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  1. This is not 2CB if you are new to this and looking to try real 2CB, or have seen Leo's video about it. TLDR: This "New Pink" version is actually not 2CB at all. It is a mix between Amphetamines, Fentanyl, Ketamine, LSD, GHB, MDMA, Ecstacy and more (See 07:00 + 17:17 in the video) This is not your average psychedelic for spiritual work/consciousness work. This stuff is not safe, and if you are looking to try 2CB (which is an amazing tool for this work) I would advise you too buy the white or brown powder looking stuff. It's either 2CB HCl/HBr. And of course test your stuff if you have never tried this stuff before.
  2. Thanks Well, what is so interesting that we go through our own journey, learning all these things, and to use that to help teaching others, so many things about the healing process, the journey, the process, the work; just like Teal has for all these years. Yet we fall in to a few traps or call them tests, and we fail to see what we have learned, said and done throughout our journey. And the ego will use that specific moment to hold us by the neck and to use that as our deepest weaknesses: "See how bad you are? See, you haven't changed a bit! You are not good enough!" And sometimes we fall deeply in to that trap, and identify with that and then our whole reality changes to reflect that wounding, or pain or identity. It is like a drama show that keeps creating new scenes for different characters and actors that are playing new roles. If you look at the whole thing from above; Our whole lives, it is the perfect illusion for Consciousness to fool itself in/under. But it looks so real and so convincing as the characters and the identity of these characters/aspects. What I find interesting is that what we have the hardest to embody, is presence of mind. How to catch yourself in the making? To really learn from our mistakes and past conflicts. And to be aware enough to use that in every moment of our lives. Acting under pressure. It's most likely something we realize after we have done something that we regret, that we say: "Oh, I shouldn't have acted that way." And that becomes the next illusionary path we choose walk on.
  3. Author, teacher of consciousness. One of the teachers Leo went to.
  4. Teal is just a representation of our side we are not healing or integrating. Rather blaming, judging and dismissing. She is just playing a role for us to see our darker sides. Ram Dass once said: "When someone passing through and spewing their crap on to us, that is their karma, but how we choose to act or react to that, is our karma." As: If we judge them, that is our own judgment to ourselves. But if we see them for what they do, willfully or not, and if we observe that, then that is our act of understanding towards our different aspects. As much as I want to shame her for it. I can see that I would probably have acted the same If I didn't go through the things I did in my life and seen the things I have seen. But if I were to have that erased and be entered to her reality, I would have been the same. Watching that video when she is telling stories about her childhood (don't know if they are true), but being "forced" to bathe in cow's blood and make out with other kids, at age 6 and being raped and molested. No wonder she is the way she is now, no matter how much healing work she has/hasn't done. By the looks of things, she is just gathering people in her life to show/mirror her different aspects, back to herself, and seeing if she can heal and integrate them. In whatever avatar and life story we go through when we enter this reality. What we get programmed with as a child and in our early adulthood, will deeply affect and shape us in the years to come. Unless we go through a self-deconstruction phase at some point, where we go through so many ego-deaths and have our many layers of identity peeled of like layers of an onion, it is just going to be hard to let those pieces go. And as long as we exist as finite selves, we are just going to have a few or many layers of ego. That is just how we can exist. I don't know if Teal has worked with psychedelics. But going through her shit in her life without any aid to show herself to herself so thoroughly (like with psychedelics) is real ballsy. So I got to give her that. Either way, reality will mirror what it does best, which is mirroring. So she is getting to heal and to work on herself, the way her reality is playing out. Having multiple ego-deaths, and going though phases of self/identity shedding (ouroboros style) will wash us of our different disfunctionalities. But not many are lucky to walk that path/direction. I don't know how awake she is. But as Ralston once said about enligtenment, "Don't expect transformation". I wish her the best.
  5. Find someone that works with Kundalini energy, if it worsens. Clean out your life with proper clean diet, meditation and spend more time with your physical being, clean yourself of your fears and traumas. Heal relationships in your life that have been causing you suffering. Be willing to forgive and forget. Drop resentments and thoughts and patterns that are no longer inline with your present experience. Have a willingness to make things right in your relationship with your reality. A lot of it is just your physical being wanting to release stored up energy that no longer serves you. So, what you can do is to open up and let it, and preferably help the process by being selfless to yourself, by aiding the cleansing of your physical being. It will be different for everyone, so find what it is in your unique being. Try to see this as a healing process. Try to love the Kundalini outbursts. A lot of the time it is actually deep Love entering you. And if you really see it for what it is, then it will be the most beautiful sensations you will ever feel. They will turn in to metaphysical orgasms that can last for hours on end. My first deep Kundalini awakening lasted for 2-3 days. I was home from work, shaking in orgasms on my bed. Also, some substances will be more violent with the cleansing. So maybe try to take something milder. Can recommend LSD, just 1-2 tabs. And go in to them with the intention to heal and to release. Meditate on the bed with some meditation music together with your LSD trips.
