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  1. @Opo They didn't have concentration camps? I was talking specifically about the linguistic mechanism of discrediting. Their level of development is clear but that doesn't make them evil as I'm sure you understand. I hear it thrown around so much as to say anything they said is not worth listening to they are obviously Nazis. Essentially saying "they are one of those" I've seen in a documentary that some lamp shades were made from the skin of jews. I don't think you called me a nazi.
  2. Alright. I guess I just need to follow more links like opo provided. If you could be so kind as to share some good sources of news I would really appreciate it. I'm not going to try to "debunk" them I would genuinely like to know. Or if anyone else would like to through down I would like that too.
  3. @Forestluv Ok. I perhaps am not doing a good job of navigating a conversation like this. I felt like I was pulled into a conversation that I didn't really want to be in and wanted to find common ground. I feel as if I were to ask what I was using as false equivalency it would provoke unintended consequences. Not trying to piss any off.
  4. @Opo I'm sorry for coming off that way. I have been told I can be quite abrasiveness. Looking back I kinda was. Some assumption were made. I reacted a bit to the title of Nazi. I would say the physical fact is not right. I feel like at that standard you can call any purple hair girl with a biden flag antifa. Also I guess this whole forum could be called an antifa group because it is sympathetic to the stage green/pluralist view but would that be fair? I don't think so. Seems to harsh of a label because I think of concentration camps and skin shade lamps. @Preety_India I would have to look at the interpretation of the constitution over voting and rallys. I think my point is really that I don't find them intimidating. If it is right or wrong whatever but I don't think they have malicious intent they are just ignorant.
  5. @Leo Gura I forgot to ask. I would love to know where you get your news from? thanks.
  6. Hi Leo, I hope you are doing well with your health. Love the work you do. Anyway I would say he peddles quite a bit right wing propaganda but I wouldn't say it is so plain and simple. Like I said 15% better. I take your advice of finding the truth in any perspective. @Opo He pumps out a lot of content so he naturally isn't very clean about it and makes his headlines not what his actual opinion is very often because he likes click bait. Some of those criticisms I would agree with on those first couple videos. Honestly I don't feel like defending him much cause he isn't worth it. He has an attitude I find annoying much like a lot of left talkers who act like they are so morally superior. It takes a while to dig through his videos to see his other viewpoints but I totally get why he looks so bought into the right side. I see a glimmer of hope in him unlike the other conservatives. I thought of printing out the levels of ego development and highlighting a couple lines and mailing it to his po box. It is a long shot but he might get some insight.
  7. I would put him against fox news or cnn and say he has a more comprehensive view which I know doesn't say much because they are so damn bias and corporate run. As far as the other small conservative news sources like crowder or ben shapiro, he is more sympathetic to the other side. I know what you are thinking, "but he slams the left every chance he gets". I wouldn't say every chance, but a lot of the time he does. A 15% difference but hey, progress takes time.
  8. Are you calling people who don't find them intimidating Nazis? I feel like this name calling is a bit defensive. I feel most conservatives are alright just as most progressives mean well also. In most cases if you treat people as people and not disregard them from the start as idiots they tend to surprise you with a more nuance viewpoint. Being wrong I can give you that although I try not to moralize cause it leads you down this weird path of "taking the high ground". I guess they feel entitled to do so with the riots of blm at the federal courthouses. Wish they would both stop this mess. Again I feel like this name calling of "gangsterism, fascists, boomers, Nazis, boot licker, uncle tom" is just a way to put people into a mental box and then judge them from this straw man point. "Oh this snowflake sjw over hear" automatically sets up a response to disregard what they say. With all that said I don't think they are being decent but also I don't think they are gangsters lol.
  9. Is it just me or do these people not seem intimidating?
  10. I think tim pool is alright in relation to most others. Everyone has a bubble. He obviously leans right and that makes sense with all the inflammation coming from the left.
  11. yellow talking about yellow. yellception
  12. I did a very similar thing recently moving from Chicago to L.A. What I have to say is that the initial rush was great. Looking for places to sleep the night was a struggle but that was all part of the "movieness" of it. I felt the intuition too and made the move. After getting settled you will feel the urge to do it again or make another shift in your life because you have such a contrast. I don't regret it but I could have done it better. My advice is to be flexible but have boundaries. You really can't predict what will come of this. I ending up doing some stupid things like trying to room with a girl that was trying to get out of homelessness like me but was super manipulative and toxic. Lack of sleep will start to get to you and your judgement. Have friends or family that you can call when times get really hard. They can help a lot in showing you the blind spots you have. best of luck to you.
  13. hmmm good points. I know we have enough housing and food and so forth for everyone. It seems like what you suggest is empowering the people rather than distributing the goods. Makes sense. Why do you bring up the year 1984?
  14. Hello, I've been following this guy on youtube for a while now and would peg this guy at being stage orange. He helps the elite business owner mostly in moving them and their assets over seas to pay less in taxes and have better travel options. His moto "go where you are treated best" leaves me with mixed feelings. The thing I'm not so sure about is if this guy is doing something for the greater good of the world? I know everything is done for the greater good but more practically each time he gets someone to leave the U.S. to avoid paying taxes, does that make america better? Really these four principles are conflicting in my mind. As Alan Watts explained: money has the same relationship to wealth that words have to meaning and as words are not the physical world money is not wealth. Also noted: therefor taxation is obsolete and it should go the other way due to the work done on our behalf by machinery and automation. Taxation is the only tool used currently to maintain our robust system of first world establishments. But also is corrupted. Like a lot. As Sadhguru explained: the one connecting force that can join the world is the field of business. He offers that as a solution to the border problem of India and Nepal. Obviously uniting the world even at a base level of financial gain on all sides would be nice. Systems thinking leads you to see how the whole tax thing is just a game within the larger game of money. Seeing how everything is interconnected and making some changes could backfire hard because our psychological attitude to money being real leads us to such things like the great depression. As Alan Watts said: we were in a material sense a very rich country but because of a mysterious mumbojumbo called the economy we were all miserable and poor, starving in the midst of plenty. What are you're thoughts on all this?
  15. So I feel I'm not going to be a success in business if I try to market and sell products that are actually better for people because of the unrealistic expectations that the click bait world has created these days. On the other hand......I see that there are a lot of people following leo's channel (670,000 currently) among others channels which keeps me thinking that there are people out there (like people here in this forum) that would be open to investing time in themselves using products to learn things like investing money and exercise. But I can't say that just cause others have success that means it will work out for me. In sum I believe there are other like minded business people on here that are marketing some good stuff. How did you get past this hurdle? Also I would like you all to drop a link to what you are doing and maybe hand some feedback on my work as well. (still in beta) Thank you!