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  1. @Leo Gura Agree, from the few podcasts I've watched of Bret he doesn't seem openly hostile to Green, unlike JP. I can see that maybe he's more Green than I suspected, but at least from the video above with Jamie I didn't get a strong sense of that. Probably 50% Orange, 25% Green, 25% Yellow. Leo, do you ever listen to Jim Rutt's podcast? He's another example of a Yellow Game B thinker who is at times openly hostile towards the excesses of Green, and I can't sense whether it's because he has a Green shadow or if he's just being his blunt bombastic self. Either way, I really enjoy his conversations as he comes off as some normal dude sitting on the porch shooting the shit but from a stage Yellow perspective.
  2. This to me is a fantastic example of Stage Orange vs Yellow worldviews. I peg Bret Weinstein as very high Orange with some cognitive abilities (like systems thinking) that verge into Yellow. But fundamentally his worldview is Orange. He looks at the world from an almost entirely materialist's paradigm, specifically through a scientific evolutionary lens. He talks about the purpose of life being nothing other than to pass our genes onto the next generation. He talks about death in a very Orange way. He speaks about how important it is to save humanity from existential threats but fails to include that same concern for nature and animals. He mentions he doesn't believe in "fate or anything close to it." Most interestingly, Bret talked openly about how dark his worldview is, verging on a sense of nihilism that is common to Stage Orange. Jamie Wheal, meanwhile, has a visibly lighter spirit which several people in the YouTube comments noted. He spoke about "radical hope" and frequently referenced spiritual teachers and religious texts. He brilliantly weaved together many different fields of studies unlike Bret who almost always brought it back to his domain of science and history. Jamie advocated for post-modernism and indigenous wisdom at one point. Bret acknowledged that Jamie embodies a more "emotional" approach while Bret admitted to being more rational and analytical. What Jamie did so well - a huge tell of Stage Yellow - is he met Bret where he was at instead of debating him or calling him out (as the Green part of me wanted him to). Jamie was cool, calm and gracefully agreed with Bret's underlying points while expanding the conversation to include a more macro perspective, often which Bret agreed with...in other words, Jamie didn't go too far and loose his audience. He knew where to meet Bret and where to gently push him. This conversation also highlights to me some of the limitations of Yellow and Jamie's worldview. He still fundamentally is trying to save a material world and mapping the universe into infinity without expanding beyond the human mind into Turquoise territory, except for a few transcendent peak states of consciousness via psychedelics and breathwork, which he's spoken about. Jamie even joked that his wife makes fun of him for creating a map about whether he should lovingly touch her left shoulder or not, rather than just being a human and giving physical affection to his wife. He recognizes the limitations of map making and endlessly "complexifying" the world (calling out his fellow Stage Yellow friends), yet he mostly embodies the same shadows as they do. That's my analysis. Curious to hear what others think
  3. It seems every stage of the Spiral is focused on saving something. Stage Yellow is obsessed with building maps to save humanity from existential threats. Is Stage Turquoise the first stage of the Spiral where something is not trying to be saved, fixed, controlled? Stage Beige: Save myself. Stage Purple: Save my tribe. Stage Red: Save my power. Stage Blue: Save my religion and my community/country/ethnicity. Stage Orange: Save our economy and my freedom. Stage Green: Save Mother Nature and our toxic society. Stage Yellow: Save humanity from existential threats. Stage Turquoise: Savor the moment?
  4. I sense the estimates I've read that 20% or more of America has their center of gravity in Stage Green as too high. My reading is that many in Stage Orange specifically the Achiever Stage are beginning to move vertically into Green while also horizontally evolving in Orange. This creates a Green-lite crowd which dominates much of urban America, but I'd argue that these people are really still centered at Orange not truly Green. I've spent a lot of time with deeply Green-centered people, and I just don't buy that 20% of America is there yet. It's also interesting to ponder how our understanding of Green will change as more people embody it, and more of culture and society reflect the values of Green. This will probably shift our perception of the numbers as the meme itself becomes more defined. Same with Yellow and Turquoise. Curious what others think.
  5. @Scholar What a fascinating video! The idea of Lottocracy is very compelling though I'd love to see experimental studies of it being done on a more local level. Perhaps this has been tried in other parts of the world? Hard to imagine how those conversations would go given the vastly different memetic narratives that are out there right now. Is our population even mature enough to all sit down and make meaning together without it turning into a food fight? Very interesting! Thanks for sharing
