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  1. @soos_mite_ah This was exactly what I would say to my Green friends at this spiritual community, and, to my surprise, the women kept saying to me, "Ya ya, we all have the masculine and feminine energy within us, but at the end of the day the guy I desire to have by my side should embody his strong masculine energy because what I really want is to fully bask in my divine feminine energy." I found it refreshing to hear, basically acknowledging that the different genders do offer a polarity to each other that is "sacred" and shouldn't be flattened or discarded in the name of social progress, which is often the dialogue that I encounter online. @Lyubov Agree, these are just personal anecdotes, and I've certainly had conversations with more "radical" Green activist friends that have a more hardline view about the topic. So yes, it's a diverse spectrum of perspectives - good point. It's interesting to think about which of these perspectives will win out in the long run or if they'll be integrated together into a cohesive whole, as @soos_mite_ah is suggesting.
  2. While living at a Stage Green spiritual community the past few months, the topic of masculine vs feminine energy came up on a nearly daily basis. From the discussions I had, it was surprising to hear how much Stage Green women re-embrace the differences between the two genders and actually desire men who embody what might be considered "traditional" gender qualities and roles. Based off MeToo and so much of the online social commentary, I would have suspected the opposite, that Green women would further flatten the differences between men and women and balk at any notion that men provide something women cannot (or don't want to provide), and vice versa. What I'm realizing now is that much of the mainstream feminist commentary is perhaps more grounded in Orange than true Green. Orange brings this idea of universal rights and women being able to do everything men can do, including all the gender qualities more typically associated with men (like being a dominating corporate executive embodying masculine energy qualities). Green, on the other hand, seems to value authenticity over conforming to the mainstream masculine society, and they seem to re-embrace celebrating the differences between the two genders in a way that almost feels closer to Blue than Orange. It's also interesting to think about how this further evolves with Stage Yellow once that comes more online. Currently it feels the most prominent Yellow voices out there are all men. This video interviewing Green women does a good job highlighting my findings. Curious to hear others' perspectives, particularly any women on the forum.
  3. @aurum Haha perhaps! Though to be fair I started this thread talking about Yellow traps! I guess the traps are everywhere...it’s almost like God boobytrapped his own game 😆
  4. I don’t think he’s backslid in terms of his actual level of development, I just suspect he might be writing from a slightly shadowy aspect of his intellect / intuition rather than his usually clear cognition. But of course, that’s just my perspective. Maybe I’m the one projecting the shadow, and he’s bringing the clarity
  5. An overly simplified perspective: The People created the System which created the Problems that the more evolved People are now complaining about and blaming the System for when in large part it's the People themselves that are ultimately responsible. Green wants to solely blame the System because blaming the People isn't very kind And perhaps it's easier to play victim than to take responsibility for our collective reality.
  6. @aurum Well said, I resonate with your comments. Again, it's super subtle, but I'm perhaps on the lookout for these types of one-sided-leaning arguments as I recently spent three months at a Green-centric spiritual community in Costa Rica where conspiracy theories about "the system" were rampant and out of control. When I read Charles' essay, I feel it subtly gives fuel to this fire which is burning down logic and reason, which like you said is ironically something Charles normally delivers in spades. I feel we/society need his balanced Yellow-leaning perspective more than ever, and I worry his burnout and disillusionment with the world is shadowing his perspective in an unfortunate way. But okay, life goes on. There are bigger fish to fry
  7. @Leo Gura Yes that's my point. I'm saying that I felt Charles Eisenstein was subtly suggesting this in his latest essay, which I take issue with, per your point.
  8. This is what I sent to my friend when we discussed the topic last week: What I found off about Charles’s latest essay is the implication (which perhaps I’m constructing and is not what he’s actually saying) is that if it weren’t for “the system” Q supporters would be environmental hippies advocating for love and harmony. But because of “the machine” these humans are victims to conspiracy theories. I see this perspective as failing to take into account the evolutionary nature of human psychology. Most Q supporters are also Evangelical Christians, so even before Trump they believed crazy shit (from our postmodern perspective). Q is just a new iteration of the same mythic level beliefs that people at that level of ego dev and consciousness tend to believe. For me the question is how to help people evolve in their worldviews rather than blaming the worldviews they hold on the powers that be, since ultimately the powers that be are just a reflection of the people they serve. For me this perspective is more empowering and creates agency rather than despair, which I sometimes sense in his writing lately. Both perspectives contain an aspect of the truth, but I feel he’s veering too far in one direction while losing the more meta perspective which he usually holds.
  9. Charles seems to be pushing a more and more Green-centric agenda lately. I feel as if his writings and essays have become somewhat radicalized since COVID. I was at his Esalen retreat the week before shutdowns started last March, and it was clear he was going through a lot in his personal life. It seems to have darkened his worldview, and that is clearly reflected in his latest work. To me it feels he’s lost a bit of his integral meta perspective in favor of a more radical Green agenda. It’s a subtle change, but since I follow his work closely I’ve noticed the shift in nuance. Wondering if you’ve noticed the same, @aurum ? He just announced he’s taking a step back from his essay work to focus on some personal life stuff as well as to write a screenplay about “the more beautiful world” he’s envisioning...excited to see what he comes up with!
  10. @Space I feel similarly about Charles Eisenstein. He's a bit more of a Green/Yellow thinker, so he often writes and speaks more from the heart, but I often wonder/ponder what his reality would be like with a few more blasts of mystical awakenings under his belt. Perhaps both him and Daniel, and others like them, will get there in the coming years. Can't wait to see how they evolve, and how (hopefully) humanity and myself evolves with them
  11. I've gone deep down the Daniel rabbit hole at times, and I agree with many of the comments above: he's an intellectual genius for sure, but it's so painfully clear how this worldview is also limited and often times can feel empty and lacking. It's equivalent to someone in Stage Orange making a billion dollars and realizing, "Oh shit, I'm still not happy." Listening to Daniel is like the Yellow equivalent, "Oh wow, I understand maps and concepts better than 99% of people, but I still feel empty." At least that's how I've felt at times listening to these guys, including Rebel Wisdom and The Stoa (both of which are great for what they are btw). In comparison listening to a Turquoise thinker like Osho or the Dalai Lama, there's a depth and energy being transmitted both in the words but also in the silence, which Yellow thinkers like Daniel haven't yet mastered. They're two different frequencies - one is mainly activating my mind and the other is striking a deeper, more heart-centered place. Ultimately I flow between the two, as I find both super stimulating and nourishing in their own ways.
  12. I would ask God what the one question is I should ask God.
  13. https://integrallife.com has a community forum type of thing. https://futurethinkers.org/ has a Mighty Networks page that's small but strong. Game B Facebook group
  14. Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12 Step Program is a great example of a healthy Stage Blue program that has helped millions. Not all people in AA (or other 12 Step programs) are centered at Stage Blue, but the program itself has a very healthy Blue structure.
  15. @Natasha That’s great to hear! Sorry for assuming otherwise. Perhaps I read into your initial comments more than I should have. It seems your actual approach was more holistic than your original posts might have implied m. Regardless, glad that whatever you did worked!