sport that is great exercise, teaches self defense, etc. Its great for countless things and so are some other combat sports. But BJJ is low impact this low risk and open to many young and old, serious and beginner.
  7. Figure out your life purpose so when you do start developing skills, you’re headed in the right direction.
  8. In my experience, I wish I would’ve started life purpose along side enlightenment.
  9. So I know I need to take notes, I get it- I have a few but not much really. The bright side of not taking notes is everything I know I know I know. So from avid not noter, maybe try to focus on raw understanding and allow your notes to loosely refresh you while retaining key data/points.
  10. Also struggling with the finite aspect of interpersonal Love. I always thought it somewhat rude to break down the things you want from a woman, or anyone for that matter- but I now realize it’s ruder not to have clear expectations, boundaries, etc. I ought weigh what I’m willing to sacrifice and prioritize in a relationship. I also just need more experience in the sense that maybe some things aren’t my choice even.
  11. @SonataAllegro Love your take on this. I should lean into the silence. Not always, obviously, but I never looked at it that way. It could ended up being a really comfortable thing with women; silence. Sounded better in my head lol. Also, yes, definitely able to see a more grounded way now but still working on the action. Thus your description of not coming at it from the same place anymore. Working on that.
  12. @Raze Thank you, just need to keep admiring to myself where I’m at.
  13. Just comes done to the person. the spectrum: NO ANAL WHY WOULD I? Thats gross never done it id maybe try it id try it im going to try it ive tried it ive done it a few times ive done it a lot I LOVE ANAL ————— A girl could say any of those things about anal. Just depends on the person.
  14. Hi there, maybe just looking for words of encouragement, not sure. Tips are cools too. I have had a small number of friends and low social activity for the past 5 years. I am 20 and most of that time was spent smoking weed, listening to Leo and cracking the universe. Time to move on, when you get the message hang up. So I’m with this girl, right? All great, casual, neither of us are really looking for anything but I’m debating where I should take it because I know I have ‘leverage,’ she’s attracted to me. Nonethless, idk what to say when I have been alone for so long, mainly. Tbh it doesn’t really bother me- pretty much anything interests me but I never feel like I’m the one engaging. It feels like they’re more uncomfortable with the silence than me. I am not sure if due to my lack of experience with women if I have not just found someone who isn’t bothered by my silence or if I could just use some tips to not make it sound like an interview and be more loose. I am looser than I was but still haven’t restored that small talk ability I had before I started this journey. Much love
  15. When you’re allowed to say whatever you want, groups will start to agree about what should and should not be said. We don’t have freedom of speech because we wanted to say everything. We have freedom of speech to figure out what we do not want to say. It sounds backwards but freedom of speech is supposed to guide us towards a more conscious way of speaking- not one where we little just say anything- because we can. We all know where that gets us. Well, not all, that’s the problem here anyways, isn’t it? Some actually think that because we can say anything, we should and thats how we exercise our rights. But we need to acknowledge that none of us like to hear everything and at the very least there needs to be a good contextual foundation for the words.