  6. How to trigger stage blue in a nutshell.
  7. Conversations with God vol 1-3 are great bridge books into the world of nonduality.
  8. Hipsters feeling disillusioned with the nihilism of stage orange's glorified lifestyle.
  9. Are there examples of individuals who transitioned from Yellow into Turquoise? I'd love to study and read the biographies of these folks and specifically around how they made the leap into Turquoise. I suspect for many it was a mystical experience that burst the bubble of Yellow? Perhaps a few that come to mind: -Ken Wilbur -Stan Grof -Carl Jung -Alan Watts
  10. @Consept In terms of my personal experience, basically I noticed the trend is most dominant in people leaving Stage Orange and moving into Green, feeling disillusioned with everything they previously believed. There's a lot of anger, resentment, confusion and disbelief. They're looking for a new "story" or narrative or worldview they can attach themselves to, and often instead of doing the deep challenging inner work that involves being in the mystery and sitting in the unknown, they cling to whatever story arises that explains why they feel the way they feel. For example, that there's an evil cabal of elites harming them. IMO, it's fundamentally a victim mentality that fuels the fire of anger and allows it to be projected outward instead of investigated inward, and as we know, anger is often a cover for grief. So instead of feeling that deep painful grief we turn to rage and project it onto others. It creates a duality of good and evil, right and wrong, awakened and asleep, enlightened ones and sheeples, high vibe and low vibe. It's a strange irony that in the quest for Oneness so much separation can be created. Often psychedelics can help magnify the conspiracy theories, for example, having alien encounters during DMT/Ayahuasca which adds "evidence" that that aliens must be working with Bill Gates to implant microchips in our brains. I had one friend who told me after an Aya ceremony that the medicine told her COVID was an inside job. She is studying to be a doctor and generally is not a conspiracy theory person. Now, perhaps COVID is an inside job, and I believe she had the experience she's claiming she had, but still, it shows how quickly these things can spread because all it takes is her posting that on social media to have all these other people point and say, "See, more proof that COVID is a government conspiracy here to control our bodies!" Things just warp and take on a life of their own. Lastly, because many in the New Age world are so isolated from mainstream society, it creates a bubble that perpetuates the same narratives and prevents outside voices from offering different perspectives. Same shit that's happening with Q-Anon, Trump supporters, etc. We all living in our little bubbles. One more thing, I suspect many New Agers deep in conspiracies are projecting childhood wounds and a distrust of authorities onto "the system." Many in the spiritual world haven't done the deep inner healing/trauma work that one might think they've done, or perhaps they're in the process of working through those old wounds, and so as they arise it becomes easy to project them outward instead of deconstructing them internally. Classic 101 psychology stuff. Hope this helps. Happy to answer any questions about it as it's a topic I've been studying a lot. I also have shifted my perspective on some stuff. For example, I use to laugh at the concept of aliens controlling the human agenda, but now I see how that could in theory be plausible in the astral/4D/subtle realm. If God is infinity, in theory everything is possible, but because I have absolutely no evidence to support or disprove this theory, it becomes something I just don't really pay attention to. Why put so much effort on a hypothetical that, at my stage of consciousness, is completely outside of my control? I'd rather focus on that which I as Tucker in this human incarnation can improve, change, etc. And mostly that starts with myself, hence why I wrote the "I Am The Conspiracy" essay that I did.
  11. @Consept There's a whole podcast that was started talking about the topic. Here's an episode with Jamie Wheal: https://conspirituality.net/philosophy/47-is-an-ethical-cult-possible-w-jamie-wheal/ The guys that run the podcast are mostly Stage Orange/Green, so they lack a nuanced perspective IMO. But Jamie is great. Here's a video of him talking about "how to spot a cult": And another video about conspirituality from Rebel Wisdom:
  12. @Consept Thanks for reading! Was just saying that I witnessed a lot of conspirituality stuff at the community I was at, but I didn't directly speak to this in the essay though it influenced my decision to write it in the first place.
  13. Charles Eisenstein is for me the best of Stage Green and also has a lot of Yellow qualities.
  14. Watched this a while back. Great stuff. It's definitely a widespread phenomenon in the New Age movement - I had first hand exposure to many of these ideas while living at a spiritual community in Costa Rica this past winter. I wrote an essay this week about conspiracy theories and my own personal take on the issue. Curious what y'all think: https://tuckerwalsh.medium.com/i-am-the-conspiracy-ddd01d0a2f60
  15. Stage Blue fear of the vaccines, from the NYTimes: That view is bolstered by a religious, near-joyous fatalism. People say that if they haven’t caught Covid a year into the pandemic, they will take their chances. True, they might get Covid and die. But either way, a win-win: longer life on Earth or, for the faithful, eternal life in Heaven. “There’s a time appointed for every person to die,” said Reuben Smucker, a Mennonite pastor in Greeneville who works as a garage-door installer. “We should take care of our bodies physically, emotionally and spiritually, but if it’s my time to go and it’s by Covid, well then, it’s my time to go.” After Mr. Cross, an elder in a Seventh Day Adventist Church, counsels Covid patients, he prays with them. “That’s the most important thing,” he said. “Because it’s God who does the healing.” https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/30/health/covid-vaccine-hesitancy-white-republican.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage
  16. @RyanEllis I read it and highly recommend!
