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  1. I said it's courageous of them to do so. I appreciate it and I acknowledge my problem as a female lacking social skills (i'm the living example that u can have a nice physique and career and fail at attracting because after that initial approach from men i think they got scared or something :D) Definitely they'd have something to offer...but we still are biased about that they say about looks and attraction. I value those who work on themselves to become the best the can get to be and it probably puts them ahead of those who already are nice and have not developed those skills...BUT... I need to feel a vibe and to feel attraction it has to be compensate. I DO NEED some intellectual traits, aswell (big problem)
  2. You got to put urself out there and meet tons of people and build social skills. It's my advice after fulfilling those requirement of physique/sucessful career.
  3. Good ones Calisthenics are so appealing!!! Getting u urself out of your comfort zone is also something i kinda feel attracted towards aswell. If i see it in a man..oh god Last guy I dated was one of those. He told me he used to train always with a sweatshirt just for the sake of feeling it harder to do and to get some extra more discipline haha. Ok enough of this guy...:D
  4. I am over average looks and struggle with this thing of social skills and attraction
  5. Well, I am not the best to talk about it because I myself am struggling getting to attract the men I get to be feel interest to, but come on...:D if it's objective than in the physical you're a 7-8 how come :DD Nonetheless it's a very courageous act and speak well of their will to improve their confidence and approaches, after all we all here are recommending this thing of practice, practice, practice.. @Bando If you handle the setbacks you can always enjoy the victories achieved under this over-confidence -delusional thing
  6. @Mada_ True. Having watched a bit of content for both audiciendes it's curious about the tip regarding staying away from seen needy. @Emerald Very nice explanation and important things to care about. I did not stop to think than a man on his feminine would no commit after it's no point after all getting a guy not on his masculine/commited/purposeful side
  7. Literally. Yesterday f.e i was approached by a (let's say 4) new guy at the gym. Come on. He did not even work on the approach..
  8. @PepperBlossoms @Bando You mean it's a pointless game to keep it cold an acting hard to get? i understand the polarity issue and that stuff but in the end if a female for whatever reason is attracted towards a guy and keep is moderate in her pursuing/chasing/ could work. In an ideal world would be as stated..
  9. @Leo Gura It's definitely one of the biggest principles about life that one of the attachment. So true. Too much content that I've view but when it came action seems I failed in not controlling this "neediness" thing for this particular guy. Lesson learn. I think I'd go again to focus on my growth and journey and listen to my feminine..seems i acted a bit alpha, but it's a big deal for me trying to get attracted towards someone both physical and intellectual. That was the reason of my neediness and "pressure" i guess Reading sex and investment. I did not understand what you said. @Bando I will assume this is as the advice for the guys...practice, practice,, fail, fail...and fail EARLY @PepperBlossoms That's my view on it but as @Emerald say...the natural thing is the male to pursue. By this I can confirm that this guy was in his masculine and I was in my masculine there the dispatch.... but i insist i would have let my feminine show out in an hypothetical 2nd date...but it's over now.
  10. Many many thanks for you valuable and fast reply @Emerald @Flowerfaeiry. It seems as if i were back to my teens with this issue that I cannot make it to think as an adult women. It's been so much time struggling with some other issues and compensating it with my high achieving that I lost i'd almost all my feminine power i guess. As a paradox, I worked hard on my physique and during all this time i made the best with the tools i got to put myself in the best possible scenario...but.. to the issue of relationships i lack or have forgotten the basics... @Emerald It was an "intellectual" 1st date with non flirting and not even any flirting texts. I think i've put it way it too clear that i am not an easy straightforward person to sex. Perhaps I've just been put in the friend zone category or as an annoying woman who is too intellectual and boring. Don't know. My plan for that 2nd date was to LOOSE IT and just keep it flirty and show a bit more of my feminine side. Let it go. REGARDING YOUR ADVICE. I am sure its a very good one, but i think it's so optimistic providing he has not contacted me in all this time. In the best case scenario he has put me on the friend no way of risking. He should have decided by now if yes or not. So i assume no. @FlowerfaeiryThanks to you. Lesson learn for the next time. NOT SO INTELLECTUAL so he'd bite at some point and he'll keep attracted for a second date if everything goes right. @Leo Gura Best tip is to stop overcomplicating things as you advised.. and i'd ass to keep away this damm curse of feeling even obsessive attraction towards the intellectuals awell :D. Thanks!
  11. Hey there Not my wish to be SO persistent with my issue i asked ur advised with in my last thread (regarding having met ad dated an intellectual guy i feel attracted towards)...but i learned the lesson the hard way. Too late in life but a learning after all on how attraction works (being an intellectual female..with over average look not rated by me so this is quite objective). Writing a new thread so newbie females on dating for whatever the reason could learn from my experience. OK. So the update and the learning. You females who advised me on here/ read your post regrind this issue were totally right regarding the attraction rules. Never chase/pursue a man. I will NEVER EVER again. *If u remember my thread, I was the one initiating all texting (he always replied politely and in 5 min time but never initiated..) He agreed a 1st date but did not fixed it. I had to make him to fix it. The face to face date was ok...WAY TOO INTELLECTUAL. I did not let my fitting wishes to emerge. If I'd have flirted i'd have worked. We both share similar mindsets and passions). NEVER KEEP IT INTELLECTUAL even if you want to look polite and not too flirtatious. It has to be some flirting from date 1...otherwise...attracion is gone. UPDATE AND CLOSING OF THIS INTERACTION WITH THIS PARTICULAR GUY After 2 weeks I subtly suggested a 2nd date to asses his interest because it was kinda confusing he always replying and sharing so many interests and I liked the guy. His response was that he was preparing for and exam scheduled in 2 weeks (perhaps the definite date it's later on) I assume it's like "hey, do not contact me/text again..i am not interested" He'll probably rejoin my gym this week. It's gonna be weird.. I feel kinda stupid because I have needed to be almost said NO to realized he did not like me. HOW COME that can be that being over average i got this response with this guy? too much pursuing an 0 flirting? that might be the reason.. Trying to moving on...
  12. I will follow your thread because it seem it's gonna be of lots of help to many of us I personal prefer face to face dating. I recently got a 1st date with a man i feel attraction towards but he seems to enjoy the online stuff aswell. I would definitely go for the REAL FACE TO FACE interaction.
  13. Yes, it seems it requires some training for some depending on your background i guess..
  14. I feel pretty much the same, being a woman. It's numbers issue I guess. I do lack social opportunities to hang out, or that's why.
  15. I guess a bit of both is needed: game/flirtation/attractition techniques but also showing honesty and trust regarding what you look for and what you bring to the table.