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  1. @Rilles Yes, and I am trying to find common experiences and line them up with my own. I want to hear what people that know what I am feeling and see if they would have any insights.
  2. It happens when I smoke weed, but it's like a pulling sensation from my brain, when I lay down especially. It's like a feeling trying to encompass my entire body. It is an infinite, expansive fractal pattern that I begin to see/imagine, noises are repeating in an infinite loop. It feels terrifying. I often feel like I am dying or something, but the most recent experience I gave myself to it and it just felt like ecstasy and it felt like my body was in the ocean, floating and waves were going across my body. IT was just the infinite pattern expanding. Then my mind tries to rationalize it and I begin to think of really crazy shit, the worry and anxiety starts to flood in. What is this??
  3. It's a mantra I repeat to myself when trying to let go, but I can never fully let go. I'll have thoughts of my family and friends. I love them too much and have experienced too much trauma to be ready to let them go. How do I let go of this? It is so difficult.
  4. There was a Terrance McKenna quote I heard once. He was talking about "truly stupid" people not being able to truly interpret the psychedelic experience. "The less intelligent you are, the less challenging the psychedelic experience becomes because the less capable of entertaining the implications you are." While it's rather an abrasive take I think there is truth to this. Your Mate Tom seems to take a very dualistic take despite diving deep into the psychedelic qualia of experience. Specifically with his recent video about 5-MeO-DMT I believe that Tom lacks a certain nuance to his thinking to guide himself down the path of awakening. What are your guy's thoughts? Edit: Just saying that I also don't want to come off as if I am attacking his character or trying to be negative towards his image. This is a simple observations based on the rhetoric that he has publicly involved himself with.
  5. @BlackMaze I've never lost a child, but I lost my baby brother. This is bliss because it is essential in feeling pleasure and happiness, without suffering there would be no opposite.
  6. Everything is one massive firework of pleasure, enjoyment, thrill and fun. It's all a joke, a play, a fucking BALL! THRIVE!!! LIVE!!!! IT'S SO MUCH FUN!!! Literally everything is an extension of the one true self. If you use a camera to capture an image, that camera essentially becomes an extension of your eyes. The same way you are a biological extension of awareness, unraveling into infinity and feeling the endless flow of bliss
  7. @tsuki New Age is a label for very distinct belief systems. I am not using it as an adjective.
  8. There was a new Your Mate Tom with a crackpot guy talking about God and Jesus and whatnot, they made multiple digs are Leo, which came off as very childish and irrational. Why can't these people see the truth of non-duality It's right in front of them but they continue to be completely wrapped in their thoughts. They also claim to not be new-agey but they're talking about Astral Realms, Reincarnation and Spirit Realms. These childish beliefs make me disheartened at the path so many people are going down.
  9. @Shin Yes, of course. It's all part of the illusion/game. Zesty!
  10. I watched's most recent video. There is nothing to do. Just do whatever you want. I don't get it, you tell people they need to do something. This is so destructive. It causes anxiety and pressure. There is nothing to do. A flower doesn't do anything, it just ... happens. The cheeky part is that actually doing something isn't actually doing anything. You're just a happening, happening. Oh it's so funny
  11. Would one magnifying glass look to the other and claim "I am better than you!" be true? No. There is not such thing as something being better than another thing unless the value placed on these things is subjective.
  12. Those who know do not say, Those who say do not know.
  13. God is not a he. God is not a she. God is. God does not love particularly or with intention, God does not care for this or that. God just loves.
  14. If the person doing the rape and murder loves doing it, then yes.
  15. Nobody knows. Nobody. Do not accept any answer. It is the greatest mystery of existence. Consciousness can never be understood. Just enjoy the ride.