  17. @nexusoflife Thank you, brother. Your share is so beautiful and insights are very profound. Appreciate you. I had somewhat similar experiences and learnings during a one week ayahuasca ceremony recently. The first night the takeaway was "THIS IS IT." Basically what I'm experiencing right here right now is Everything. The Universe is creating Itself one Thought at a time, for Infinity. This "knowing" came with rapture and ecstasy that I can only describe as repeated Cosmic Orgasms. The second night I (meaning Consciousness, not Tucker as Tucker was gone) was hanging with a couple green alien friends as they were looking at all these monitor/TV looking devices that basically showed all the infinite worlds simultaneously existing. They/we started laughing at how seriously humans take this Life thing...it felt almost like how people giggle at cute puppies - "look at how adorable these humans are!" They then showed me a monitor that had the life of Tucker playing on it, and the message was clear, Tucker is just one drop of sand in the infinite sandbox of Existence. So in a sense the two sittings showed me the opposite ends of the same paradox: Everything is This right here right Now. And at the same time, the Universe is Infinite, and what I as Tucker am experiencing is just one microscopic aspect of God. I'm wondering if you have any reflections on this, both if it feels on-point to you and if there's other ways of seeing/communicating this that might be helpful. Thank you, good sir!
  18. @SolarWarden Probably ya, in the sense that it will consciously and subconsciously remind you of Stage Yellow ways of being. I say go for it.
  19. The only way through is through. You don't just decide that you're "green enough" and move on. It's a slow, gradual process of evolving between the two stages. My point is the more you continue going all-in on Green, the more you'll exhaust through that stage. But I don't know you personally, so trust your own instincts over any advice me or someone else gives ya
  20. https://www.kosmosjournal.org/article/integral-spirituality-2/
  21. 1. Go all in on Green. It's medicine that you need before you're ready to evolve up the spiral. Go to a spiritual community that is drenched in Green, like PachaMama where I spent a few months this past winter. Do all the Green things and read all the Green books and follow all the Green influencers. Love the Green worldview until you hate it. Then will you be ready to move into Yellow. I don't personally see the value in rushing this process...perhaps others disagree. 2. Simultaneously begin to dive into the world of Yellow. If you want to learn how to speak French, get tutored in French. Yellow is no different. Read, watch and listen to as much Yellow content as you feel intuitively called. The Stage Yellow thread on this forum is a great place to start. If the content is not resonating at all, it's probably a sign you have more work to do with Green first, and I'd focus my efforts there. 3. For me, studying developmental psychology was my main "doorway" into Yellow. I wrote about this in an essay reflecting on my personal journey, which may be of help to you: https://tuckerwalsh.medium.com/a-map-for-my-younger-self-bfa1dcd22243 4. Examine relentlessly everything that triggers you, as these are signs of shadow work that needs integrating. The only way that you can take on multiple perspectives from a truly Stage Yellow place is to not get emotionally triggered by other perspectives, otherwise our ego's biases will completely filter our meaning making even more than it does already. Learn all of your habits, worldview, narratives, triggers, turn ons, turn offs, every little game that your ego plays. I recommend mediation, psychedelics, IFS parts work, Bill Plotkin's "Wild Mind," Carl Jung, dreamwork, working a 12 Step program, etc. Go all in. 5. Discover your Soul Purpose (or Life Purpose as Leo calls it). When we awaken to Soul, there's far less inherent need to conform to society's conventions (or the conventions of Stage Green). When I had a mystical experience that led to discovering my Soul Purpose, I felt for the first time like a true psycho-spiritual adult. It's an initiation practice that used to be commonplace in Indigenous communities but is now nearly unheard of in our western culture. Maslow calls it Self-Actualization, which is maybe the closest comparison. Check out Bill Plotkin's latest book which was a life changing map that helped me move through Green and into Yellow.
  22. @Pacific Sage Maybe the real question is: which came first, God or God?
  23. This is based off insights from a recentmushroom trip. Not 100% sure it's entirely accurate from a pure metaphysics place, but I hope it gets the point across. Thanks for any feedback or comments Let’s examine the nature of Reality through the age old conundrum... Which came first: the chicken or the egg? The answer is simple. What came first is the question! The question itself creates the separation between the chicken and the egg. Without the question and without the words “chicken” and “egg” there would be no separation, simply different colors and shapes and experiences arising in The Field of Consciousness. What God does is create separation so that God can experience God through infinite possibilities. One of those possibilities is the illusion of a human that creates words that creates objects that creates different flavors of God. Two of those flavors are chicken and egg, but in reality they are one thing: God. How God perceives them is by asking questions like, “Who am I?” which creates a “me” and a “you.” The question itself is a thought that’s being thought by Infinite Thought. And one of those thoughts is that there is a chicken AND an egg, which also implies that there is a “me” who is perceiving the chicken and the egg. But in reality all there is are thoughts that are thought by Thought. And the thoughts themselves, including the question, “Which came first: the chicken or the egg?” is just yet another thought. The chicken and the egg do not exist. The separation is an illusion created by language which itself is simply a thought. So if the chicken and the egg do not exist, does the perceiver of the chicken and the egg also not exist? Bingo. I, Tucker, am a thought that is thought by Thought. God is all that exist, including the separation that God created in order to stump God for millennium with the Cosmic Joke of a question: Which came first: the chicken or the egg? The question came first.
  24. @WaveInTheOcean Hahaha good point