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  1. I'm trying to break this habit in my interactions or at least do it in a more positive way, I get slightly combative often (subtlety) and I want to control or impose my ideals onto them. Any tips to stop this behavior on an inner level? So far I'm practicing trying not to be judgemental to myself as much so it won't reflect on others.
  2. Hello, what are some good recipes that you guys have found to eat for lunch/dinner?
  3. For me it's learning about others and their lives, I personally don't have anything I'm excited about as all my skills/hobbies I'm developing right now aren't very fun to do or something I would enjoy talking about.
  4. Also this is a me not having fun issue not much of a person being boring issue
  5. I want to talk to the other 99% of people and have fun with it 😤
  6. I don't have really high expectations for people I talk to, I just want a way to not fall asleep in interactions. I'll find more interesting people here and there, that's not really a concern I generally know where to look.
  7. I find myself often getting bored in conversations and talking about my life, especially when I end up talking to multiple people over a course of a day and I end up talking about the same thing over and over. I'm practicing saying what comes to my mind and I have done better with it, but I have found myself just repeating the things I talk about and end up ending the conversation early most of the time cause I get bored. I also kind of struggle with just remembering things about my past even though I have done great things and could've been great conversational points and pivots, but without it the convo gets dry fast and ends up being small talk for extended periods. I'm reading mastery and the book says to enjoy the process and moment but I can't seem to find the joy in this process of being better socially. I just don't get the fun of it, the process of doing it just seems so mindless and I usually like to do things that involve thinking/planning but this is a skill that just throws it out the window so it kind of rattles me (nothing wrong with that, I appreciate that getting better at this skill means accessing the non-logical part of my mind). I have gotten a lot better then I had in the past but this process just feels bland to me, are there any ways that the people on this forum find the joy in it that I haven't thought of? I will get better at this skill, I just need some way of making the process more bearable so I won't burn out or something . I'm thinking if this issue is because of my withdraws from my addictions making life boring compared to my addiction or just because I'm relatively new to this skill, or both.
  8. My family isn't toxic/abusive, I just have a adverse reaction to being told to do things I hate doing. I've already talked to my mom about it and we seem to be on good terms. I don't know why I have such an extreme reaction to that.
  9. Today I had an outburst with my mother when she was scolding me somewhat, and I just lost control and started to scream and bang my arms on a table. I ended up in fetal position crying intensely. I don't know what it is about her but I feel this primal like rage and irritation whenever she interacts with me. Is there something fucked up with me? I really dislike her
  10. Hello I'm in high school as a senior (17) and I find it hard to approach girls consistently. I'm at this weird middle area where I'm too young to do night game and too old to approach a lot of the younger girls due to potential age gap. I don't have the sheer volume at the moment with people that are my age, so is it better to wait for college then start approaching and build social skills in the meantime? I don't have a lot of ideas of what I can do right now.
  11. My parents say I'm on the spectrum but I don't really align with much of the symptoms. I do relate to this nervousness since I don't want to sound weird and I try to improve my nonverbal mannerisms since whenever I do speak people give me weird looks and reactions. I just try to say something, but it always feels off and alien-ish to others I notice.
  12. Mostly nonverbal cues, and I feel like I do poorly when it comes to light-hearted conversation.