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  1. That's a really beautiful message and quite inspiring. I've actually bookmarked it to come back to. I find it's very easy to fall into the trap of mental gymnastics and bullshit philosophy as a substitute for the hard work of spiritual practice. I of course am biased cause I do love the thinking and searching like it's very fun in itself but I am very aware of that trap which I find myself in when I try to find happiness through it. The way I justify it is that unlike yourself, I am quite early in life - still in education and the spitirual search for me seems to be analogous to a search for meaning and purpose in my life like if I can find some kind of answer to my mental state and search for direction then I can base my life around it. What I really am looking for though is my "heats burning need to fly" as you've said. As a conventionally successful person (for want of better phrasing) who later found spirituality, do you have any advise for someone interested in spirituality looking for direction or passion in life through it? Your original message has already been helpful though, so thank you so much either way
  2. The ancients lived and operated in cultures with home grown spiritual methods, understanding, and comunity which shaped and were shaped by their cultures. In a lot of places monks were even given money and support from the state or community. I reckon for us living in a culture and mentality quite divorced from spirituality, we're practicing and reviving this spiritual stuff with nothing really to stand on or operate in except for what we can learn from ourselves or try to apply from different times and cultures. Not to put down the insane efforts and achievements of the ancients but I think kinda need mental gymnastics and bullshit philosophy (so that maybe our great grandkids can be spiritual samurai lol). To be fair though I'm sure it's not impossible
  3. Good to see you honour your own wellbeing mate. You others (including a moderator fkn hell) risking triggering someone to wank about your own reality faling apart need to think about what you say. There's drugs for that and realistically do less drugs.
  4. An open invitation to discussion in 2 parts: ============ You look up a strange loop to see the infinity of consiousness in which your relative self exists. You look down a strange loop to see the infinite emptiness from which your relative self operates. This is yin. You look down a strange loop to see the infinity of consiousness which operates through yourself. You look up a strange loop to see the infinite emptiness in which yourself is expressed. This is yang. "Up, in front, or right. Down, left, or behind." Exprientially they oppose and being strange loops, the infinity and the emptiness and the experience are the same. They are god. God as the self viewed from a loop down is experienced by that self through the mechanism of "kundalini/dmt". This can lead to insight for the relative self. ============ Alright end of part one. This is no theological treaty, and as spirituality is a personal endeavour, I don't wish to convince or evangelise. It's more of a "shitpost" if anything. Some words which make sense to me that I'd like to share to hear thoughts or pointers (I'd love complete tear-downs although preferably in good faith and discussion) . I'm doubtfull on wether I'm using the ideas of strange loops correctly or if I'm consfusing things by relating the experiental recursion which arises from experience experiencing itself (which is experiencing itself which is.... :P) with higher or lower "densities of consciousness" (regretable to use law of one terminoligy but so far I have no better to use. Levels of consiousness maybe?). Alright this is already too long. The second part depends on accepting the structure of the first bit. ============ Is the self interacting with a different person the same mechanism as god interacting with another in the infinity of gods? (for example, you cannot know that they are actually there except for your own experience through which you conceptualise the other.) This then could be one of many similar ways where the study of gods can be a simultaneous study into the fundamental "mechanisms" of experience (in this case, relation to an other - a fundamental aspect or constituent of consciousness) -mechanisms is a vague word maybe pointing to the sub/semiconsious emotional or vibe logic which constitutes experience. From the God pov it's a different ocean, from the relative it's a different wave of the same ocean (assuming a physical universal God). ============ Yeah I'd love to hear from other people what they think if you managed to get through these. Mostly what seems wrong with it. At times it may seem to take away from some of the big fat truth stuff of God but then that stuff is experienced through dmt (and I theorise that dmt is the neurochemical which corresponds to the mechanism of truth and experience in our consciousness) dmt based philosophy will always seem grand and true - and truth will be presupposed to whatever explanation you use for that experience as well as just the experience which may lead to oversights idk this is a side rant, I've never done dmt (hope you can still find it in yourself to take me seriously lol). Either way it isn't supposed to take away from anything. Alright peace and love
  5. That sounds really intersting! I can't give any advice or explanation personally (except to let it/your body show you in it's own way and time what it is/does/represents but that's based of my own journey and may not be relevant or useful advise heh) I'd be interested to hear any updates if you have any...