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  1. You can ban me because this forum is full of hypocrites. Buh-bye!
  2. You're not asking questions, you're just wasting your time and my time. No difference between you and an average Joe watching Netflix. For you spirituality is just a form of entertainment. Hypocrites.
  3. Only your avatar makes me sick to the stomach. How pathetic, and you consider yourself to be enlightened?!
  4. What are you doing here then? Go buy some popcorn and watch Netflix. So much delusion, so much confusion. Better talk to the wind.
  5. Those who do not seek are stuck in the illusion of being enlightened when, in fact, they are FOOLS. Big mistake. People will never be enlightened. You must transcend it in order to become IT.
  6. You're so fucking funny ? What kind of sick games are you playing @Dodo?
  7. Yeah sure, S1m0ne It's actually Malkovich.
  8. Because humans have fallen from the grace of God. Spirituality is about re-establishing that connection with God which is Truth, which is Life.
  9. His stuff is deep, although I find his affiliation with Illuminati bullshit. But the guys writing the books are smart, no doubt about it
  10. You might be on top of the wave, but you are not the wave.
  11. @PurpleTree imo it is a very good movie with a deep psychology behind it. But I understand why people hate it
  12. Keep on dreaming, Alice. Wonderland is your reality.
  13. You're looking to be a prisoner because your mind is a prison and you're running from responsibility and self-actualization. This is an obstacle to overcome. You either become the best version of yourself or stay in the mind's prison. That's your choice.
  14. When there is a division between you and reality, you can talk about consciousness all day because at the end of the day, you're still unconscious. So try again, Yoda.
  15. Funny how everything is just empty talk. You have no clue what reality is.
  16. Hah, I tried to imagine a random color and it was either a rectangle or square.
  17. @Dumuzzi do you know anything about Metatron? ?
  18. The world does not exist without a dreamer. The dreamer is real.