  6. Haha yea indeed. Even though I was checking the forum a few times yesterday. It was so peaceful and a day where I felt present with myself. Not a bad idea to take breaks sometimes. Can be quite healthy actually. And if this resonates with you (the reader) I encourage you to do the same. This forum is a blessing, but it can turn in to a crutch. When we separate ourselves consciously from our habits. Then when we come back to them, occasionally, they become so much more meaningful. And we appreciate them so much more.
  7. The Godhead is far from boring I tell you. It is like being in an Infinite Orgasm. The more selfless you are, the less attached you are to the dream; The more pleasurable it becomes. Until the point of your last breath, and then you become it. There would be no possibility to even think a thought like: “This is boring”, when you are in that state.
  8. I’m sorry but this not true at all. If you really broke in to the Godhead, you would have completely chosen to end the dream. You can resist it, which many of us do, but it feels like having the entire Universe on your shoulders, and standing on a ledge, in front of the abyss; ready to throw everything in to it, seeing how Beautiful it is if you would choose to do it. With all that weight on your shoulders, being an inch away from jumping; and then to resist it… It is our own selfishness that brings us back. It is our own sense of unworthiness that denies ourselves to stay in that state. And of course our attachments.
  9. Thank you. It is your own words my friend, you just write them from this avatar to that one. Perfect is only perfect if it seen from every possible angle. Otherwise it is imperfect, but imperfect is still just one of many angles.
  10. @Razard86 I love you so much brother. Your work is amazing and you are doing so much for others that you forget yourself. Most of the times we just do what our being is pushing us to do. And it is always for good reasons, even if it’s hard to see why/what the reasons are, while it is happening. You are just radiating what you want to be and give to others, which is yourself of course. You are like the sun, which is just an endless explosion of Love. And it doesn’t choose or favor anyone whom it shines upon. It doesn’t care if it can be to warm sometimes, because that is how it expresses itself. And when the Love is too much, the planet creates clouds to protect the beings from too much radiation. But in turn, that forces the beings to start seeing/asking/pondering what the light/warmth of the sun actually is, and what it actually does for them. When you or others feel like it can be too much, that is the clouds doing their work. So you through others can evaluate and start to appreciate what you really are, and what you really give. The sun is so warm and so giving, that it sometimes forgets itself, until it realizes itself, and showers itself with her/his own Love. So it can keep on going for as long as it desires. Trust yourself, love yourself, don’t deny what is in you, and trust that others will get it through time. Clouds and shades are always accessible for people when they need it. Balance, Order and Harmony is always valued in Nature. That is what Nature strives for. Trust in the process that drives this whole reality. And realize that you are not only the sun, you are all of reality doing what it does best.
  11. If you are referring to the real 2cb, then that is a good question. From my own experience, 2cb can have a very stimulant effect on the body. In higher doses, it makes you really warm. That can increase blood pressure. And that might not be so great for diabetics. I really don't wanna give any advice. Seek professional/medical advice from a practitioner. Here is a reddit post on it.
  12. That doesn't sound so fun. Maybe try some liquid b12 supplement then. Example: Here is a good video on it, recommend this guys channel if you're a vegan,
  13. Whatever state you are in, in whatever body, with whatever senses, you are always in a dream reality. Also, to be able to access other senses than the ones you have when you are in your body; you would have to become “something” else, no? Your senses will become transformed and transmuted in to other senses, and you will love those even more. You becoming “something” else than what you are fearing now, that is death. But if you are very identified with your body, or what you think your body is, then it can be a bit tricky to free yourself from this state. But nothing to fear really. It’s totally normal. And with time you will realize things for what they truly are. Death is happening in every moment. But we are so disconnected from what death really is, so we become fearful of change. Which in turn results in a more and more finite and fearful state of consciousness. Expand the sense of what you think you are, and from your unique and beautiful way experiencing and orienting yourself in this reality, with the help of your inner compass, you will be able to decipher these fears and illusions that stops you from living in Truth, Harmony, Balance, Contentment and in flow with life. Happy journey✨
  14. Thank you for being receptive ??
  15. Ooh, was almost about to forget
  16. Feels like being held in God's arms, Forever.
  17. Thank you for your feedback. It can be boring taking pills every day or every other day. But with nutritional yeast, you can sprinkle it over literally everything you eat. In smoothies, in salads, over your cooked meals etc. Also it tastes great. And 313% of daily value from 2 teaspoons. Sounds enough to cover it.
