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Leo Gura

Journal Guidelines

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This sub-forum is only for keeping a public self-improvement journal. This is intended for committed users who want to make a big change in their life and want to document their rags-to-riches journey. Keeping a public journal of your struggles and triumphs can be very powerful, both for the author as well as for readers. You are encouraged to update your journal like a blog, several times per week. You are also encouraged to be brutally honest about your struggles. Document things exactly as they occur for your, without any sugar-coating or self-censorship. This is extra-powerful.

If you're struggling with holding yourself accountable for taking action, starting a journal can be your lifeline. As other people become fans of your journal, they will hold you accountable and encourage you to follow-through.

Tips for keeping a good journal:

  • Make a commitment to yourself to update regularly. Power comes from consistency.
  • Be brutally honest about yourself and your problems. Be authentic about your emotions and thoughts.
  • Interact with your fans & followers. A quality journal will create followers if you keep it up to date.
  • Give it a sexy title

Here are some ideas for themes you could start a journal around:

  • An all-purpose journal with your daily private ruminations and insights
  • Your journey of starting of a new business
  • Finding and aligning yourself with your life purpose
  • The mastery process, how you're training your skillset
  • Your creative challenges at being an artist, musician, writer, poet, novelist, designer, etc.
  • Getting better at dating or relationships
  • A new 30-day challenge that you start each month
  • Enlightenment work journal
  • Spiritual-autolysis journal (as described by Jed McKenna)
  • Insights from your daily meditation practice
  • Notes on personal development videos you watch every week
  • Your struggle to overcome an addiction like food, sex, porn, alcohol, or drugs
  • Your struggle to overcome a hard life event like a divorce, legal battle, death in the family, etc.
  • How you're healing or coping with a medical condition like cancer, diabetes, etc.
  • Your journey to conquer depression
  • Your journey and insights using entheogens or psychedelics
  • Your fat-loss journey
  • Your journey to getting that 6-pack you've always wanted
  • Your journey going vegetarian or vegan
  • Your journey in martial arts
  • Your insights from traveling around the world
  • Insights from your weekly therapy or life coaching sessions
  • If you're a life coach or therapist, your insights from working with clients
  • Etc.

There's a lot of potential gold to mine here, so get creative!

You are God. You are Truth. You are Love. You are Infinity.

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