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  1. Leo had a response, to someone, along the lines that self respect is a big part of discipline. That clicked in me; discipline is low in me, so is self respect. Respect in me overall is quite low. I ‘respect’ things and really appreciate things/ideas but usually only convenient ones. I have taken the time to be more grateful, though. Nonetheless, when I begin to think of where, at least, self respect comes from I get I can force myself, rationalize it, love the idea, fake it, etc. But I feel the need to continue pondering where that comes from. The actual definitions of ‘respect’ all mention a feeling. Respect does seem like a feeling and while I am learning to mast emotions, I want to genuinely develop respect. So here I am; looking for perspective. Why/How do you guys respect yourselves?
  2. Go on Amazon and search for 4+ star products and sort by average customer review. That’s my go to. Also, let’s say your budget is $100. Filter for products up to $100 but then sort by price high to low. This will now show you products that may be $100+, but on sale. Great way to filter high quality deals. Also, for certain products, like headphones, a company like Audio Technica, which spends next to 0 advertising dollars and pretty much only makes headphones and sound equipment, is a great go to because that’s their specialty. This can be applied to anything, if you’re willing to pay for quality - some companies are very straight forward. Also, the habit of opening packages respectfully, so you can return- is something I do all of the time. Take great care of it and see if you like it, then return if it feels right. Not the most ethical route, but sometimes you don’t know until you know. Few more quick ways I get quality stuff: - YouTube reviews - word of mouth/observation of other peoples things - regular reviews / FAQ / Google searches !!! - I guess lastly, somethings just speak for themselves. Usually things that are plastic but also come in metal, are better, for example, not always. Just paying attention to weight, materials, etc helps a lot when deciding online - if a lot of people have a product it’s usually good. I have no shame in copying.
  3. @integral I agree about the depth perception, but hsdnt heard anything about reduced eye strain. My eyes always hurt from those movie glasses or at least a 3DS for sure lol. Different technology there though.
  4. @Leo Gura I could agree for movies; harder for me to imagine where a 3D perspective could ‘sit’ in a movie. But for games, I’m astonished for that opinion. I think 3D currently sucks but 100% could see it making FPS, racing games, etc. way more enjoyable. Like @integral said it’s intuitive with depth perception and I think overall just adds a brilliance, if it can be done correctly. We could be overlapping VR opinions and 3D opinions- they kind of correspond. Also, again, idk how you pull off head tracking in a theatre or on a tv (anything other than single person usage). This video used head tracking though, so maybe that’s more just for gaming. Edit: I do have an idea for multiple person head tracking 3D but it really doesn’t solve any problems, any ideas?: People could wear glasses that show them their individually tracked image and not others. But how would this even work for movies? Would every one get a different perspective of the frame? Would you have to watch it centered, or would it automatically calibrate? Would you have to watch it from different angles, literally, lol?
  5. @at_anchor If letting it slide gets you closer to out of your country/situation and causes less drama or issues, let it slide. It seems you may be worthy of a better life somewhere like Europe or the USA, presumably you are not there right now. If you can leave, try. Most likely that will mean letting all of this slide and forgetting and forgiving. That is usually easier in the long run. Even if you don’t not plan on leaving.
  6. This was very cool. Not exactly what I imagined. All 3D tvs I have seen ‘protrude,’ whereas this would seems to almost ‘fall into the screen. Don’t think the tracking would work so well for more than one person, but for gaming it’d be great. The eye and head trackers are already useful in a lot of games.
  7. @WisdomSeeker You must know spiral dynamics and how Tier 2 stops demonizing others.
  8. @RyanK It did happen but it’s like a puff of smoke, it’s gone. Unlike the smoke, though, you’re not going to find it in the atmosphere or anything. Just in your mind and others. Maybe in a stain, or picture as well. But the ‘past’ is just right now, spelled differently. Then imagine that ‘spelling’ shifting into a different spelling, that is the future. Same letters different arrangement. The only reason people say the past does not exist or perhaps even feels that way is usually because their new perspective shattered the ideas they had.
  9. @Leo Gura What do you do with these experiences and thoughts? The reverse time, hyperbolic geometry, cylinder time, etc.? I’ve only explored for fun. Feels like there could be a practical use.
  10. @Leo Gura The ‘not sure why,’ in this, seems very uncharacteristic of you, given the context of it’s usage. Would you mind elaborating? Surely, you know why you don’t have the button, hmm? Who wants the button?
  11. My brain likes to think. I need to trust that and shut it off, without hurting myself. I really need a taste of that. I have been in No-Mind before, but it is rare for me. I know everyone is different but what are some ideas to shut brain off and coast on what I got? -Cardio helps I know -no-mind meditation, of course -focus mediation, any other meditations? -types of yoga? -Clean eating, any types of food? I need to mix up my life that’s for the ideas guys.
  12. @Godishere I like your way of putting that, but what do you mean at some point? Aren’t we each other now? That’s where I’m having a hard time operating.
  13. Is human solipsism creating reality through how we look at it? Or creating reality? Full stop Does it matter? —————————————————————— Ps I’ve been great Really, just that line of questioning has got me right now. But I’ve gotten myself some therapy, drums + lessons, good food, trying to exercise and work on my vices. all with a fast food job.
  14. If I were to look at my past and not cringe- it’d mean I’m okay with the same things and have not grown. To cringe is to recognize you’ve grown.