  18. It is You that is watching yourself. The more you expand your awareness of Yourself, watching yourself. The more you realize it is You. But that requires you to drop the sense of self you think you have now. To go meta and to see that You are watching yourself. (Emphasis on the capital You’s)
  19. Interesting points. Gives new perspective on what was seen. I'll contemplate that during next trips. Thanks!
  20. Haha it's like you described my father. I stopped saying anything like this to him. And it even got worse, he got super angry with me and he thinks that I am trying to be like Jesus or a prophet. He got this whole thing backwards and he sees me as a super dogmatic stage blue worshiper. And he wants me to come prove all these things to him through science. Even a few friends that I haven't spoken to for 2 years, even if they haven't met me in person since covid came. Just because they heard that I have tried LSD (through a mutual friend) they think that I am a devout evangelical. The irony and the comedy in this is just The thing for me to learn was to stop telling these things to people. Unless they themselves alluded to it. Or people that I know are spiritual. And I mean, even them. You tell them a thing or two that aren't aligned with their beliefs and their journey, and some of them just lash their ego out on you. It is what it is. You can show love and appreciation for what and who your family/friends are. You are only going to hurt yourself if you try to "force" this upon them. Even if you try to tell it in a calm, practical, pedagogical and peaceful manner. Trust yourself and who you really are. And realize that you are your own sovereign being. Give yourself the validation you seek. Also, maybe try to find like minded individuals. But I get it, you want to share this with the people that are the closest to you.
  21. It’s funny that you mentioned that. Because during my second LSD trip (and a few after that) Something similar was revealed to me. At the peak of these trips/realizations, I went above this Infinite Mind, and saw that it was Everything. But what made it more confusing, was that I was shown that there was something beyond this Infinite Mind. I looked up and It was pitch black. But I saw an opening of a tunnel in the far distant. As soon as I was approaching it, the peak subsided and I went back in to the mind, where this life was contained in. But that begs the question: If it is an Infinite Mind: Why was I able to go beyond it and observe it from above? That would mean that there is something outside of this Infinite Mind or Maze of Everything. Also wouldn’t be Infinite if it was seen from above, that would make it finite. Unless it has different layers of more Mind, inside of each other. Extending forever… Bubbles within Bubbles. I have been able to break out of this Mind, a few times. Where I observed pure Infinite Void. Before hitting that Infinite Void, I passed Mind and entered that tunnel. But was only able to observe Formlessness and Nothingness, while being “there”. But it’s so complex in that “space” that whatever words I choose to describe it, would just lead to confusion and do no justice to what it really Is. This was and is so f*cking profound that I have gone to great lengths and been trying to go around this fact with all the other awakenings and have tried to understand those initial awakenings/trips. Maybe will gain some clarity on this in the upcoming trips. Will keep deconstructing. Cheers ✨
  22. Beautiful. Of course it is so. But to lead an ego mind in to either trap (ego thinking it is God, or ego thinking that there never was anything) can cause a lot of unwarranted suffering, new illusions and set people off to the deep end. Psyche of a human is very very fragile. I know you mean well with your posts. And kinda have to meet where people are, and reflect back to them what and where they are stuck at, but sometimes we make more harm than good by telling them they are God. Yes they are, but not in the way they "think". What I was trying to say in my previous post was: Don't fall in to the trap of believing you are God in the sense that you "think" you are God. Likewise, of not falling in to the neo-advaita trap and denying everything that is and calling it: "There are only seeming things happening. I don't exist." But who Is saying then that this "I" don't exist? People can take that and be completely disillusioned with everything they do, and they become this detached zombie in the world, going in to their thoughts and thinking that they don't exist. Which won't lead them to awaken in to their true Nature. @Michael Jackson Please don't see this as me pointing this whole thing at you. I'm not. I'm pointing to the reader and the writer