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  1. I don’t understand why you care so much about these people anyways. OF COURSE you’re going to get a couple ignants criticizing your videos and making arguments that are uninformed and out of context. I’m actually surprised you haven’t received more criticism from other channels. This Adeptus guy only has 12k subs anyways. You’ve already done your part in warning people about epistemic traps ad nauseam. The most you can do is simply refer them to warnings you’ve already mentioned before and move on.
  2. Being a psychonaut does not entail maturity or understanding. In fact, most are metaphysically clueless/confused, as you know. Why not post such videos on your blog where like-minds who get the context can view? It’s 100% expected that you’ll receive the exact kind of reactions you got from your previous live awakenings when they’re posted on YouTube for a bunch of complete randoms and noobs to see. To expect otherwise would be totally naive.
  3. Is your inner game genuine Leo? Sometimes I fear that my self-image/concept will never reach that ideal place of true confidence because my negative self-image is soooo deeply ingrained in my psyche. When I try to do all this subconscious reprogramming stuff and visualization, the most I get is this pseudo-confidence that masks my inner anxiety and insecurities. I just can’t seem tap into genuine and authentic change. Makes me want to resort to just changing the outer (more money, gym, better clothes, etc.)...
  5. Can you give an example from your own life how recontextualizing reality to imagination was the best thing? For instance, how do you relate to your mom knowing that she’s a totally unreal hallucination?
  6. There are some philosophical concepts that we can verify to be true. For example, you can verify that idealism, monism (The One/Consciousness), and perhaps empiricism are true. Similarly, you can verify that Solipsism (with a capital s) is true. Of course, deeming these truths aren’t meaningful in any way and they have to be confirmed through consciousness. But in theory, certain concepts can be considered true. Just not literally True.
  7. Lol, that’s silly as fuck. His realizations come from 30mgs of raw 5meo straight to the ?
  8. Lol, are you talking about that really old enlightenment experience you shared on the 2015 video? Did you ever think you’d end up seeing the whole Ox, eat it and shit it out, then smear the shit over your entire being??
  9. Jesus fucking Christ do you want me to have a heart attack?
  10. @ForestluvHave you ever thought of sharing your experiences on some video post or something? That's some insane stuff and it would be very insightful to hear your experiences. It would also be refreshing to finally have an intelligent and highly educated psychonaut with epistemological understanding share such an intense series of trips. There's virtually no one like this who's sharing such experiences besides Leo. But I understand if you don't want to for privacy and safety reasons.
  11. I remember my first sub-breakthrough on 5meo. My tinnitus tone significantly amplified and I became totally one with the sound. I was increasingly becoming more and more one with the sound. That was when I first realized Infinite Consciousness. Has anything like this happened to you?
  12. I remember when I had my initial glimpses. Since Consciousness is Absolute, I had no reference point to contrast my peaks to others' experiences. I thought I tapped into Einstein level of genius and I felt really special, deep, and unique as if I'm the chosen one or something. I'd write my trip reports accordingly. But then I went deeper and I realized how utterly cringe and embarrassing my previous trips and the reports were. And I think that's what Connor will go through if he takes the right dose and substance. He'll remember this delusional sense of grandeur and authority and go through existential agony in sheer embarrassment and cringe as he reflects on how little he actually knew the whole time.
  13. Leo isn’t really the kind of guy who you recommend to others during a casual conversation. I don’t even bother nowadays. It’s just more social chimp shit. You have to save yourself first. It’s pure distraction.
  14. I used to listen to rap. I’m trying to completely change my music preferences now. I find that the music you like and listen to is intimately correlated to the kind of consciousness you have.
  15. This is very nice. Thanks